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Top 3 Wax Vaporizers of 2017 – First Timers on Our List

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What are the top wax pens?Well the answer to this question actually depends largely on you and your lifestyle. Do you even know what you are looking for? We created this page to provide you with some valuable information to help you make the best selection.

People often get a little over excited and make a purchase only to find out later there is a better choice and this can be very annoying. This page will help you choose the perfect model for you so that you can make your purchase with total confidence you are getting the right vape and also a great deal! There are many factors to consider and it can be a little overwhelming for most people but don’t worry because we are always here to help you!

Not only does our team has years of experience testing/using and selling all different kinds of wax vaporizers but we have also gotten tons of feedback from our customers after purchases. Additionally we try follow up with them down the road (6-12 months later) to see how they like each unit, how it performs and get their overall opinion. This is much better than simply reading reviews online as it helps us gather the best real time information and get real feedback from real users about things like performance, special features, construction quality and more.

So what kind of dab pen vape are you looking for? Do you know what style and what features would be best for you and your lifestyle? Below we will cover some of the most important questions we get based on extensive research and customer feedback. Before we get to the top units take a look below at some of the most popular questions we get based on the most important features of each unit.

  • Vapor Quality: This one of the most popular and important question we get. Most people are asking how big of a vapor cloud it can produce while some are more concerned with the flavor and how clean the taste will be. You do not want vapor tasting like plastic from the interior material of the vape nor do you want the atomizer to give off a funky taste.
  • Portability: As with all different kinds of vaporizers some are smaller than others. You should also consider what other pieces or parts you may want to take with you.
  • Ease of Use & Maintenance: This obviously refers to how easy the unit is to use and clean or maintain. While some units are easier to use and operate, this is very important to most people.
  • Oven Capacity & Efficiency: People often wonder about how much wax they can actually fit in the oven and how efficient the process is.
  • Temperature Settings & Controls: Different wax vape pens offer different settings for larger or smaller clouds.
  • Battery Quality: Some units come with different batteries. Some last longer than others.
  • Construction Quality: How well is the unit made? How heavy is it? How large it is?
  • Life Expectancy: How long does it last? How many uses can you expect to get? Obviously some units will last longer and some take more of “a beating” than others. Some are quick disposable as they don’t last long but we try to carry units that will give you a run for your money.
  • Warranty: Pretty much any good quality dab pen will come with a warranty while some are better than others. This is one of the most popular questions we get from people before they make a purchase.

We have narrowed down the selection for you and analyzed all of the most important features/factors of each unit so that you can have all the best information right here in 1 place. Check out the information below and please remember that we value your feedback! Any information you can provide us will always be very much appreciated and helps us keep these reviews up to date. This is how we make sure we have the best information for the future and can continue to help people make the best choices when looking to make a purchase.

#1 – Linx Ares

linx ares extract vaporizerWhen it comes to quality you can always count on Linx Vaporizers. The Linx Ares is no exception here as it delivers very good vapor quality & efficiency. We have gotten some really good feedback here and you can be sure that you will enjoy your wax with this one. Lets take a look below at some more features that make this our top ranked concentrate vapes.


  • Portability: The Linx Ares provides complete portability and discreteness measuring 15 mm x 165 mm (6.5inches). You will also appreciate the magnetic caps making it easy to take it anywhere you want to go and still enjoy premium pulls of your favorite wax without worrying about anything.
  • Vapor Quality: The ceramic atomizer heats up fast and delivers strong and flavorful vapor cloud. This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get and you can be sure that you will enjoy the vapor quality. Linx uses only the highest quality materials to provide one of the more fresh & flavorful vapors you will find compared to most premium units on the market today.
  • Control & Efficiency: The control is very easy and the setup allows you to be as efficient as you want. With 2 control settings (low & high) so that you have a choice. You can go slow and steady, which usually produces the best flavor, or you can go full speed ahead and get the biggest and thickest cloud possible. It is totally up to you.
  • Atomizers & Coils: The coil-less ceramic rod atomizer.
  • Ease of Use & Maintenance: If you are looking for something that is very easy to use, clean and maintain this is a great choice. The ceramic rod heats up instantly and allows you to avoid the loading process completely. Simply dip the tip into the container where you keep your favorite wax and pull. You will never have to worry about reclaim or wasted product. Many users have told us they think this is the easiest to use of all “honey straw” type wax pen vaporizers on the market.
  • Battery Quality: The Ares comes with a Lithium-ion battery and recharges in 2 – 3 hours. A moderate user can go 2 or 3 days but heavy users will need to charge more often and should appreciate the USB adapter.
  • Construction Quality: Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components: ceramic rod, stainless steel and signature glass mouthpiece. It is built very strong and can probably take more of a beating than most.
  • Warranty: This unit is very durable and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Overall we can say the Linx Ares is very impressive when it comes to the most important factors (based on user feedback). These are vapor quality, vapor production and overall user experience. People love the not having to load a chamber. Being able to vaporize the wax basically right out of the jar offers a new advantage that people appreciate and enjoy like very much. If you are looking for an easy, efficient, powerful experience this is a great selection for you.

