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What is Hatha Yoga and Its Benefits?

Being a Newbie to Yoga, the most confusing question for most of us is where to start? When approaching yoga studios or conducting online research about the perfect and suitable yoga styles for beginners, ‘Hatha Yoga’ appears as one of the most common answers.

One of the most popular and prominent yoga styles in the yoga world –Hatha yoga encourages a healthy mind-Body connection. It is the most traditional branch of yoga that refers to a union of mental and physical elements for mastering the body and mind. Composed of two words ‘ha’ means ‘Sun’ and ‘tha’ means ‘Moon’, Hatha yoga is the science of harmonizing the two Nadis ‘Ida and Pingala’ that are associated with the Sun and Moon energies in a person to help them reach higher consciousness and activating the central Nadi- Sushumna which leads to enlightenment.

All the positions that involve bending, twisting, balancing or squeezing the body fall in Hatha Yoga Category. But, unlike other yoga styles like Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga, the classical style does not focus on the flow of movement. Rather, it focuses on each and every step alone. The poses can be formed at person’s convenience and does not impact the overall practice. The intensity can also be modified as per practitioner’s level. The classic yoga style is used by many around the world as it has a lot to offer the practitioners at all levels and ages. It calms the mind-body-soul of the person and also balances the three vital gunas in the person- Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva. It fills the gap between the body and higher consciousness and helps a person live with enthusiasm, spirituality, and a sense of union with divinity.

With regular practice of Hatha yoga, a person can reap innumerable benefits for the body and mind. Let us have a look at the 7 amazing benefits daily practice of Hatha yoga brings:

Helps Maintain a healthy and fit body: Daily practice of Hatha yoga keeps the body and mind fit, healthy, and active. Hatha yoga asanas improve blood circulation in the body, strengthens and improves the functioning of all vital organs of the body. The Hatha Yoga poses help in weight loss by shedding extra kilos and strengthen the body from inside. They also improve metabolism and boost the immunity system. The deep breathing exercises help maintain a healthy mind which is emotionally and mentally balanced.

Stress Reduction: Hatha yoga is a great stress reliever and helps in detoxifying the mind and body. After a tiring day, practicing a few hatha yoga postures followed by some deep breathing instantly relieves all the stress and tension, and provides a sense of calmness and inner joy.

Helps maintain a flow of energy or Prana: Prana means Universal life force. Every living being is born with a specific amount of energy which is responsible for their life maintenance. Over the time, this energy degrades and makes the living being weak. Deep breathing exercises and yogic postures in Hatha yoga help in regulating and maintaining the flow of energy and increases the lifespan of the person.

Increases Flexibility: Having an agile and supple body brings a lot of problems such as bad posture, backache, shoulder and joint pain, etc. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga stretches the major muscle groups of the body, relieves physical problems and improves body posture. It helps the body become flexible and makes it easy to perform advanced yoga postures.

Increases muscle strength: Healthy and strong muscles allow you to move freely without any discomfort or pain. They also keep joints in good shape and prevent physical ailments like arthritis. Hatha yoga postures provide a good balance and posture to the body, especially during old age.

Increases Focus: Practicing Hatha yoga regularly increases your focus ability. Performing the asanas with perfection requires focus. The deep breathing exercises in yoga render clarity to the mind and help us focus on the moment. Thereby, gradually a person becomes more alert, attentive, and sharp.

Increases Oxygen intake: Hatha yoga postures such as shoulder stand, headstand and more reverse the blood flow, ensuring each part of the body is receiving more blood and oxygen. The enhanced blood circulation improves their functioning. Deep breathing exercises extensively increase the oxygen intake in the body, making one feel energetic and refreshed throughout the day.

So, start a regular practice of hatha yoga and explore your body’s hidden potential.

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What is Hatha Yoga and Its Benefits?


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