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Explore this amazing Yoga blog for Yoga benefits, Yoga Poses, Yoga Asanas and Yoga news. You will find all the Yoga related stuff on this blog. The blog main concern is to provide information how to practice yoga and the advantages of practicing Yoga.
Top 7 Yoga Poses For Headache
2018-05-05 05:41
Many of us have a habit of popping a pill even for the slightest of health issues and when it comes to a headache gulping a tablet is the preferred way for a majority of us. Headaches can ap… Read More
5 Best Yoga Poses To Increase The Stamina
2018-04-21 07:53
We all are We swear that one fine day we will relax and breathe deeply, we will head out to pause and smell the fresh fragrances of the blossoming flowers, will go out for long walks in plea… Read More
10 Best Yoga Poses For Osteoporosis
2018-03-28 07:35
Ask several avid yoga practitioners what motivates them to take up the art of yoga, and you are sure to receive a wide range of responses, ranging from stress relief to a slender physique an… Read More
The Best 7 Yoga Poses For Better Digestion
2018-03-08 05:27
Stomach unease and heartburn have been killing your joy? Happens to the best of us, only some know better to choose sustainable lifestyle modifications and exercise routines as with yoga, ov… Read More
The Best 6 Yoga Poses To Help With Anxiety
2018-03-01 06:13
We all encounter several moments in life that leave us worried, stressed, and anxious. At times we are so anxious that we are unable to think. Our thoughts become distorted and we feel numb… Read More
Top 7 Chest (Heart ) Opening Yoga Poses
2018-02-27 11:12
Most of us spend our lives in forwarding movements. Let’s take a moment to think and analyze how we live our daily lives, how we maneuver through the endless tasks and become more awar… Read More
Top 7 Yoga Poses For Arm Balances
2018-02-24 05:42
While flipping through magazines, browsing the Instagram feeds, advertisements you might have come across images of yogis in tricky arm balances inspiring millions of yoga practitioners acro… Read More
The Best 6 Yoga Poses For Asthma
2018-02-22 05:00
Although breathing is a natural process, due to current environmental condition, this normal process is becoming a struggle. The polluted and intoxicated environment not only makes breathing… Read More
Most Popular Yoga Style In 2018
2018-02-07 09:39
Inhale the future, Exhale the past. With the onset of the New Year take some wise decisions which benefit your life. In the New Year, keep past worries, tension, stress and unhealth… Read More
2018-01-24 08:09
We believe that yoga is about finding peace and tranquility as much as it is about learning new ways of life. Thus, we give you a golden opportunity to practice this stupendous life-form at… Read More
2018-01-24 06:02
It is no surprise that a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India is the first to cross everybody’s mind when it comes to practicing this life-altering science. The reason for the cho… Read More
10 Things To Do After Yoga Teacher Training
2018-01-24 05:15
People living a modern lifestyle whether young or old are highly stressed due to office woes, a pressure to excel in every front, family discords, relationship problems, and what not. Anxiou… Read More
2018-01-24 03:14
The reason for the choice is obvious – India, after all, is the country where Yoga emerged for the first time around 5,000 years ago and has been practiced ever since. For centuries, y… Read More
7 Ways To Deepen Your Yoga Practice In 2018
2018-01-15 05:22
Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. Yoga is about self-healing, self-realization, and self-acceptance. All these come when your body and mind connect with your so… Read More
5 Ways To Utilize Ashtanga Yoga Benefits
2018-01-09 08:41
The manner you can accept and understand Ashtanga yoga will lay the foundation of your challenge-acceptance capacity of life in general. It is said that the full Ashtanga system, when practi… Read More
Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
2018-01-09 08:10
Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India, is a codifier of Ashtanga yoga based on eight-limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. A physically demanding and mentally stimulating practice involving the p… Read More
5 Great Tips For Becoming A Yoga Teacher
2018-01-04 12:40
Nurturing a great passion for yoga too long? Let all the love sprout as you take yoga from your passion to your vocation. A good teacher is she who can inspire hopes and dreams and instill a… Read More
Vinyasa Yoga Sequences For Beginners
2017-12-30 06:23
The yoga of flow and movement, the science of uninterrupted fluidity in motion, and the art of synchronizing the body with the breath and the soul, this is Vinyasa Yoga in a nutshell. Develo… Read More
Vinyasa Yoga Poses For Beginners
2017-12-30 06:23
The yoga of flow and movement, the science of uninterrupted fluidity in motion, and the art of synchronizing the body with the breath and the soul, this is Vinyasa Yoga in a nutshell. Develo… Read More
Advantages Of Hatha Flow Yoga
2017-12-28 11:40
What is Hatha Flow? Hatha Flow ensembles a number of handpicked yogasanas from the Hatha family of postures and links them together in a string of core strength building, a fluid chain of ex… Read More
A Beginners Guide To Vinyasa Yoga Flow
2017-12-26 07:30
Fascinated with the vinyasa style? Hop on the journey of dance-like unceasing rhythm and celebration of the body with this avant-yoga style. So dynamic and turbulently flowing, vinyasa will… Read More
Rishikesh Weather In December
2017-12-18 10:37
Winters are here and every weekend is perfect to head out and take a break from the daily humdrum of life and tick all the places off on your travel list. While we are sure your list must be… Read More
10 Perfect Hatha Yoga Poses For Beginners
2017-12-15 06:42
Though the greed of availing wondrous benefits of yoga can convince you to indulge in yoga practices, often it is not enough to make you regular on the mat. This temptation is overcome by ch… Read More
Vinyasa Yoga For Beginners
2017-12-13 12:01
“Inhale, exhale, inhale” This is what you hear regularly in a vinyasa flow practice while moving from one pose to other with each breath. Vinyasa yoga flow is a fast-paced sequen… Read More
What Is Hatha Yoga And Its Benefits?
