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Vapium Lite Review – Ultimate Flower Vaporizer

With the trend of vaporizing taking off and more and more devices now available the consumer, it can be a pretty daunting challenge to weed out the gems from the lemons. Many devices promise the full spectrum of features but often release a half-baked iteration of what was promised. The Vapium Lite shows signs that its capable of breaking this mold thanks to its excellent build quality and a full gamut of temperature presets. But enough introductions; let’s take a closer look at the Vapium Lite and see what it brings to the table.

vapium lite vaporizer


Eight Heat Settings

While the Vapium Lite might be a budget device at heart, it’s underlying features manage to do a good job of providing the full gamut of temperature settings needed to vape to your dry herb regardless of personal preference or herb used. Most budget vaporizers tend to go for the typical 3 or 5 presets when it comes to temperature presets. The Vapium Lite goes the extra mile with an impressive 8 temperature settings to choose from.

Given its budget nature, there’s no real option to your own specific temperature to vape on with the Vapium Lite. Instead the 8 temperature presets does an admirable job of filling in. Here’s a list of the available presets you can set the Vapium Lite to:

  • Preset 1: 342°F / 172°C
  • Preset 2: 356°F / 180°C
  • Preset 3: 370°F / 188°C
  • Preset 4: 385°F / 196°C
  • Preset 5: 392°F / 204°C
  • Preset 6: 414°F / 212°C
  • Preset 7: 428°F / 220C°C
  • Preset 8: 442°F / 228C°C

Ceramic Heating Chamber

We’ve seen ceramic and its use in the construction of heating chambers and airflow pathways for both desktop and portable vaporizers and there’s no question that at its price point, it produces exceptional flavor and vapor quality coming only second to quartz chambers in terms of heating ability and flavor reproduction. Given the low price point of the Vapium Lite though, the use of ceramic in the chamber is always a welcome feature.

Unfortunately, the Vapium Lite isn’t also without its drawbacks. While most high-end devices opt for a convection based heating chamber, the Vapium Lite goes for the more budget oriented conduction method. While that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to squeeze a pretty good vaping experience out of this device, you often need to take a few more extra steps in order to ensure the quality and consistency of each vaping session.

Powerful Battery

Like most portable vaporizers, the Vapium Lite uses an integrated battery solution in the form of an 18500 battery cell rated at 1100mAh. It is non-user replaceable meaning you won’t be able to swap it out for a newer battery by the time the cell degrades after a few years or so, unfortunately. On a positive note, however, the device is one of the few and most recent to support USB-C charging making for a convenient, quick, and portable charging experience. Charging times are practically negligible at around 30 minutes or less.

While this is all good, we did experience a few issues with our test unit such as its inconsistent power delivery throughout each charging cycle. The Vapium website notes the battery to be good for about 12 full sessions per charging cycle. Our experience with the battery life was a bit lackluster compared to the data listed on the spec sheet, unfortunately, with the battery lasting for only about 4-6 sessions before needing to be charged again. We feel that this is a localized issue though as reports from other users of the device have claimed that the battery life performs just as good if not better than what the battery is rated for (something which is greatly dependent on personal usage and temperature preferences when vaping).


One of the Vapium Lite’s strongest suits lies within its utilitarian yet appealing form factor. The device manages to remain compact, pocketable, and easy to store inside your pocket, bag, or purse without losing much of the functionality that most ultra compact vaporizers seem to be foregoing as of late. The streamlined shape makes it easy to grip without inducing any fatigue even after lengthy sessions or repeated use. The inclusion of 3 buttons to manipulate the device’s power settings also makes things a bit easier for newcomers to vaping as there are fewer shortcuts to learn overall.

What managed to stand out the most when viewing and using the Vapium Lite is how it didn’t skimp out on any effort when it comes to properly labeling or indicating the list of temperature presets available for vaping. Dedicated LED indicators populate the front face of the Vapium Lite which is extremely helpful for potential users who dislike having to guess which color stands for which temperature. The temperature markings are also indicated in both Imperial AND Metric making it a user-friendly device regardless of which measurement system you subscribe to.


When the battery chose to cooperate with us, the Vapium Lite fared admirably well in terms of vaping performance. Each pull felt consistent and full when properly pre-heated. Thanks to the conduction-based ceramic heating plate used in the device though, it took a bit of trial and error to figure out the optimal grind for our dry herb. It’s important to try for a medium grind. Not too coarse, not too fine, and most importantly do not pack the herb in the chamber too tightly as this pretty much chokes the entire chamber off of its required airflow.

There is one small issue that was consistent throughout the testing process and that was the mouthpiece. It didn’t do a very good job at insulating heat from the chamber against your lips which often lead to uncomfortable vaping sessions when vaping at higher temperatures. We’re not quite sure if this is an issue with the materials used for the mouthpiece itself or the shortness of the airflow pathways from the chamber to the mouthpiece but whatever it is, it’s definitely something that Vapium needs to take a closer look at if ever they plan to do a second iteration of the Vapium Lite.

vapium lite vaporizer

How to Use the Vapium Lite Vaporizer

1. Charge the Vapium Lite using the included USB-C cable. Plug the cable into the base of the device and insert the other end of the cable into a powered USB slot such as a USB charger or USB port on your computer or laptop (charger is preferable as this will charge the device faster)

2. The Vapium Lite will be ready after approximately 30 minutes of charging. However, a full charge is always recommended especially when using the dry herb vape for the first time. A full charge takes around an hour at which point the charging indicator will stop blinking and shut off.

3. Remove the mouthpiece with your fingers using the notches located at the base of the mouthpiece to access the ceramic chamber. Load the chamber with your ground-up herb and tamp it down well (but not too tightly). Reinsert the mouthpiece back on top.

4. You’re now ready to power on the device! Simply hold the power button for 3 seconds after which you should feel a slight vibration to indicate that the Vapium Lite is indeed powered on and will start heating up.

5. During the heat-up process, you can select your desired vaping temperature from the 8 temperature presets available by pressing either the “+” or “-” button on the device which effectively cycles through the list of presets.

6. Don’t start puffing away yet! Wait for the Vapium Lite to hit it’s target temperature (around 30 seconds) before you take your first inhale. The device will vibrate 3 times in succession to indicate that the target temperature has been reached after which you’re all set to vape!


  • 1 x Removable Stir Tool – inserted into the bottom of the device for quick and convenient safekeeping)
  • 1 x Removable Air Intake Drawer – for quick and easy maintenance to keep your device in tip-top shape
  • 1 x USB – C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Vapium Lite Vaporizer

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Vapium Lite Review – Ultimate Flower Vaporizer


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