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Nummular Eczema treatment: causes, symptoms and pictures

Nummular Eczema is a type of skin condition, closely related to atopic eczema. The giveaway symptom is appearance of coin-shaped itchy skin sores or rash. It also identified as nummular dermatitis or discoid eczema.

The actual cause of nummular eczema remains unknown. Experts associate it with family histories of asthma, hay fever and atopic eczema. Risk factors revolve around sources of skin trauma, such as physical injuries, contact with allergens and burns.

All types of eczema, nummular eczema included, are not curable. They can however be effectively managed, to ease the symptoms, prevent from infection and encourage recovery.

Nummular eczema causes and definition

So, what is nummular eczema exactly? In a nutshell, nummular eczema is a skin condition that is characterized by itchy rash, which manifests in form of oval and mostly coin-shaped sores. The rash can appear anywhere on the skin, but mostly affects hands and legs.

People from all age groups can develop the condition. It occurs more in individuals with blood circulation complications on lower limbs.

Nummular eczema rash starts with small papules. The papules tend to form a clear center with time. They can also become dry and whitish to be taken for ringworm. Without proper treatment, the rash may become chronic.

While actual nummular eczema causes remain unknown, the following risk factors may encourage or worsen it;

  • Family lines with asthma, atopic eczema and hay fever
  • Allergy
  • Dry skin
  • Detergents
  • Soaps
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Stress
  • Sensitive skin
  • Varicose veins
  • Insect bites
  • Abrasive clothing
  • Bacterial infections

Nummular eczema pictures and symptoms

Nummular eczema pictures can help with self-diagnosis. You can even take photos and compare them with online images for this type of eczema. As briefly mentioned earlier, it can be easily confused with ringworm, other forms of eczema or even psoriasis. Comparison between eczema and psoriasis can also help to an extent. In fact, even doctors have trouble differentiating between the two conditions.

Below are the common symptoms that characterize nummular eczema;

  • tiny papules that later develop into plagues
  • Red, itchy, thickened/inflamed, scaly skin patches (1-4 inches)
  • Coin-shaped or oval skin lesions
  • Oozing fluid

Most of these symptoms occur on legs and arms. They will in most cases spread to hands and torso. Oozing lesions encourage bacterial infection. Symptoms of infection include appearance of yellowish crusts on the affected skin regions. Infected nummular eczema should be treated by a doctor.

Nummular eczema best treatment

Most dermatologists will recognize nummular eczema even without specialized testing. A patch test may be required if the eczema is as a result of allergy. The following nummular eczema treatment options are most common;


Eczema can only develop if the skin is dry enough to allow it. In most cases, dermatologists will describe moisturizing creams or ointments. These are meant to keep the skin from drying, scaling, itching or flaking. Keeping the skin hydrated at all times greatly promotes recovery from nummular eczema.


Nummular eczema itch can prove intolerable, especially at night. Oral antihistamines can be prescribed to encourage sleep by reducing the severity of the itch. They form a very important part of eczema in toddlers treatment.


These are anti-inflammatory medications. Mild forms of nummular eczema respond well to topical corticosteroids. Prescription ones will be required for chronic or severe nummular eczema. Corticosteroids come with a number of side effects. For this reason, they should be taken according to provided guidelines.


Antibiotics are only necessary in case of infected nummular eczema. Staphylococcus bacteria are mostly responsible for eczema infections. Eczema inside elbow or on body parts that are mostly wet are more susceptible to staphylococcus infection.  While some antibiotics are available over the counter, it is best to seek medical guidance first. In any case, not always are they needed for nummular eczema treatment.

Other nummular eczema treatment options

Patients can be exposed to natural sunlight or UV rays for certain periods of time to encourage natural skin healing. This treatment approach is known as phototherapy. It takes longer to take effect but may help treat flawed skin. A dermatologist may also dress the sores with bandages to keep from infection. Calcineurin inhibitors are sometimes used for nummular eczema treatment. The medications work by suppressing immune reaction to allergens.

If properly treated, nummular eczema clears completely, leaving no scars.  Mild cases persist for months while chronic cases may require more than a year to completely clear.

Nummular eczema treatment with home remedies

When it comes to how to treat nummular eczema with home remedies, caution is always advised for. Some herbal options touted as best treatment options may end up causing more skin irritation than necessary. Below are some home remedies that can help;

  • Witch hazel – it has skin soothing effects and is a natural astringent. Its extract can be applied directly on the affected skin regions. it can also be mixed with water to form a solution.
  • John’s wort – the herb is said to protect from infections and reduce inflammations. It can also ease itchiness and pain associated with nummular eczema rash.
  • Licorice – licorice is known to reduce different forms of inflammations in the body. It can be applied directly or taken orally.
  • Chamomile –a good number of reviews indicate that chamomile leaves can help treat nummular eczema effectively. To use it, add fresh leaves to boiled bath water. Chamomile cream can also be made and applied directly. Most cases of treatment for eczema on arms respond well to treatment with chamomile.
  • Aloe Vera – this ancient herb is well-known to soothe irritated skin and keep from infections. It is best applied by massaging fresh aloe gel on the affected areas.
  • Essential oils – essential oils are the best treatment options at home for dry skin. Most of them are in fact used as ingredients in a number of skin moisturizers. For best results, look for an essential oils for eczema recipe recommended on different reviews. A good example combines jojoba oil, lavender oil, coconut oil and olive oil. The former two are primary essential oils while the latter two are carrier oils.

Always consider consulting your doctor before treating nummular eczema with home remedies. Avoid them for eczema neck rash treatment or on other sensitive body parts such as eyes, face and groin.

Nummular eczema treatment tips

Nummular eczema is best prevented and managed rather than treated. In fact, the discussed treatment options do not necessarily seek to cure the condition. Below are how to cure tips for nummular eczema;

Keep your skin protected

Skin trauma is the main trigger factor. Activities or factors that will make the skin dry, irritated or injured should be avoided as much as possible. This includes keeping away from prolonged sun exposure and taking more than two hot baths in a day.

Use humidifiers and moisturizers

After a bath, always wear a moisturizer. Go for mild moisturizer, preferably ones recommended for eczema treatment. Humidifiers are necessary when exposed to non-humid weather conditions, such as when the air conditioner is on in the house.

Avoid unnecessary baths

Keeping the skin cleaned is important but should not be overdone. A good number of people prone to nummular eczema tend to have over-sensitive skins. Frequent use of soaps and detergents will with time encourage eczema flares. Go for mild soaps and cleansers. If not necessary, skip baths, especially long hot baths.

Make good wardrobe choices

Tight clothes keep the skin from breathing freely. They also increase the chances of skin irritation. The same can be said about abrasive fabrics. Cotton made fabrics are better choices.

Treating nummular eczema at home

Nummular eczema has been observed to respond well to baths with bleach bath water. Bleach water keeps from bacterial accumulation which is likely to result in infection. After the bath, it is always advisable to wear a moisturizer.

Another treatment at home alternative for nummular eczema is to include healthy foods in diets. Vitamin B12, vitamin C and omega fatty acids are not only helpful in skin health but also boost immunity. Supplements containing these vitamins and minerals are readily available even without a prescription. If you are allergic, or from a family line with allergies to specific foods, always keep them from your meals.

Consult your doctor if topical and home treatments prove ineffective for nummular eczema. In some cases, the condition may be resulting from a deeply rooted skin condition such as varicose veins.

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Nummular Eczema treatment: causes, symptoms and pictures


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