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How to restore your energy and find balance during tough times

Restoring Energy means relaxing our body and mind in a state that it takes positivity in and negativity out and find Balance. This technique helps to flush out the pressure built up in our mind and body, it helps to calm down. Proper sleep, meditation, exercise especially breathing one and a healthy diet purifies the thoughts and gives the right signals to our brain.

Restoring also aims at bringing energy signals like they were before for example: repairing the inner side of your energy. Restoring itself says that the first rest then goes through a ring of chores

Challenging times are a part of life. They are not fun to think about or go through, but they are sometimes unavoidable.

You might be feeling exhausted and even powerless while trying to restore your energy, especially over the course of these last few months, but you need to remember that it happens to everyone. No matter what you are feeling right now, you aren’t alone.

It could be a difficult financial period, perhaps is it a health issue, loneliness, isolation, or just the sheer fact that you feel like a failure; but either way, just know that it’s temporary, and restoring energy is an important next step.

Everything in life comes and goes, including people and our emotions. Sometimes you just feel down, and that’s ok. It’s natural to feel down once in a while. But eventually, you just simply have to pick yourself back up and keep going. What other option is there?

It may be challenging to see that in the middle of your struggle, but take my word, it’s all temporary. I know how hard it can be in the midst of struggle, but I am also living proof that no struggle is too much to overcome.

When it’s hard to see the way out, remind yourself that you are the only one who is responsible for where you are at in life. If you don’t like where you are in life, you are the only one who can change those circumstances.

You can dwell and stay stuck on your difficulties and unfortunate situation, or you can help yourself getting better and restore your energy one step at a time. Perception is everything during challenging times, so do your best to focus on the good and see the good in every situation.

When you’re in the midst of an emotional vortex, the key is to find your balance, to find your center. 

When you are finding more balance, you are able to see things more objectively and you are able to calm your mind. You are able to silence your thoughts, and as you are not your thoughts, you are gaining more clarity about what you should and should not do, and where you need to go from here.

So the question is how can you actively find your balance and restore my energy? How can you actively improve your situation? The following tips can definitely make the difference and help you to find your balance and restore your energy during these tough times.

Slowing Down a little

Living a life of haste is one of the leading causes of stress. The constant state of hurry entangles the mind in knots of anxiety, which results in stress and saps away inner peace and joy from life. 

So, for you, the seekers of bliss, it is vital to slow down a little. Slow down to look at the things around you. If you see a beautiful flower, don’t just pass by quickly. Instead, pause to look at its petals, color, and absorb its fragrance. 

This little pause will give your mind a break from stress caused by the constant haste and bring you home to inner joy and peace. It is with the establishment of mental peace that you’ll actually realize over time, that being at peace enhances your productivity and thus, there will no longer be the need for you to rush through your days in life.

Schedule time for enjoying the little things

What do you like to do? 

Playing with your pet? 

Eating something nice? 



Every time you’re dedicating your attention to something that you like to do you are clearing your mind and winning another little moment of balance and freedom. These small victories accumulate, and the power of momentum will turn these small moments into massive outcomes.

And it’s really doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult in any level, you don’t have to be the toughest man alive to play with your dog or enjoy a beautiful sunset, right? You don’t have to do anything special to change the way you are feeling, you just need to decide that this is something that from now on you’re going to do. And as you know what gets scheduled gets done, so you actively need to decide when exactly you’re are going to enjoy these little things that make you feel good!

How about now?

SCHEDULE now 5 minutes every hour for something that you like!

5 minutes of a positive mental state is a great way to shift your energy, your whole day, and eventually even your entire life. These 5 minutes are your balance anchor, your new center of plain simple joy, of choosing something that you like rather being dragged to something that you don’t want.

Every human body needs mental, spiritual, emotional, social, sensory, creative, and physical rest 

Mental rest is essential as we are connected throughout with the pressure of thoughts so to ease back this rest is needed. Spiritual rest is needed so that we receive healing from our inner side and the inner aura of us is healthy and wise. 

Emotional rest is needed as we go through a lot of emotions on a daily basis and we lose emotional stability so to maintain that we require emotional rest. Social rest is needed to maintain a distance from all social gathering online and offline with friends and family so that we can relax and enjoy in our own comfort zone and find ourselves after distancing ourselves from each other. Sensory rest is needed because we are humans and technology is constantly in contact with us, so we need a break from that electronics to save our brain and relationship. Creative rest is needed because our brain is tired thinking in all possible ways. 

This rest helps to step into creative stuff and to relax. Physical rest is needed because our body is tired of the same work we practice, so as rest it requires stretching, yoga, and sound sleep so that it retains well. All this rests helps to build a better tomorrow.

Move: Change your physical state

Are you exercising?

I’m sure that you are aware that your emotional state and balance are inseparable from your physical state, and that exercising affects your brain in numerous positive ways. When you are taking an honest look at your current situation and life, pay attention to the quality of your movement. 

If you’re sitting in front of the computer at your office all day long, just to get back to your couch at home where you’ll be watching Netflix or scrolling your phone for the next several hours, then it’s no surprise that you might not be treating your body the way it should be treated, right? Maybe that’s even one of the top reasons why you are feeling depressed and drained of energy.

