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Mike Rashid Steroids Use: His Dishonest Statements, and the Possible Cycle

Professional bodybuilding is the destiny of worthy people. Such people are few in number. They are admired, they are worshiped, many fans want to be like them. One such famous person is Mike Rashid, who used to train with CT Fletcher. But there is also the other side of the coin in professional bodybuilding. This is the use of anabolic (steroid pills and steroid injections). By the way, CT Fletcher became a victim of side effects of steroids

Mike Rashid’s background

Mike Rashid) was born in 1982 in Los Angeles (the United States). From early childhood, he was engaged in sports, spending his youth in martial arts training sessions, where he showed significant results. But at the age of 20 years he was forced to leave martial arts because of the difficult financial situation. Deciding to continue playing sports and possessing good external data, he began to participate in paid advertising photo sessions. To maintain and improve his physique, he began to train in the gym.

Soon Mike tried himself in fitness, showing good results and making the first steps in the role of coach. A successful career of fitness model brought an excellent income, the lack of a financial difficulties pushed the athlete to work on his body. As result, Rashid tried himself in bodybuilding.

Mike Rashid in bodybuilding

Purposeful and disciplined Mike Rashid quickly made progress in the new field, his transformation was seen all over the world thanks to the video blog on the YouTube channel. The popularity of the athlete became very large; he became a welcome guest of all the world’s sports shows devoted to bodybuilding. For Russian-speaking fans, Mike was interviewed by Denis Semenikhin and revealed his personal training secrets. The video with the American sportsman promptly received more than 200 thousand users’ views.

Mike Rashid’s workout routine

The basis of the training process for Mike Rashid is the base of conventional powerlifting. But the athlete improved it, in addition to the barbell, he actively uses various burdens, for example, metallic chains or blocks.

Training takes six days a week, 4-5 hours each. Mike almost does not perform cardio exercises in training. During one training, the athlete trains up to three groups of muscles, paying special attention to the back, abdominal area, and legs. The previous fighting experience of the athlete served as a good fundamental base for iron sport. Concerning the issue of combining classes in the hall with other sports, Mike has his own opinion. In particular, the athlete is sure that the development of physical qualities during work with loads will contribute to progress in the main type of the sport. However, the emphasis in training in such cases should be directed to strength endurance and speed, not to muscle building.

Mike Rashid’s nutrition principles

Mike Rashid compensates for the impressive waste of energy caused by the intense training regime by consuming a large number of calories. In this case, the athlete does not adhere to any strict limitations in nutrition, but he observes a regular daily regime. The optimal number of meals per day, according to the athlete, should be equal to 5. The exception is only the days of high-intensity training, when the bodybuilder eats 6 times a day.

Mike tries to minimize the amount of sugar in food, replacing it with a natural analog, namely, stevia. Training days of the sportsman begin with the consumption of protein-containing foods in combination with a large amount of fiber. In total, Mike consumes 3.3 g of protein per 1 kg of weight daily (the weight of the athlete is 97 kg).

Immediately after intensive training (during the so-called anabolic window), the bodybuilder allows himself some “imperfections” in nutrition (the so-called cheat meals), in particular, consumption of fast carbs. As is known, during this time interval all the absorbed macronutrients are spent on the restoration of muscle tissue.

The success of the athlete is a worthy motivator for many beginning athletes and those who have been in sports for a long time. Certainly, the American bodybuilder has wide experience in sports. Mike willingly shares his own experience, giving recommendations on the proper routine of the training plan and diet. But some of his views are criticized.

Mike Rashid’s formula of success

In the process of sports identity formation, Mike formed a clear set of methodological rules, which he follows himself and recommends them to be used by his followers. Rashid is a fan of heavy weight training of high intensity. Each training of the athlete is aimed at increasing the power performance by working with submaximal and maximum weight, which contributes to the development of the musculature due to thickening of the muscle fibers.

According to Mike, all mentioned principles comprise the working formula for his success, called “overtraining”. The method of Mike was repeatedly criticized by the sports public. His key ideas run counter to the standard idea of building a workout. Rashid is confident that the human body is able to withstand hyper-intensive loads, constantly adapting itself.

These life positions of the athlete may confirm that he uses anabolic steroids. Most likely he is a typical liar. He creates a video and posts them on YouTube where he talks about his training programs. As a result, he was attacked for typical online marketing. Other bloggers criticized him for his lies. They also criticized Rashid for his views on women, saying that Rashid did not respect women and believed that they could be deceived.

Possible  steroid cycle of Mike Rashid

To maintain his strength, size and endurance, Rashid most likely uses drugs that increase effectiveness in the gym, including steroids. We can talk about a cycle like this:

  • Trenbolone Enanthate (500 mg per week). It is a medicine from an anabolic group that is characterized by a short action.
  • Equipoise (800 mg per week). The main agent of this medication is boldenone. This agent is chemically a testosterone molecule that has a double bond between 1 and 2 carbon atoms. This feature has made boldenone as powerful as testosterone, anabolic, but the androgenic properties of the drug are less than twice as potent.
  • Testosterone Cypionate (1000 mg per week). This is testosterone with a long duration of action. The drug is administered in the form of injections.
  • Cardarin (20 mg per day). It is a powerful preparation for burning fat. It increases endurance and performance, and also speeds up the process of lipolysis.
  • Anavar (100 mg per day). The main active agent of this drug is oxandrolone. It has a low level of androgenic activity, while providing moderate anabolic effect.

This possible Mike’s steroid cycle is taken from the Evolutionary website. We do not know exactly what steroids he used. But looking at his physique, we can say for sure that he did it.

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Mike Rashid Steroids Use: His Dishonest Statements, and the Possible Cycle


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