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Ashley Graham Weight Loss regimen: the diet, food list, and before and after results.

Who is Ashley Graham?

Ashley is a model born in the USA. She was born in Nebraska in 1987 and succeeded in her career as a body activist. She was picked to be a role model for overweight people and give them confidence. We don’t need to be skinny and perfectly shaped to look good and Ashley surely proved that. This young woman appeared in many covers like on Vogue Magazine, Elle, and Glamour.

She was part of the “the bodies are beautiful at any size” project. In 2010, she was welcomed on the Jay Leno show where she spoke about being a plus-size model. In 2013, she ended up designing a lingerie line for women who are overweight.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss journey

Ashley has always been an advocate and spokesperson for women who are a plus size. Her appearance in many famous magazine covers gave them hope and confidence about their body. This connection with them became a little shaky when she decided to lose weight.

This beloved plus-size model is starting to get in shape by dieting and working ours heavily! Her fans are beginning to feel like she fell for the Hollywood stereotype figure.

This one-plus-model has been hitting the gym daily, and this massive work out shows in her Instagram posts. While many are encouraging her on her new healthier lifestyle, others are feeling sad to see her shift her appearance. Apparently, this is not the first time this young woman tries to decrease her weight.

While many women aim for a skinny body, others love their curves and do not feel shamed by the way they look. Ashley is one of those. However, if she decided to workout, she is allowed to do it!

Ashley Graham Weight Loss Diet and workout

Graham lost 20 pounds, and she still looks great! This woman never felt ashamed of her fat and cellulite. She just loved her body the way it is. Now, she is 20 pounds lighter and looks fantastic. She succeeded on this weight loss journey by following a specific diet and a perfect workout. Her weeks seem something similar to this:

  • Monday: this is the day where does her box-fit training. It helps her burn a lot of calories and gain balance. This workout is a combination of kickboxing and cardio. You start with two minutes of skipping, and three minutes sounds of sparring. Then goes for the three rounds of punching and elbow strikes on the bag. Following these, she will go on a circuit of high-kicks, push-ups, box jumps, and burpees. Then, conclude the whole with some rope skipping.
  • Tuesday: this is the day for gym circuit where she does weight resistance, plyometric and calisthenics moves. We are talking about squats, burpees, box jumps, leg press, and push-ups among many others.
  • Wednesday: this is the day for wind resistance sprint training where she attaches a wind resistance chute and forces herself to sprint as hard as she can for 30 seconds.
  • Thursday: this is the kettlebell circuit training. This includes pull ups and push ups
  • Fridays are like Mondays.

Her weight loss was backed up by a healthy eating routine. For her mornings, she would mix up a smoothie. Then, again takes a green juice for breakfast. Her juice consists of kale lemon, ginger, beets, apples and parsley. She believes that a green cup a cup keeps the doctor away. For lunch, she picks quinoa and rice with some veggies and tahini. Finally, her dinner will consist of some baked or grilled salmon with a side green salad and some sweet potatoes. Despite her attempts to lose weight, she is just taking it easy and going with the flow. She still enjoys a good plate of Mac and chees every now and then.

A little similar to the caveman diet recipes, graham eats many meals per day and is all natural with her food. She enjoys her honey, tahini, as well as her vegan rye bread.

Other ways of losing weight

Graham decided to go healthy. She never plans on becoming perfectly skinny. So, she never found herself obliged to take the hcg diet plan were you get to have low calories and have the drops. Graham’s system relies on spending a lot of energy while eating well.

Many celebrities decide to go healthy while others use harsh systems to lose their excess weight. For example, some pick the zero belly diet that promises to shake off 16 pounds in as little as 14 days. It is claims to turn off your fat genes and help you live a lean lifestyle. The diet exists as a book that was written by Zinczenko. After understanding the health risks belly fat poses on your life, he explains how it can even affect your brain. He then explains which food types prevent the fat storage and how one can balance his intestinal flora. In this regimen, you are required to limit your intake of refined sugar, refined grains, wheat, processed food, dairy and saturated fat.  You are expected to exercise to strengthen your core. When you strengthen these muscles, you are in for a good start!

Mitch Grassi weight loss was following a gluten-free diet and very tough sports regimen. He ended up losing so much weight and no looks better than ever. This body transformation was following his new plan to healthy living.

From another angle, similar to a low carbs diet and the paleo diet, the wheat belly diet plan gained its reputation by considering wheat as your enemy. This is a low carbs system that can regulate your blood glucose levels, your mood swings weight gain and sweet tooth. It was developed by a cardiologist who believes in the power of a diet away from packages and high caloric food. When you get rid of wheat products, you get rid of gluten as well.

Whether you want to lose weight the Ashley Graham way by exercising and eating well, or you want to do it harsh like the Sarah Gellar’s cabbage soup diet; it is entirely up to you. You just need to keep in mind that the man purpose for losing weight is to look and feel healthier. So, picking a regimen that will deteriorate your health is not a very pleasant way to shake off these extra pounds. Think moderation and think working out. When you exercise, you are able to eat more food. This will keep you healthy and keep your body systems working properly.

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Ashley Graham Weight Loss regimen: the diet, food list, and before and after results.


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