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Amazing Benefits Of Pistachios (Pista) For Health, Skin and Hair

Wonderful Benefits Of Pistachios (Pista)

It is an Amazing dry fruit which can add multiple benefits to your Health if taken on a regular basis in the diet. It come from From the Pistachio trees through the wind pollination process. The health benefits of pistachios include a healthy heart, weight management, protection against diabetes and hypertension, and enhance digestion. The vitamins, minerals, fats, and protein found in pistachios are all Good for health.

It belongs to the cashew Family and was Comes from the Central Asia and Middle East Countries Like Iran, Turkey and United States are counted as the major producers of the pistachios. Pistachio tree is a biennial bearing plant, take around 6 to 10 years of time to fully develop and fruit production. After Removing the outer shell of it, the inner, soft and yellow colored seed kernel is edible.

Check Out The Benefits Of Pistachios (Pista) For Health, Skin and Hair


1. Protect Against Age Related Macular Disease

Age related macular degeneration is a gradual breakdown of the macula of the eye that contains the light sensitive tissues. The macula is culpable for the central vision that allows the person to see fine details with clarity. The symptoms of macular degeneration include blurred vision and dark areas in central vision.

2. Heart Friendly

First Of all, Consuming pistachios in moderation may help in promoting heart health. It Also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help reduce high blood pressure. It also contains phytosterols that reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol from different foods, further keeping the heart healthy.

3. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

One of the vital health benefits of pistachios is that it helps in controlling and preventing Type 2 Diabetes, one of the most common forms of diabetes mellitus that is causes due to insulin resistance. Also Eating at least two servings of pistachios per day helps in supplying the recommended daily value of phosphorus that not only aids in breaking down the proteins into amino acids but also improving glucose tolerance.

4. May Help in Weight Loss

Pistachios are high in fiber that keeps you full for longer, further preventing over-eating. The fiber present in them also helps in boosting your metabolism. Moreover, the monounsaturated fats present in pistachios are soluble in nature and hence help in preventing weight gain.

5. Promotes Healthy Gut

Pistachios contain high amounts of dietary fiber that helps in strengthening the digestive system. Various studies including  the University of Florida suggest that pistachios are good for the gut bacteria and further help in boosting good gut bacteria.

6. Healthy Blood

The list of benefits of pistachios is incomplete without discussing its helpfulness for developing healthy blood. Pistachios are loaded with B complex vitamins, especially vitamin B6 that is an essential vitamin for the production of hemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the main component of red blood cells that helps in carrying oxygen to all the organs, muscles and tissues of the body.

7. Rich in Antioxidants

Dr. Rupali tells us that pistachios have numerous antioxidants that help in protecting the body from oxidative stress and causing further damage. It Also has the presence of antioxidants like vitamin C and E safeguard the body from free radicals that cause damage to the body.

8. Promotes Eye Health

The high amount of vitamin E present in the pistachios helps in promoting eye health and also in improving your vision. It also contains carotenoids that protect the eyes from macular degeneration and cataract.

9. Boosts the Immune System

Daily consume of pistachios can Also help in keeping your immunity levels up. It Also has high amounts of vitamin B6 which is vital for the immune system to function properly. You can consume these wonder nuts every day, however, it is important to mix them with other nuts so that you don’t end up adding lots of calories and fats to your day.

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Amazing Benefits Of Pistachios (Pista) For Health, Skin and Hair


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