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Best Vegetables Diet Recipes, Soup, and Steamed for weight Loss

Vegetable Diet Weight Loss

A Vegetable is a plant that is edible either entirely or partially. You might end up eating the leaves, like lettuce; or, the roots like a potato; or even, the fruit like tomatoes and peppers. While some differentiate veggies from fruits and herbs; but, if you want to understand what a vegetable is, in a broad sense, it involves anything that is not animal based. If you pick to follow a diet that is made of vegetables, you can end up losing a lot of weight and fat. Vegetables are also the perfect ticket to a healthy life. Whether you are having your veggies raw or as boiled vegetables; you are still in a win-win situation.

There are many benefits to eating a lot of vegetables, these include:

  • Eating fewer calories
  • Having a diet low in fat
  • Losing weight
  • Having a lower risk of developing chronic diseases

When you plan on following a diet that only contains vegetables; you will not be able to lose weight properly. You do not need to go very low in your calories like the case of the abc diet meal plan. You just do not have to go overboard, especially with your fat intake that you are adding to your meals. You need to manage your caloric intake and makes sure you are providing your body with the required nutrients. Also, you will need to monitor your intake of fat for a maximal weight loss.  You can check the basics of a burn fat diet.

Choosing an all veggies diet means that you have to pick among a couple of systems that exist:

1- A structured diet that consists of one main Recipe that is high in fibers. It is in the form of soup with many other ingredients you can have on the side throughout the day. Let’s take for example the cabbage soup diet. When you pick healthy vegetables that are as well very high in fibers, you will feel full for a longer period of time.

2- A fruit and veggies diet, like the one developed by Travis van Slooten, which consists of a full day regimen divided into two to three servings of fruits and four to five servings of veggies. You might end up mix yourself tasty fruit and vegetable shakes. You can check recipes for great weight loss shakes.

3- Sometimes a vegetarian diet can include products like eggs and milk products if the animal is not killed. Very few think this way. You might need this way of thinking if you want to follow a high protein diet for weight loss.

You have so many ways to eating your vegetables. You might end up having a salad, or even smoothies. You will not have to take any supplement or fat burning/appetite suppressant pill like the metformin weight loss.

Best Vegetables for weight Loss

When you decide on following a vegetable diet to lose weight, you may want to pick the best options for you. While all veggies are great; some offer more nutrients to the body than others. You might even end up picking Indian vegetables. Here is a list of the best seven vegetables you may want to consider:

  • Carrots: This should be the top of your list. They are tasty, convenient and can be used in many different ways. You can cook it, boil it or even bake it. You might even dip it in some hummus or Greek yogurt. Every carrot contains 45 calories.
  • Mushrooms: These are tasty good looking veggies. You can lightly fly them, caramelize them with some onions or just add them raw to your salads. They are a good source of proteins. As for its caloric intake, ½ a cup of mushrooms contains 15 calories.
  • Cucumbers:  This veggie has no fat in it. It is very high in water. You can crunch it by itself with some added salt; or, have it in salads or as a side with a dip. Every cucumber has ten calories. Cucumbers can be breakfast vegetables if you mix them with some Greek yogurt and a pinch of mint.
  • Celery: This veggie is like cucumbers. Every stick (15cm long) has five calories.
  • Cauliflower: This option is the vegetable of the year. It has no fat and is very high in fibers. It is your perfect option if you want to lose weight. You can cook it, boil it or even eat it raw with a dip. There are 35 calories in 1/4th of a cauliflower.
  • Chilli: This is the ingredient that adds an edge to your meal. You have to go easy when eating this vegetable especially if you have sensitive buds. There are seven calories in every red pod. If you are into spices, you may want to try the cayenne pepper detox drink.
  • Green Leaves: These include butter, iceberg and any green leaves that can become a salad. You can mix and match them, precisely the way you want. For every cup of any of these leaves, there are only two calories.

