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Optimum Nutrition diet plan for fast and safe weight loss, sport recovery and optimum health - Part-2

Would you like to transition to a healthy and balanced plant based diet? For a lot of people, it may seem like a lot of effort to switch from their current Diet to a diet that puts plant-based foods at the top list of food choices.

The most common complaint that people may have when it comes to transitioning to a plant-based diet is the fact they would have to give up eating meat in order to truly benefit from the numerous health-related advantages provided by a plant-based diet.

There are, however, ways in which a person can make their transition a little easier to help them overcome the obstacles that transitioning to a plant-based diet may hold for them1.

One of the most effective strategies that can be utilised to make such a transition easier is to ease into a plant-based diet, unless you are fully prepared and consulted a long term Harley Street certified nutritionist as myself to help you to have a focused on your goals, balanced and smooth plant based nutrition transition.

Thus, start by making three or four days every week a plant based day – during this days, no animal or meat products will be consumed by you.

This will help you get used to a plant-based diet before you make the final transition.

As a person become more used this new diet that is being adopted, they should start to increase the amount of days each week that should be considered a plant based nutrition day.

For those days when a person does feel like having some meat, many meat alternatives exist that are much healthier choices than actual meat.

For example organic soy products are often an excellent choice and they are also extremely rich in protein. Tofu and tempeh are also great alternatives to meat products.

For some people, it may also be a good idea to make a more sudden transition to a plant-based diet.

Since plant-based foods are high in all the most important nutrients we need to stay healthy, it is possible to make such a transition from a person’s existing diet overnight.

Such a quick change in diet can help to increase levels of energy as soon as the next day, as well as contribute to better blood circulation, improvements in mental focus and alertness, assist with improving memory and attention span, and will also lead to lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure levels and, of course, lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

It may also be a good idea to include more legumes in a diet when making the transition to a plant-based diet.

Legumes are high in quality plant-based proteins, as well as carbs, minerals and fiber – very good for your guy bacteria and your immune system.

Legumes also help to balance blood sugar levels, they assist with weight management and they are an excellent source of energy.

Benefits Of Switching To A Plant-Based Diet

Once a person has made the decision to switch to a plant-based diet and have made the transition, they are able to experience quite a large number of potential health benefits that are able to provide them with a higher quality-of-life, combined with a general healthy feeling.

There are many types of factors that need to be considered about how a plant-based diet is able to help a person feel better, as well as improve their wellbeing, which may ultimately contribute to a longer lifespan.

Some of the most important health benefits that a plant-based diet has to offer a person includes:

  • Cholesterol levels in people who follow plant-based diets are usually lower in those who follow diets that consists of meats and processed foods2. Lower cholesterol levels contribute to a reduced risk of having a heart attack since there is less cholesterol that builds up on the walls of blood vessels. It also reduces the risk of a stroke for the same reason3.

  • A plant-based diet has also been linked to reduced blood pressure levels4. Higher blood pressure causes a significant amount of excess pressure to be placed on the heart, which may lead to hazardous effects on a person’s overall wellbeing, including a lower risk of having a heart attack.
  • People who follow a plant-based diet as opposed to a diet that is high in meats and processed foods are at a considerably lower risk of certain diseases. These particular diseases include type 2 diabetes and heart disease but, not limited to.
  • A lower risk of obesity has also been associated with a higher chance of developing some types of cancer. Cancer can be a deadly disease that can lead to fatal consequences.
  • Plant-based foods contain high-quality nutrition that is able to provide the human body with all the most essential substances required for optimum wellbeing. This, in turn, can help to improve overall health, as well as contribute to better fitness.
  • It is also important to consider the fact that plant-based foods are not at risk of carrying some of the harmful bacteria that has been found in pork, beef, sea food, sushi and some other meat products. This means that there is a lower risk of obtaining swine flu, mad cow disease or another dangerous disease from the food a person consumes while following such a diet.
  • Cows, pigs, chicken and other animals are often fed hormones, antibiotics and certain chemicals to keep them healthy, as well as to make them grow faster and bigger. These will have negative effects in the human body. With a plant-based diet, a person is not exposed to such risks – and opting for organic plant-based foods mean there is also no risk of consuming the pesticides used to keep bugs away from the plants conventionally grown.
  • Probably the most important benefit of all to consider when following a plant-based diet is the fact that scientific research found people who follow a diet that consists of plants tend to live longer on average compared to those who eat meat and other animal derived products, such as eggs5. Research shows that people might live longer since are healthier throughout their lifespan. If you want to live longer and younger then, a finely custumised for your challenges, body and goals - plant based nutrition will skyrocket your energy, exercise, physical performance and optimum health.

Customised Plant-Based Nutrition Plan By Jazz Alessi

Switching to a plant-based diet can be difficult for many people and it is crucial to consume all the nutrients your body require.

You may not know what foods to include in your new diet to provide the most potential benefits for your gender, age, activity levels, particular body type, challenges and nutritional requirements.

You may not know the shortcuts and instead taking you just a few weeks to successfully adapt it may take you a few months and years and still, you may not feel at your best. 

Opting for a customised nutrition plan with me, however, will make your transition to optimum performance and health - focused, smooth and much easier.

I have over 15 years of experience as a long term certified nutritionist in London.

I have provided comprehensive and custumised nutrition services to a significant number of people, including a large number of A-list celebrities.

I provide a customised solution that starts out with an advanced dietary analysis.

During this step, I will examine the current daily food intake of your nutrition to determine where you may have nutritional imbalances, food sensitivities, specific health goals you want to reach, lifestyle challenges (perhaps you are travelling all the time or don't have time to prepare foods), perhaps making some poor choices, and potential parts that may not require as much changing, all for your diet to become very, very effective.

I will look at how macro nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein and fats, currently plays a role in your diet.

I will also consider whether sufficient amounts of important micronutrients, including iron, magnesium, copper, iodine, zinc and calcium etc, are currently included in your custumised nutrition diet plan. 

A customised nutrition plan by me would include everything your body needs for better health.

A complete custumised nutrition diet plan could be provided that include instructions and many options for breakfast, lunches, dinners, juices, all snacks throughout the days and smoothies.

This makes choosing what to consume much easier than having to go about the journey alone.

Such a customised plan will take the customer’s existing health status in mind, including any existing health condition a person may be suffering from.

Should the customer suffer from any health ailments, their plant-based diet plan will be provided in such a way that the food choices are all suited to the requirements of the customer’s body and will provide benefits in regard to improving the symptoms experienced.

In addition to these benefits, I also offers to my clients complete support throughout the entire nutrition package, which will include face to face meetings, telephonic support and the ability to obtain important answers to questions you may have at any time - all in real time.

Would you like to lose weight fast and safe, skyrocket your energy levels, improve health, feel strong, balanced and get started on your way to feeling at your best again?

Every journey starts with a single step.

Take that first step today.

Lets discuss your custumised nutrition for your challenges, targets and unique goals.

Drop me a line through this link now here, and take advantage of your free consultation now. 


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Optimum Nutrition diet plan for fast and safe weight loss, sport recovery and optimum health - Part-2


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