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Should You Tell Others About Your Omad Diet?

should you tell others about the omad diet

Starting the Omad Diet can a real challenge in itself for many.

It can be even more difficult if you feel you don’t have the support of others.

So, many of us end up asking ourselves…

Should you tell others about your new Omad Diet plan?

Why are my friends and family members so angry or frustrated about my diet?

There are many reasons why this happens, most of which have very little to do with you.

At some point, you’re likely going to run into those people who try to tell you your diet is unhealthy or who actively seek to sabotage it.

Understanding the nature of their criticisms and where they originate can help you avoid falling victim to too much unfair scrutiny.

Let’s take a look at both sides as to whether or not telling others about your Omad Diet is the right decision for you.

Advantages Of Telling Others about your Omad Diet

advantages check list illustration design over a white backgroundIt can be very hard to keep your goals a secret from everyone.

After all, who doesn’t want to share their new ideas and achievements?

According to University of Scranton Psychology Professor John C. Norcross, Ph.D., co-author of Changing for Good, keeping your plans a secret is a bad idea. “Public commitments are more effective than private declarations,” he says.

Norcross explains how decades of research show that when you make your goals public, it will increase the chance of success because you are putting yourself out there: You feel more pressure, more accountable and, we hope, more support,” he explains.

So, what does Norcross say to those who are worried about making a fool out of yourself and failing? “Make the public commitment,” says Norcross, “but be careful to be realistic about the goal.”

By sharing your goals, you can potentially be setting yourself up for long-term motivation and excitement.  “Our research shows that people can maintain a behavior change for the first week or so,” says Norcross, “but after that, you really need that social support.”

Getting this social support most commonly comes from social networks such as Facebook groups, Twitter followers, or other online support groups that can provide you with positive feedback and motivation to succeed.

You might find a Partner

Female Friends Having Lunch Together At The MallIt can almost be impossible to avoid.

The road to weight loss can be a very difficult and bumpy one.

But, like all other things in life, it can much easier if you have someone to keep you motivated along the journey.

This is where a diet partner comes in.

A study that was published the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 2005, doctors at Brown Medical School and Dartmouth University found that participants who had a diet partner were more successful in losing weight than those participants who did not.

The advantages of having a Diet Partner

  •  They will hold you accountable
  •  They are understanding
  •  Your Omad Diet will become fun
  •  Someone to Celebrate your Success with
  •  They will give you motivation when you begin to lose hope
  •  They will provide a friendly competition to keep you motivated

More Resources

resources about the omad dietWhen you start to share your Omad Diet journey with others, you may find supportive people who will also share stories that you never knew about them.

All of the sudden, you find someone who shares with you helpful books, blogs, social accounts, and many more helpful resources to help with your journey.

You also may find people who know other people that have had success and connect you with them as well.

You live Authentically

When you are open about the Omad Diet, it can be incredibly rewarding.

It’s the freedom of not having to wear a mask about the real changes that are going on in your life.

You feel a great sense of self-satisfaction knowing that you don’t have to hide your eating window or worry about what other’s think of your Omad Diet.

It Can Help You Identify Unsupportive People In Your Life

While most of your friends and family will support you through anything, some of them will not.

Going through things in life has a funny way of weeding out individuals that they thought we knew otherwise.

Even if you have to make changes, you are making room for new relationships and friends who will support you in your new journey.

Telling People About a Diet Often Opens You Up to Scrutiny

criticsm of eating one meal a day

One of the most frustrating things you’re going to run into while on the Omad Diet (it can be any diet) is scrutiny from others.

This situation is even more challenging if you decide to tell a large number of people about your diet.

Eating once a day isn’t healthy” they might say and try to convince you that it is better to either stick to your current eating habits or to find something else.

You’re also going to get advice from people who you wouldn’t expect.

For example, you may find that your coworkers or friends may suddenly chime in and give their opinions on your Omad Diet

You shouldn’t eat 1 meal a day,” they might say, “ it’s bad for your health.”

Or they might start scrutinizing your food choices and declaring that they are unhealthy.

Anybody who has been on a ketogenic omad routine knows this situation all too well.

How can you lose weight eating nothing but protein and fat?” friends and family members might ask. “You’re just going to raise your cholesterol and have a heart attack.”

People who go on a life-changing and restrictive diet often experience the worst scrutiny of all.

People who choose to be omad vegans are often mocked and made fun of by their friends.

For example, they may find their friends eating meat in front of them and declaring how good it tastes.

Often, people on these types of diets have to face sabotage attempts by their friends, who probably think that they are doing the right thing for their friend.

Most of the time, people criticize the diets of others because of self-doubt or other psychological issues that are hard for them to control.

That’s why it is critical to understand why people suddenly become health experts whenever you are on a diet.

Fully understanding the psychology behind this problem can make it easier to understand and help you avoid excessive and scrutiny from people.

Why People Judge the Omad Diet

Closeup portrait headshot skeptical young woman looking suspicious with some disgust on her face, mixed with disapproval, isolated grey background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling

Like any diet, people will judge the Omad Diet for a variety of reasons

They may try to convince you that it is not a wise choice.

You can show them all the scientific evidence that you want and they are going to argue that it is wrong.

This kind of argument is what I like to call emotional concern.

Emotional concern occurs when somebody who loves you is worried that you are hurting yourself with your diet.

They won’t listen to evidence that supports your diet and will try to steer you away from it.

These individuals are often the hardest to manage because they are honestly worried about you and can continually try to make their point.

By far, the hardest to manage about the Omad Diet are naysayers.