2017-12-13 11:17
Being a Newbie to yoga, the most confusing question for most of us is where to start? When approaching yoga studios or conducting online research about the perfect and suitable yoga styles f… Read More
Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships
2017-12-07 12:45
To learn yoga in India, especially in Rishikesh is truly a cherished dream of many yoga aficionados. The reason for this choice is obvious as India is the birth giver and the true nurturer o… Read More
Best 9 Yoga Magazines Reading Every Yogi
2017-12-02 05:30
Be it knowing about steps, precautions and benefits of your favorite yoga pose or understanding the essence of spiritual yoga practices, mantras, and kriyas, a Yoga magazine can be the best… Read More
6 Astounding Benefits Of Yoga For Children
2017-11-28 06:16
For a kid, there is a lot to handle today. With the proliferating competition in schools and colleges, life of children is becoming really stressful. The peer pressure of performing well in… Read More
8 Basic Yoga Poses To Get You Started
2017-11-22 11:36
Planning to indulge in yogic practices? Congratulations..your life is going to transform in the most wonderful ways! The awesome its benefits sound, the difficult it can be to become comfort… Read More
5 Simple Healing Yoga Poses
2017-11-20 06:27
Human Body is a wonder! We have a heart that beats for decades, a skeletal system that gives shape and structure to the body, a brain that operates the whole body, a powerful immune system t… Read More
Yoga For Athletes
2017-11-20 05:42
Being an athlete is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be always on your toes, both on and off the field. The daily schedule of athletes is full of intense activities. They spend t… Read More
Rishikesh Weather In November
2017-11-17 05:42
Chilled weather, foggy environs, still waves of Ganges, and the enlightening sunshine, Rishikesh in winters, especially in the month of November is a treat to explore. Although one can pay a… Read More
Yoga Vidya
2017-11-06 05:07
When a layman hears the word yoga, images of twists and turns flashes across their mind. To them, it is a physical exercise which comprises stretching, twisting and breathing techniques. The… Read More
What Is Yoga And Its Excellent Benefits
2017-10-30 06:15
If you ask someone ‘What is Yoga’? The answers can vary from a set of physical exercises, a spiritual practice, to a perfect body and mind workout, etc. Looking at a few yoga pic… Read More
5 Excellent Yoga Moves For Beginners
2017-10-30 05:51
While we are too busy in our 24×7 working schedule and handling day-to-day chores, it becomes difficult to keep a check on our health. Working round the clock leads us to bad health on… Read More
Restorative Yoga Poses
2017-10-16 11:10
Summary: Check out the excellent yoga poses that work as restorative wonders on your mind and body.Summary: Check out the excellent yoga poses that work as restorative wonders on your mind a… Read More
Power Yoga
2017-10-16 10:43
Summary: Do you feel low on strength the entire day? The day-to day work leaves you with a feeling of tiredness. Then, try power yoga poses for enhanced energy and flexibility to fight daily… Read More
Yoga Poses For Beginners
2017-10-09 12:31
Summary: Get to know about some of the best yoga poses for beginners to get started on the mat. Being a yoga newbie, your first class can be a little confusing and difficult. You may not fin… Read More
5 Yamas Of Yoga
2017-10-09 11:07
Summary: This blog aims to provide its readers an insight into the five yamas or rules of yoga science. When a yogi sets out to attain the deepest skills and knowledge of yoga, they come a… Read More
Pranayama Yoga
2017-10-05 10:30
We all know about the process of breathing but only a few know about the benefits of breathing, apart from the fact that it is the most important function carried out by a human mechanism. I… Read More
Yoga Poses For Weight Loss
2017-09-20 08:24
Unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, an erroneous lifestyle, stress– whatever is the cause of your flabby body, being overweight can be risky. Not because this is an app… Read More

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