#2 – Puffco Pro 2

Puffco Pro 2Introducing the brand new Puffco Pro 2 portable dab vaporizer. Everyone seems to think this is a nice upgrade from the original for several reasons. It is built with a large ceramic chamber that produces very nice vapor cloud but still offers a very efficient and simple experience. Also this unit is built strong so you can bring it with you and not worry about breakage or losing anything. People also like knowing there is no glue, plastic or fiber

  • Portability: The Puffco Pro 2 is very small and portable. One of the thinnest wax vape pen you can buy and many people think it is the actually nicest looking model on the market as well.
  • Vapor Quality: You will get very impressive vapor cloud production. This is one of the most impressive features and you should expect a good bang for your buck.
  • Control & Efficiency: The Pro 2 offers 3 control settings for low, medium and high, which gives you a pretty good temperature control range. They are marked Green = 580°F, Blue = 650°F and White = 720°F.
  • Atomizers & Coils: Comes with a full top atomizer (Coil + Mouthpiece) and is designed to conserve your wax. The chamber features large ceramic oven with a single ceramic coil but don’t worry! You can still count on large & flavorful vapor clouds that coil-less and dish type chambers can’t really re-create.
  • Ease of Use & Maintenance: Especially easy to use, clean and maintain. There isn’t really much to worry about there. 1 button controls everything and they kept it very simple so you can worry about enjoying your vapors.
  • Battery Quality: The battery includes “Sesh Mode” to deliver 12 seconds of uninterrupted draw time and delivers up to 100 uses per charge according to the company. Users who like larger vapor clouds have said it is actually closer 30 uses per charge but that depends on how you like to use it of course.
  • Construction Quality: Pro2 is made very strong from durable stainless steel and built to last. Most people seem to very much appreciate the thread free mouthpiece as well as the shock absorbent silicone bottom cap, and having a removable splashguard is also a nice touch.

The Puffco Pro 2 is a very good wax vape overall which offers very good vapor cloud production with good flavor. You are also getting a very nice design, portability, durability and efficiency. While it is not our top ranked wax vaporizer you are still getting very good value for your money and you can make the purchase with total confidence.

#3 – Boundless CF-710

boundless cf-710Based on all the information, testing and feedback from real customers the Boundless CF-710 is our 3rd top ranked wax pen vaporizer of 2017. Boundless is a great company with a solid reputation for making really good dry herb vapes. They are known for unique design, good efficiency and very good overall quality. They introduced the CF-710 wax pen vaporizer, which offers some very interesting new features that people already seem to like very much. The feedback on this has been very impressive.

The brand new design and style of the CF 710 is being called: “Nectar Collector” or “Honey Straw” and we think it is really cool! This actually allows you to simply dip your pen into a dish containing your wax and begin to vape so you are getting a very easy and clean process with no mess! This is a really great feature according to most users. Many people are telling us this is the easiest and cleanest dab vaporizer they have used. Here are some other reasons why the feedback has been so good:

  • Portability: If portability is important to you then this is a great choice compared all other portable wax vape pens. Standing at 5.5 inches this is one of the very few higher quality options that not only is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but also delivers very good vapor quality. It is also very easy and comfortable to use.
  • Vapor Quality: The vapor quality is very good. Unlike most other portable wax pens you will always have the choice of smaller pulls that offer thinner & cleaner flavored vapor clouds, or bigger pulls for larger & thicker clouds. Having both options is great and either way you are getting very good quality here, as you would expect from a company like Boundless.
  • Control & Efficiency: The CF-710 performs very well generally speaking and leaves the control completely up to you. You will have full over what kind of pull you want with the main button and it also depends on which coil you are using at the time. That’s right they give you 2 coils!!! (More info below…)
  • Atomizers & Coils: You will get 2 different atomizers including (1) Quartz atomizer & (1) Ceramic atomizer. This gives you a choice on how you like to enjoy your wax. While the quartz coil heats up faster and usually offers a cleaner flavor, the ceramic actually heats up slower but will give you the choice of a much larger and thicker vapor cloud.
  • Ease of Use & Maintenance: Using this thing is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is press the power button (3) times, which will make it heat up for 15 seconds, or you can hold the button down as long as you want for much longer pulls and larger vapor clouds.
  • Battery Quality: The CF 710 comes with a 900mAh Lithium Ion battery. This will give you very long usage time between charges (which usually takes about 2 hours). Some users have told us that this thing can last them up to 2-3 days per charge with steady use through each day. But that obviously depends on how you define steady use. Most other similar wax pen vaporizers come with a smaller and lower quality battery. Feedback on this has been great!
  • Construction Quality: This unit is made of metal (steel) and feels very strong. When you hold it in your hand you won’t feel like you are holding some cheap POS sold at a gas station of the interstate. All of the removable parts unscrew easily and screw back into place firmly. Another nice bonus is the long charging cable, which adds some extra convenience.
  • Durability & Warranty: You will get a (3) year warranty. This unit is build strong and if you take care of it you should expect to have it for a very long time.

People were excited when the Boundless CF-710 wax pen vaporizer came out because it has some really cool new features that offer an easier and better overall process to enjoy your wax. You are getting a really cool and high quality vape for a very good price.

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Top 3 Wax Vaporizers of 2017 – First Timers on Our List


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