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What to Eat to Lose Weight – Part 2

 What to Eat to Lose Weight – Part 2

What to eat to lose weight  part 2, we’ll be discussing water. Remember in what to eat to lose weight – part 1, we talked about six classes of food you must eat to survive and be healthy. As a reminder, they are:-

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fats and Oil
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water


You may be wondering, what to eat to lose weight, water too? How on earth is water to be eaten? LOL . Water is included because it it a class of food. Experts say that water makes up 70% of our Body. That tells us just how important it is to Drink sufficient water.

“Think of water as a nutrient your body needs that is present in liquids, plain water, and foods. All of these are essential daily to replace the large amounts of water lost each day,” says Joan Koelemay, RD, dietitian for the Beverage Institute, an industry group.

Everyday, we get dehydrated (fluid loss) as a result of regular bodily functions such as urinating, stooling, sweating and even breathing. For us to be healthy, these fluid losses have to be replaced.

Benefits of Drinking Water

There are several benefits of drinking enough water daily.

  • Water helps us maintain the balance of our body fluids: Remember that our body composition is 70% water. Our blood, saliva, and other body fluids whose function include, maintaining our body temperature such that we are neither too hot nor too cold, digestion, absorption and circulation of food nutrients.
  •  Water helps maintain normal bowel functions: Anytime we get constipated our First Aid is usually to drink several cups of water. Therefore a good diet with an adequate amounts of fibre and fluid acts as a colon cleanser which leads to Normal Bowel Functions.
  • Water helps maintain the texture of our skin: When the skin is dehydrated, it tends to be dull, dry or even wrinkled. Drinking sufficient amount of water daily gives that youthful glow we all desire as women. Don’t forget to lock up the moisture with a good moisturizer.
  •  Water can help control the amount of calories we consume per meal: If we drink 1 or 2 glass of water before every meal, we would need to eat less food to feel satiated and therefore less calories. It is also said that sometimes when we think we are hungry in between meals, we are actually thirsty.
  • Water helps energize our muscles: Dehydration happens when we don’t take enough fluids and this is at the cellular level. During exercise it is even more important to drink enough water because cells that don’t maintain their fluid and electrolyte balance become weak and shriveled which can cause muscle fatigue. That’s why you see sports men and women take breaks to pack on the fluids to replace fluids lost by sweating and that keeps them going all through a tournament.
  • Water helps with metabolism: A study in the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” found that, in 14 men and women, drinking 17 oz. of water raised the metabolic rate by 30 percent, on average, partly due to the body’s attempts to warm the water after ingestion. The study suggests that increasing your water intake by 1.5 L per day for a year could lead to a 5 lb. weight loss, without making any other changes.
  •  Water helps with headaches and migraines: which is mostly as a result of dehydration.

Drink up friends, water is FREE! At most, it’s cheap.

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.”

Kevin R. Stone

Water as an Aid to Weight Loss

First of all water is 100% free of calories. That is one “food” you can consume as much as you want without fear of weight gain.

Secondly, it acts as an appetite suppressant when you take it before a meal and therefore the  reduced calorie intake which helps with weight loss.

Water  also  increases metabolism especially cold water, as more calories will be required to heat up the water to body temperature.

Finally, water helps flush out toxins during detoxification which is normally the first step when starting a weight loss program.

Some Facts

According to a study  conducted and reported by  the “journal of Obesity,” It was found that drinking 10ml per kg of cold water resulted in a 25% increase in the Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) which is the the amount of calorie you burn while resting. Also that a water-induced thermogenesis (fat burning) may therefore help in weight loss and weight maintenance, in children and adults.

That said, just how much water should I drink in a day?

The experts usually recommend

Eight 250ml glasses of water per day OR

2 Liters of water OR

Eight 8ounces glass of water

Some people might be thinking, how do you expect me to drink that much water in a day? It’s actually easy, let me show you how.

How to Drink Water and Lose Weight

Here is the Plan

The daily goal here is to drink 2 Liters or 2000ml of water.

The plan is simple:

2 mouthfuls or 2 gulps of water every 30 minutes.

2 mouthfuls is equivalent to 125ml of water.

2000 divided by 125ml = 16

If you start form the moment you wake up, take 2 mouthfuls of water EVERY 30 MINUTES till you go to bed, you’ll achieve your goal.

Some people are of the opinion that you can take 1 liter first thing in the morning but some school of thought think that ,that volume of water is NOT good for the kidneys rather a consistent smaller amount all through the day is more beneficial to the kidneys and the body. I favor that approach.


Just in the event that you find plain water boring, you can “spice” it up with some fruit or vegetable infused water.

This is easy to make.

Buy a 1 liter water bottle and slice up one lemon or some watermelon or cucumber in fact any fruit or vegetable of your choice put into the bottle.

Then fill up with either still or sparkling water. There, you have your Infused water, drink and enjoy.

Who says water should be boring!

In conclusion, that is how you drink water and lose weight.But remember that drinking water is only part of a weight loss program. Weight loss happens when the energy(FOOD) consumed is less than energy burned.

So Ladies, raise your water bottles, let’s drink up. Cheers!

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What to Eat to Lose Weight – Part 2


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