Understand that when you’re changing your physical state, your emotions change as well. And in times of adversity, when your perspective is unbalanced, changing the way you move and adding more exercise is definitely a game changer.

What kind of movement can you insert several times a day to your daily schedule? It doesn’t have to be something too demanding or challenging, it can be stretching for 10 minutes in the morning when you are waking up and at night time before you’re going to bed. It could be jumping for a few seconds, just for changing the way you are feeling in a given moment, changing your emotional state

Not giving undue importance to thoughts

Thoughts are like hovering clouds in the sky of your mind. Stress seeps in when you start giving undue importance to the negative thoughts hovering in your mind. So, it is by simply learning the art of not giving undue importance to your thoughts that you can prevent yourself from being stressed and thus, safeguard your inner joy from being disturbed. 

In order to learn the art of remaining detached from intruding thoughts, you just have to stay conscious of your thoughts and look at them from a distance, without actually getting involved with them. It should be as if you are watching a movie being played on some random device without being involved or bothering about the content. This exercise may be a little hard to practice initially, but over time, you’ll gradually learn the art of letting your thoughts just be and rediscover the joy of being.


Focus. Don’t let yourself slip

When you are not at your best, you need to re-assess what you want and what you don’t want. This assessment and inner observation is essential in times of adversity. Do you know what you want? What makes you feel good? And what does not make you feel good? 

Take a look at your habits and your daily routine, is what you’re doing and thinking throughout the entire day is good for you? 

How can you have less from the bad, and more from the good? 

Now that you have a better understanding of what you should and should not do, focus on the good. In your current state, it’s super easy to let yourself slip and dwell on your misfortune. You need to actively focus on where you want to go and how you want to feel, even if at the moment you don’t know yet how are you going to get there. 

Every moment you are focusing more on what you do want, is a balanced moment. I.e. a moment where you’re mind is clear and you are choosing what you want to do – instead of being dragged unwillingly to the exact situation that you’re trying to get out of.

Listen to the music you love

What kind of music makes you feel relaxed? 





Every time when you’re feeling lost you can completely gain back your balance through listening to a tune that you love. I’m sure that this is not something that is new to you, but sometimes it’s so simple that we tend to forget it. 

You can take a pause any time during your day from your current reality and situation, and calmly dive into the emotions that your favorite music triggers within you.

The speed that it takes for music to affect and it’s accessibility are truly remarkable. The music that you like can bring you back to your center within a few seconds (even by the first couple notes), and all you have to do is to hit play on your phone or in your head, that’s it. 

SCHEDULE 5 times a day when you’re just listening to music, energize yourself. Observe the difference inside you before and after listening to your music, let yourself forget about your current situation and connect to the positive emotions that your music arises inside you.

Being a little crazy

Being a little crazy is really effective in busting the stress out and reclaiming back your inner joy in life. Although you can’t just be crazy in front of people, there is no harm in being crazy with yourself. 

In fact, it is really beneficial to let go of the reins and let yourself be mad when nobody is around and I am sure you’ll actually love doing it. So, if you are alone in your room, let your inner child out and don’t shy away from indulging in some crazy things like playing some music and dancing to it with your crazy moves or singing out loud and crazy when nobody is around.


Coming home to the ‘Now’

‘Life happens only in the present moment.’ Most of us are so occupied with the worries of the past and the future, that we are barely present in the now. 

The absence from the present moment as highlighted by the famous spiritual personalities of all time like the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, and Deepak Chopra, is the biggest cause of stress, which saps away our joy of living. So, in order to retrieve your joy of living, coming home to the ‘Now’, is a necessity. 

For this, you can simply start with the practice of mindfulness. Being mindful involves being conscious of your actions at all times. For instance, if you are drinking water, then you should drink it in the light of consciousness, feeling its temperature, movement down your throat, and so on. This exercise may seem a little difficult to practice in the beginning, but eventually, you’ll develop the habit of being mindful without putting in the slightest effort.

Connecting to inner peace with meditation

Meditation is a simple, yet profound practice when it comes to inducing stress relief and discovering the inner fountain of joy. It draws you closer to the self and empowers you to cut through the trap of stressful thoughts that drain away from your inner peace and bliss. It also enables you to retreat into your inner silence, where you are free from the burdens of the past and the anxieties of the future. This unlocks your pathway to a blissful stress-free life. 

Being stress-free doesn’t mean that you won’t be worried when things in life go downhill, but it means that you’ll become powerful enough to not succumb under pressure. Rather, you’ll sail your way out of the difficulties with a calm mind.  

It is best to connect to your inner peace with meditation. In order to meditate, you just have to sit in a peaceful place with your eyes closed. Then, you should start taking long deep breaths and pay subtle attention to your breath, while letting your thoughts flow without any resistance.

Thus, the joy you are looking for in life, is already present deep inside you. But, the clouds of stress prevent you from connecting to the light of your inner joy. So, in order to connect with your inner joy, you should try practicing the effective stress management techniques mentioned above.

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How to restore your energy and find balance during tough times


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