These are the people who will mock you for trying to improve your health and try to get you to fail no matter what.

These are the people who will message you about their large meal, talk about how many meals they’ve eaten, and continually mock you for trying to improve your life.

These people can be what many refer to as dieting bullies.

Many will try to tear you down because they don’t want you to improve yourself.

In their minds, you are below them, and they want to make sure you stay that way.

If you lose weight and become a trimmer and healthier person, you upset their balance.

Try to avoid these individuals as much as possible.

The last, and frankly easiest, group to deal with are those who are intellectually concerned.

I find they are easier to manage because they will listen to reason and understand the scientific facts behind your diet.

They may be worried that you are pursuing an unhealthy dietary path but willing to listen to what you have to say.

They are better than the emotionally concerned because they can change their mind and leagues above dieting bullies who merely want to tear you down.

But, even these individuals can end up sabotoging your Omad Diet. 

Even the genuinely concerned can cause severe self-doubt and other problems that make it more difficult for you to stay focused on your Omad Diet and lose the weight that you desire.

Judgment Can Affect Your Success

women whispering behind a confused colleague

Nobody likes to be judged, especially by people whom we love.

If your friends and family members are arguing against your diet, there’s a good chance that you might end up doubting it, even if you know that it is healthy.

That’s because a snap judgment of this type can impact you emotionally in ways that are hard to predict but painful to manage.

For example, let’s say that your best friend is judging your Omad Diet and trying to get you to change it.

Every day, the two of you go out for lunch, and she rolls her eyes at you when you mention you are waiting for your eating window.

With every eye roll, she is not only judging your diet but reminding you that she doesn’t approve of your Omad Diet plan.

You might start thinking that she is right and that you should quit your diet.

That’s one reason why it can be beneficial to not tell others about your Omad Diet.

Even if your friend isn’t coming right out and condemning your Omad diet, her subtle judgment makes it hard to stick to your routine.

Even worse, it could be causing a rift in your friendship that will be hard to mend.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can deal with these types of individuals if you failed to hide your diet.

Dealing With People Who Want to Judge You

Illustration depicting a roadsign with a coping strategies concept. Sky background.

By now, you can you see many of the benefits of how it can be beneficial to keep people from knowing about your Omad Diet.

However, you might have told some friends or family members and are now dealing with the fallout.

Whether your best friend is trying to get you back or your mom is working to serve you more than you want, you’re going to have to deal with these individuals in the best way possible.

Thankfully, it is possible to handle these individuals effectively.

You shouldn’t try to be mean or harsh to them at all.

After all, those who are truly concerned deserve to have their worry placated.

And those who are jealous of your losses or who are just trying to bring you down need a firm, but subtle, redirect.

A few ways you can deal with them include:

  • Being Firm About Your Omad Diet – When people try to get you to stray from your diet, you need to be firm about staying on it. Tell them that you are dedicated to it and that you plan on staying on it as long as possible. Politely state that you trust their opinion and appreciate it but are sticking to your plan.
  • Knowing That It Isn’t Your Problem – Individuals who are trying to judge you or sabotage your diet are doing so because they are unhappy or lack confidence. Their behavior has little to do with you and is indicative of them. So try to be patient with them and avoid judging them or being rude.
  • Coming at Them With Science – If you know somebody is going to try to argue dietary science with you, discuss studies and real scientific facts about the Omad Diet. Let them know that you know what you are talking about and that you have researched the Omad Diet carefully. If their concern is real, there’s a good chance they’ll appreciate your honesty. If not, you can ignore their unscientific arguments.
  • Discussing Your Results – Sometimes, people need to be faced with evidence that something is working. If you can show them that your Omad Diet is successful, they will be more likely to back down and leave you alone. Talk about how much weight you’ve lost but also discuss your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. This information should satisfy their concern.
  • Learning to Ignore Them – Being criticized by others constantly over your diet is going to be a tiring situation. It might just wear you down and cause you to second-guess your dietary routine. Don’t let this scenario happen to you. If you have researched your diet and had approval from your doctor, you are doing the right thing. Learn to ignore criticism and the haters and love yourself.

These simple tips should help you stay strong when faced with people who are trying to sabotage your Omad diet.

However, if you are facing criticism daily and feel like you are ready to give up on your diet, that is understandable.

However, you deserve to lose weight and achieve your goals.

That’s why you need to understand the consequences of giving in to diet criticism.

What Happens If You Give In

You might feel the compulsion to take a break from your diet due to the judgment and pressure of others.

That feeling is very understandable because it is often hard to withstand so much scrutiny from people, even if you know they are wrong.

Sometimes, it is simply easier to break down and start eating like everyone else.

After all, you probably think that you can still lose weight on the Omad Diet even if you need a break.

If you feel stressed or are dealing with personal issues that are affecting your Omad Diet, then taking a break can be a good idea.

The long-term goals are what is most important.  You can only achieve your long-term goals when your body and mind is in the right place.

So, if you need to take a little time away to regroup yourself then that is perfectly ok before starting again.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many positives and negatives to telling others about the Omad Diet.

Ultimately, everyone’s feelings and situations are different.

While telling other’s about the Omad Diet might not be a problem for you, it could potentially be a problem for someone else.

This is a decision that you will have to make based on your own feelings and situation.

However you choose to deal with it, never lose sight of what you want to achieve in the end.

No matter if you made the right choice or the wrong one, never let anything or anyone stop you from the ultimate goal of weight loss and happiness.

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Should You Tell Others About Your Omad Diet?


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