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How your daily habits reveal your secret personality

Unknowingly to us our secret personality can be exposed just by the way we eat, do dishes, make our bed, how we Carry our bag, the way we walk, play an eminent role in revealing our true nature.

Here are ways in which our daily habits expose the true nature of our personality.

                 WALKING STYLE
The way we carry our body as related to arm swinging while walking creates a deep hole into our personality. Such as: Arm swinging: If you are a person that swing arm when you are walking - You are a relax person, Joyful and sometimes people don't even take you seriously, though you are still a brave self-confident person.

Arm tightly pressed: If your arm is tightly pressed to your body - You don't easily trust people. You are a bit reserved and not over emotional.

Those who often wake up late in the night are seemingly in a long-term stressful situation.

The more often you get up at night the deeper the stress is. You may not think about the night fridge excursions or is a loud noises that wakes you up.

The reason is the slight indifferences towards your health and life necessities.

             MAKING YOUR BED
Do you make your bed every single day? Those people who don't make up their bed don't usually notice truffle things around them in addition to other aspects of their life.

They are not solely good in planning and their actions can be so disorderly even sometimes dissipated.

Such people can even believe they were born for great deeds.

                   DIRTY DISHES
If you are in the habits of leaving dirty dishes till you wake up in the morning please accept my congratulation it shows you don't like trouble.

You often accept things the way they come. When you have small problem you believe it will sorted itself out.

You like to indulge in such habits of not doing dishes anytime any day or wait for someone else to do the dishes for you.

How did you like to carry your bag all the time. The way we carry our bag influences our course of action spontaneously.

The type of bag in our possession often determine the way we use it or carry it, moreso, the type of job or activities we engage in on daily basis play a vital role in the way we also carry or handle our bags.
Behind Your Bag: If you often time carry  your bag behind your back - You are always ready for adventure and prepare to go out at any moment.

You are also very considerate of things and other people alike, making you a person others is willingly to follow at any given time or if there exist an open opportunity.

In Your Hand: If you always carry your bag on your hand - You complete and utter control over everything is your motto.

You love being informed of everything and always have your own opinion.

You are able to tell others the whole truth about themselves - if they ask, that is your liabilities is legendary.

On Your Shoulder: People who wear a bag their Shoulder love reading.

This position allow them to fish out their favourite book even when there is virtually no space for it.

They are so tactful even if they fall asleep during monologue they will do it with their own eyes open.

Over Your Shoulder: If you carry your bag over your shoulder, no criminal or bag snatcher will be able to steal your precious cargo except under duress or unfavourable circumstances.

You are a little bit prone to showing off your huge wealth if you are financially blessed, but you are a very generous person at the same time some may perceive the trait as a weakness and use it to their advantage so be alert and be careful.

On Your Belly: The eccentricity of people who always carry their bags on their belly is often beyond any limits, this is quite indicative of their quick mind and vivid imagination.

There are certain things we do that shows uniqueness of our personality. It can be a tiny unnoticed things which conceal who we are to save ourselves.

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How your daily habits reveal your secret personality


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