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Now is the time to start: Ease the pressure of exams


As the time of the year comes again, with the word exams approaching us as a humungous battle to be won, it is important to realize that preparing for an examination does not necessarily need to be a period of stress. It is not possible for students to escape the hurdle of examinations, no matter how much ever they might wish to do so. However, a lot depends upon their perception and attitude towards these exams, and the Studying skills and strategies employed by them for the same. The following are some of the tips and tricks which could be kept in mind by students while preparing for their examinations, especially right now, in order to be able to bust stress and go through the next few months relatively smoothly:

1. Build on your productivity. It is most common for students to be supposedly studying for hours at a stretch, especially when the parents are heard exclaiming that their child could not perform in proportion to the number of hours spent in studying. However, a huge chunk of these so-called Study hours is likely to be a waste, with the child simply staring at the books, without registering much. Instead of sitting at your books for longer periods of time without much success, it is advisable to study for around 40-45 minutes at a time, ensuring that you utilize each of those minutes fruitfully.

2. Avoid multitasking. It is important to remember that multitasking does not actually save time and energy, but instead makes it more difficult to retain the information, as the human ability to process information simultaneously reduces the efficiency, while at the same time gives us less opportunity to rehearse the information.

3. Strike a balance between work and play. Avoid extremist routines. It is important to strike a balance, and not to have extremes in your routines and study patterns. For instance, extra-curricular activities should not be restricted during the exam seasons. Instead, they should be balanced appropriately throughout the year. Similarly, studying should not be restricted to the exam season, but be maintained consistently throughout the year.

4. SMART goal setting. Management of time is undoubtedly one of the most significant challenges faced by a student who is preparing for exams. It is important for the goals and targets which are decided to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART). This will ensure that the time tables that the students make do not simply stay on paper but are actually implemented and followed through.

5. Prep yourself to avoid giving in in to peer-pressure. Each one of us is different in terms of capabilities, interests and personality types. Therefore, it is important not to get influenced by what your friends or peers are saying or doing. You need to remember to focus on your own self, as the decision to choose your career for your life should be based solely on your own accord.

6. Prioritize. There will inevitably be times when you have too many things to be done. Rather than getting flustered, reorder the priorities in your head, striking off the less important or urgent ones and focusing on the present instead. At times like this, it’s important to take a step back and introspect on the reasons of our actions and why we want to achieve what we’ve wanted to.

7. Don’t forget to enjoy life. While it is easy to get trapped in the vicious cycle of a hectic study routine, it is more important to remember to enjoy yourself. Look for opportunities to laugh at, and humour is a great way to lighten the mood and relieve your stress levels. Remember, life is not only about working towards future – life is also about what is happening right now. Ensure that you enjoy yourself while working towards success, so you don’t have to sacrifice on your happiness for accomplishing your goals; you need to find a way to enjoy both.

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Now is the time to start: Ease the pressure of exams


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