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Robert Irvine and Steroids Use – the Reason Why a Famous Chef Got Big Muscles.

Some time ago, there appeared on the Internet photos of the famous American Chef Robert Irvine. It is obvious that this middle-aged man is in excellent physical shape, and in addition he is distinguished by an impressive muscle mass. After reading this article you will learn interesting facts about the life of Rob Irvine and you can draw your own conclusion as to whether he uses different types of steroids or not.

Key facts of Robert Irvine’s life

After finishing his 10-year internship, the talented young chef was invited to provide culinary consultations in a number of exotic regions, such as:

  • Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia);
  • Bali (a fascinating Indonesian island);
  • Ho Chi Minh (a city in Vietnam).

This exclusive experience was extremely useful for the preliminary stage of Irvine’s incredibly successful career path. Robert’s worldwide fame was brought on by his activity as the executive chef on multiple cruise liners. The most important success of the chef is considered to be his work on the 5-star cruise liner MS Crystal Harmony.

Robert’s first book, “Mission: Cook!” (Harper Collins Australia, 2007), was published in September 2007, and his most recent cookbook, “Impossible to Easy” (Harper Collins), was released in 2010.

Scandal in the US city of St. Pete

In 2006, the famous chef made public his plans to open 2 eateries in the city of St. Petersburg (also known as St. Pete), located in Florida. A very strong impression on financial sponsors was made by the chef’s claim that he wasn’t just a culinary star, but a Knight Commander of the UK Royal Victorian Order! He also mentioned that he had obtained a degree in cooking at the Leeds University, had taken part in preparing the wedding cake for Lady Diana & Prince Charles’ wedding reception, and also had been employed at the White House where he had prepared dinner for George Walker Bush. Due to those extraordinary statements and his vibrant personality, Mr. Irvine became the author and principal character of Dinner: Impossible, broadcast on the Food Network channel. However, his impetuous career development was interrupted by a scandal which broke out two years later. On February 17, 2008, the main newspaper of St. Petersburg published an article which quoted the claims of anonymous citizens that most of the above-mentioned statements were nothing more than fake stories. The reaction of the mass media was not long in coming: the biography of the celebrity chef was deleted from the Food Network portal. Moreover, starting from February 20, 2008, the scene in Dinner: Impossible, in which he said that he had served the most famous UK and US public officials, was cut.

Even the article by Walter Scheib, the former executive chef who had made meals for US presidents, could not prevent this backlash. In a published statement in the same periodical, Walter confirmed that Irvine really had worked in the Military Maritime Canteen in the Western Wing of the official residence of the US President. On February 29, the Food Network management reported that the corporation was not going to break their agreement with Mr. Irvine, but would consider the possibility of postponing the broadcast of the show Dinner: Impossible from prime time to another, less in-demand time. So it happened: the chef’s place in the programming schedule was gained by M. Symon, the winner of the TV show Iron Chef America.

The events described above urged Robert & his partners to make a joint declaration in March of the same year stating that the chef refused to open eateries in St. Pete. There were very vague formulations of the reason: the time for their opening was “chosen incorrectly,” and the celebrity master will “not be able to allot 4 days a week to these institutions, as was preliminary planned.”

Soon after the events mentioned, the biography of the chef was restored to the site “Food Network”, where the undeniable facts about the career of the chef were presented to Internet users. Also, Irvine launched his blog where he revealed other key facts of his biography.

Robert Irvine & the food of the US military

In 2016, the famous chef and presenter of the program Restaurant: Impossible, Robert Irvine, announced the beginning of a cooperation with the firm which deals with the nutrition of the US servicemen, the Military Times reported.

Soon, the first military restaurant, called “Fresh Kitchen By Robert Irvine”, was opened by Irvine in the Pentagon. During the first week of its operation there were no vacant seats, since, according to the military, they were tired of fast food, which they had been served for decades. Now, Irvine is going to cooperate with Sodexo, which serves more than 125,000 people daily at military bases in the US and in government buildings. According to the chef, he hopes to cook for the military and introduce them to a healthy lifestyle.

As it has been mentioned, Irvine himself is a former cook in the British Royal Navy. He has already received the US citizenship and is running the Robert Irvine Foundation, which allocates funds to veterans’ organizations across the United States. He plans more serious interference in the diet of the US military around the world, which he intends to fundamentally revise.

It should be noted that recently a study was published according to which every 13th employee of the US Army is experiencing weight problems. Among other reasons are improper and excessive nutrition.

Robert Irvine and anabolic steroids

Many celebrities try to keep their body in good physical shape, as this has become a trend today. Some of them resort to the help of anabolics (and do it illegally, since legal steroids are available only on the prescription of a doctor for the treatment of certain disorders, and not for sports purposes). Rob Irvine is not only a supporter of proper nutrition, but also an avid visitor of the gym. In 2013, the world was shaken by the photo of the former Royal Navy cook. In many media sources, such headlines as “The Iron Chef!” appeared. The essence of the news was that celebrity chef Robert Irvine had demonstrated his beefy chest when going on romantic strolls with his significant other in Hawaii. The 49-year-old world-famous cook had definitely bulked up, and proved it when he bared his chest to show off when having a romantic promenade along the beach with his wife, a wrestler named Gail Kim. In 2012, the couple were wed in front of the cameras on Robert’s Restaurant: Impossible. NO wonder, as Robert Irvine met his Canadian future wife, nicknamed La Felina, on the show’s set.

Generally speaking, if you look at steroids before and after photos of the cook, you will probably think that he is a steroid user. He has too much muscle mass for the man of his age. Some people on the Internet believe that he definitely takes human growth hormone (HGH). In addition, perhaps he uses some Testosterone, for example Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate.

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Robert Irvine and Steroids Use – the Reason Why a Famous Chef Got Big Muscles.


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