When you pick vegetables to lose weight, you are on the right track to improving your health. At least, you will not have to look for phentermine results. By picking the right veggies, you can create yourself delicious and full meals that can satisfy your hunger and shake off all the extra weight. You can check some recipes raw vegetables for more ideas. But, whether you eat them raw or cooked, you can eat a significant amount of food for a very minimal amount of calories. The most important thing is for you to persevere in your plan and keep going. When you set yourself a specific goal, make sure you are picking the right one that can be a part of your lifestyle. A vegetable weight loss diet is undoubtedly one of the very convenient weight loss systems. You can be at home or on the run and still have your meals. There is no need to refrigerate or reheat them.  You can also check the apple cider vinegar detox diet.

Weight Loss Vegetable Soup Recipes

There are so many soup recipes out there for those who wish to shake off their fat and improve their appearance. Here are a few options for you to think about:

  • The wonder soup, or cabbage soup: This is one of the most endorsed soup. It is made of ½ a head of cabbage, one cup of chopped celery, one cup of diced onions, one cup of diced carrots, and one large green pepper. You also have to add some garlic, a small spoon of oregano, one small spoon of basil, half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes, some salt, and pepper. The recipe includes chicken broth; but, if you want your soup to be vegetarian, you can substitute it with a vegan broth. You may even want to add the onions, garlic, and thyme; and, add some celery and shallots with water. This might turn into a tasty broth.
  • Vegetable weight loss soup: This is a favorite one as well. You can prepare it by adding two big spoons of olive oil, one medium onion, two carrots, some celery, garlic, salt and pepper, low sodium vegetable broth, two cans of white beans, four cups of chopped kale, two zucchini, four tomatoes, some red-wine vinegar and pesto (eight small spoons). This recipe has a lot of veggies in it and is high in fibers. It takes about 45 minutes to get ready and contains about 220 calories in almost 2 cups, with eight grams of fibers, and 13 grams of proteins. It contains calcium, potassium, and Vitamin A.
  • Skinny vegetable soup: This is an excellent recipe for weight loss. It includes one small onion, one cup of diced carrots, four cups of chopped cabbage, a cup of green beans, two bell peppers, diced tomatoes, six cups of vegetable broth, some dried oregano, sea salt and pepper, two cups of zucchini, and two cups of broccoli. It is also a perfect anti-inflammation soup.
  • Perfect cumin weight-loss vegetable soup: This is a very flavorful soup that takes about 40 times to prepare and can yield about 15 cups; so, you can end up cooking it once a week and freezing the cups in containers of two cups for the entire week. It contains three big spoons of olive oil, two cups of diced onions, one cup of diced celery, four garlic cloves, four cups of cabbage, one large red pepper, and one large orange pepper. Also, you have to add one cup of carrots, one cup of green beans, one cup of mushrooms, eight cups of chicken broth, two cups of diced tomatoes, one to two cups of edamame or garbanzo beans, and some bay leaves. As for the spices and herbs, you can add one small spoon of cumin, one small spoon of oregano, one small spoon of thyme, half a small spoon of rosemary with a pinch of salt and pepper. You may also add three cups of broccoli, two cups of zucchini, and a little of the lemon juice.

Steamed Vegetables Recipes for weight loss

When you want to steam your veggies, you are making the best choice! When you use this method, you are preserving their content in nutrients without adding the frying option. You can steam anything you wish; then, drizzle some raw olive oil on top, a little salt and pepper and you are set.

To steam veggies, you need to add an inch of water to your saucepan and let it boil over high heat. Then, you just add the veggies and cover the pan. Every vegetable needs a different time to be ready. For example, asparagus needs four minutes and contain 4g of fibers and 40 calories per cup. Beets need ten to 15 minutes and provide 3g of fibers and 75 calories per cup. Finally, broccoli and cauliflower include three to five grams of fiber and 30-50 calories per cup.

Following a vegetable system for weight is healthy and fun at the same time. It cannot get more colorful than this. You have a wide variety of food options; it is not like you are getting the raspberry ketones benefits. You are letting your body absorb a lot of nutrients in their natural form. This will maximize absorption.

Many celebrities nowadays are letting go the pills and surgical procedures to be on the right tract for their health. You can check the Gabriel Iglesias weight loss. This man lost 100 pounds and feels better than ever! It does take some time to lose this much weight; but, when you find results and changes in your quality of life, you will understand that you are worth the effort.

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Best Vegetables Diet Recipes, Soup, and Steamed for weight Loss


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