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Lou Ferrigno Steroids: Did the Incredible Hulk Take Anabolic Drugs?

Lou Ferrigno is one of the famous bodybuilders of the last century. Thanks to his outstanding physique, he also began acting in films playing Hulk and the guys. Like many other bodybuilders he used steroids.

Biography of Lou Ferrigno

The history of this incredibly talented and dedicated athlete began on November 9, 1951 in Brooklyn (New York). From the very beginning, Louis Ferrigno’s life was accompanied with hardships. When Lou was only 3 years old he suffered a severe ear infection, as a result of which he lost 80 percent of the hearing. This was due to the fact that the disease was not treated properly. Later, his partial deafness became the cause of school bullying and ridicule. But that urged him to go to the gym. A coach said that because of the boy’s weak parameters, he doubted that Lou could achieve something.

After that, Lou began to exercise, only in the basement of his house, converted to a gym. The guy’s determination soon produced its results, and after a while Lou turned into a real athlete. At 16, having achieved considerable success, Lou Ferrigno began to work out in the club. Two years later, he gained his first ever “Mr. America” title, and after another 4 years, he won an even more significant award for the first place in the “Mr. Universe” contest, having become the youngest owner of it in the entire history of these competitions. Further persistent trainings and his extraordinary purposefulness made Lou a very serious athlete and the main rival of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 1975, Lou was defeated in the competition “Mr. Olympia” and decided to take a time out in working out and to participate in the program “Superstars”. As part of the project, the guy became a member of the Canadian football team.

In 1976, Ferrigno returned to bodybuilding, and began to work hard to conquer new Olymp – Competition “Mr. Olympia.” Having got into shape quite quickly, Lou was ready for the competition, but at that moment he received an offer which he could not reject: he was offered to play the role of Hulk in the movie “The Incredible Hulk”.

In the 90s, Ferrigno returned to the world of professional bodybuilding, but participated in tournaments for veterans. Initially, Lou was prophesied a great future and victory in the iconic bodybuilding tournaments. Experts predicted that sooner or later Ferrigno would outperform Arnie. Although they considered him the youngest and most dangerous rivals, that never happened. Athletes Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger remained star rivals forever. As a result, after leaving bodybuilding, Lou opened a gym. Lou Ferrigno trained Chuck Norris, Mickey Rourke, Michael Jackson and other star clients.

The ex-bodybuilder once said: “I owe everything I have to bodybuilding. Exhausting exercising taught me not to be afraid of exorbitant loads, to concentrate on achieving the set goals. In addition, I learned to be persistent, work hard, rely only on myself, but treat myself very objectively. Most importantly, only thanks to bodybuilding, I managed to radically change the opinion of myself, get rid of feeling an outcast and loser.”

Lou Ferrigno in cinematography

Simultaneously with the sports career, Lou Ferrigno began to actively participate in television shows and act in movies. The role of the famous green giant Hulk in the series “The Incredible Hulk” (1978-1982) made him popular. On the set, the actor had a hard time. Because of the impaired hearing, he could not hear the counter replies of his colleagues. The director hired a specialist who taught the athlete to read the words by the lips. Subsequently, when the hearing aids appeared, the hearing problem did not stop the bodybuilder from working on the set. In total, the athlete starred in about 20 films.

In 1983, Lou became the embodiment of the hero of Hercules’ legends in the film under the same name directed by Luigi Cozzi. By the way, together with Lou his wife Carla Ferrigno sometimes appeared in films (“Magnificent seven gladiators”, “Hercules 2”, “Black roses”). Another Ferrigno’s popular role was Sinbad from the fantastic adventure film “Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas” (1989). However, his roles did not always receive favorable reviews. Thus, for the role of Hercules in the film under the same name, Ferrigno twice received the anti-prize “Golden Raspberry” as the worst actor of the year and the “worst new star”.

Lou Ferrigno and steroids

In different interviews, Lou spoke against the use of anabolic steroids. But at the same time, he admitted that he had experimented with anabolic steroids when preparing for competitions, and said that about 90 percent of bodybuilders used anabolics both before and after the competition. It should be noted that anabolics were legal steroids at that time.

The athlete can be partly blamed for the popularization of anabolics. It was the 1970s that were called the “anabolic steroids rebellion,” not only in bodybuilding, but also in other sports. In bodybuilding, that was due to a sharp jump in muscle mass, starting with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Franco Colombo. In 1990, the US Congress included anabolic steroids into the list of “controlled substances”. In Canada, due to a scandal with Ben Johnson at the Olympics in Seoul, the Criminal Code of Canada introduced responsibility for the use of steroids.

Lou’s steroid cycle

If Lou took steroids, his steroid cycle might have included the following medicines:

1) Dianabol. In the 1970s, it was the basic oral steroid that was used in combination with nandrolone. It helps to increase muscle mass, while improving power performance.

2) Deca Durabolin. The main active component of this drug is nandrolone decanoate. This anabolic steroid is usually used with dianabol to improve muscle mass gaining. It helps to quickly build muscle, thanks to it athletes look huge.

3) Primobolan. This was used in the 1970s as a steroid for cutting, it was also included in the accumulation cycles in the form of a mild anti-estrogen. Of course, primobolan is much more suited for cutting phases.

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Lou Ferrigno Steroids: Did the Incredible Hulk Take Anabolic Drugs?


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