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Steroids for Fat Loss, Other Drugs for Cutting, and Natural Fat Burners

Cutting is a process that in the long run saves us from hated subcutaneous fat, but with the wrong approach it can deprive us of the large amount of muscle mass that we so effortlessly gained in the off-season. Our primary and most important task is to cut the fat deposits and subcutaneous fat down to their minimum, as well as minimize, and ideally exclude, loss of muscle mass.

What are the best Steroids for burning fat? Although we can say that almost all anabolic steroids lead to a decrease in fat mass, there are still really some best steroids for burning fat. While there are more suitable anabolic steroids for this purpose, there are other drugs, often mistakenly called steroids.

The best steroids for burning fat

If it concerns a pure reduction of fat accumulations, the list of the best steroids for burning fat is headed by Trenbolone. Trenbolone, as a powerful drug for the formation of muscles, increasing strength and hardening, also has properties that contribute to the process of Fat Burning. To some extent, all anabolic androgenic steroids have this property: by increasing the fat-free tissue, we inevitably reduce the total amount of fat accumulation. Steroids of the Trenbolone type have shown an actual decrease in fat accumulated by the body along with the growth of fat-free tissue, which leads to a more satisfactory amount of fat accumulation in relation to the fat-free tissue. In addition to Trenbolone, there are other worthy steroids for burning fat, namely:

1) Winstrol (stanozolol);

2) Primobolan;

3) Oxandrolone;

3) Masteron;

4) Boldenone.

The above medications are not aromatized (or minimally aromatized) and therefore do not lead to much water retention. They usually help to remove water.

Despite the fact that the abovementioned drugs are most often associated with Fat Loss, other steroids are also suitable for achieving this effect. For example, one of the best versatile steroids for any purpose is testosterone, we mean testosterone of almost any kind (enanthate, cypionate, propionate, Sustanon, etc.). With a high level of testosterone, proper nutrition and exercise, you can easily burn a lot of fat.

Other drugs for fat loss

Another drug that promotes fat burning is HGH (human growth hormone), though it does not belong to steroids.

In addition to human growth hormone, there are other drugs that are often labeled as fat-burning steroids, but actually do not belong to the steroid category:

1) Clenbuterol;

2) Cytomel;

3) Albuterol.

You can find more details about these drugs in other articles of this blog (the links have been given above).

Steroids and fat burners

For a long time, it was a mystery how the African natives could walk on foot during wars up to 80 kilometers per day. It turned out the secret was in taking a huge amount of kola nuts (Cola). That fruit was very valuable and was even used as the equivalent of a currency. The kola nut contains vitamins, a little caffeine and other stimulants in a good ratio; however, it cannot replace food, since the principle of its action lies more in deceiving the nervous system. Cola was one of the first known stimulants. User experience and scientists’ research have shown that stimulant substances can improve fat burning.

For example, even popularly-used caffeine promotes fat burning. Many people are not aware of the fact that caffeine does more than just increasing energy levels. It raises body temperature, accelerates metabolism and helps burn more calories by activating the processes of fat splitting.

The use of caffeine causes a surge of adrenaline hormone, which in turn increases the amount of fatty acids in the bloodstream. During training loads, muscle tissue receives an additional source of energy and recycles it. This substance has been repeatedly studied in scientific research, which has confirmed its effectiveness for weight loss.

The clinically effective dosage of caffeine for fat burning is 2 to 6 mg per kg of body weight per day. Therefore, you can take, for example, 4 mg per 1 kg of your weight. The only drawback of caffeine as a fat burner is that it loses its effectiveness over time, as the body becomes less sensitive to it. However, you have the opportunity to avoid this by taking breaks in the use of this health supplement. For example, you can “rest” from caffeine 1-2 days a week to maximize its fat burning effects.

Fat burners can improve mental performance, increase concentration and the ability to remember information. But the effect of some fat burners (such as ephedra) has not been completely studied. Such drugs are known to increase the risk of arrhythmia and other cardiac disorders.

Fat burners can be safely combined with steroids. However, some people experience side effects after taking caffeine and other stimulants.

Steroids for fat loss – the conclusion

Steroids for fat loss, as we have already mentioned above, are primarily designed to preserve and improve the quality of our muscles during cutting. They should not be aromatized and should not retain excess liquid. The key factor, without which it is impossible to burn fat, is a proper diet, while the correct exercising and proper rest take the second place.

The main requirement for weight loss is a calorie deficit. This means consuming fewer calories than the body requires for all the physical activities that it performs during the day. When a calorie deficit is achieved, the body must and will find an alternative source of fuel (by which we mean fat deposits).

Even the best steroid for cutting and losing fat will not work if you do not eat, exercise and rest properly. To enhance the effect of steroids, you can use natural fat loss supplements.

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Steroids for Fat Loss, Other Drugs for Cutting, and Natural Fat Burners


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