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Eating more calories and carbs + heavy glutes day

Hey, I am back!

So I started to counting Calories and macros again after a long break of it.

The first reason - I am having more control over my body then and I am able to understand it more. It is actually so damn interesting to see how your body reacts to different calories intake and specific macro balance. It's like my own science. I am not completely sure what works best for my body, so I need to try out different things to find my own.

The second reason is that I am not craving unnecessary food if I am putting healthy balanced menu together using Myfitnesspal app. And one problem what was with not counting anything was that my calories were sometimes too low. I ate big volume foods which kept me full,but calories were pretty low although I was full. If I one day inserted my typical menu to see how much calories I ate, I was badly suprised because it was only 1400-1600. NB! I wasn't starving, I was really full all the time.

Now I am increasing my calories intake and want it to keep at my maintainance level for a while (about 2000-2100). More active days, when I am doing 2 workouts a day, I can even raise it to 2500 I think. I am not worried if I gain weight or something. Muscles need food to grow :) Right now I am just curious to see what happens if I am eating more. It will do a nice thing for my metabolism definitely. Because usually metabolism will slow down if you don't eat enough.

Anyways, I am feeling so much better with more calories and carbs. More strenght, which is much needed for Heavy workout sessions. I don't get it why so many girls are afraid of carbs. Only eat veggies with meat. I was like that too once. But actually when I was low carb, I felt weak at the gym, I was unable to train heavier. And no musclegrowth at all, even if I gave best of myself. And also, I was so bloated all the time. Now if I am eating more whole grain foods not only veggies with meat, and my bloatiness doesn't happen so often. And I don't think you need to be low carb to lose weight. You can still be moderate, but just need to burn more calories than consuming as you probably know already.

Of course I want to lose some fat because i am not shredded enough :D But I am no obsessed about it anymore. Because If I am too obsessed about something that I don't like about body, then it won't get better. Less stress and stress less ! ;) It's SO OKAY to not be shredded 24/7 all year. Even fitness competitors are not shredded all the time and a little more softier in offseason. Only those who are naturally skinny type and don't gain fat, are probably all the time shredded with 6pack. Lucky them! But no need to compare yourself to others. Embrace the softiness, it's normal :) There are so many fitnessmodels nowadays, who don't have abs and wearing a little bit extra fat and still being happy, confident and beautiful.

See - currently my abs hide themselves under the fat layer :D:D only in the morning after waking up they appear. But my back is getting wider, which is so great because if you want to compete in bikini fitness, then wide back is important. Some of you may think now that I am like some huge closet walking around :D but no, the wide back appears only when you flex and taking some specific pose for that. Bikini fitness competitors are all pretty tiny, but on stage when they flex, it's awesome how nice muscles and wide back they have!

Today I had a killer Glutes day. I already wrote my routine to Instagram, so I am just copying it here.

1. Warm up: leg kickback machine 4x.

2. Warm up: hip abductions 4x

3. Barbell hip thrust 5x
4. Barbell sumo squat 4x
5. Stiff leg deadlift 5x
6. Kettlebell squats 4x
7. Hip abductions 3x
8. Hip adductions 3x

I only wrote the number of series, because my reps are different, depends on how much weight is on. Lower reps if heavy weights and higher reps if lighter weights. Today I did heavier. I was so exhausted after that, but also very happy. It's so great feeling if I have given my best. It's not easy to grow glutes, but I am working hard on it. And remember 1 thing - you have to eat a lot to make glutes grow. And lift heavy. Getting bulky with heavy weights is just a myth. It's damn hard to get muscles I can tell you. And to get bulky, you need to do it even harder. :D So no worries babes. Training without weights or all the time same light weight and only with machines, you don't get that nice booty. DO IT HARD! Put some effort in it. Glutes are stubborn, but I am even more stubborn so I am making these bitches grow :D Haha that was great sentence, just invented my own quote :D::D

I am always so exhausted if I do hip thrust, deadlift and squats. But it pays off. Even abs are working while doing it, because heavy weight makes them tense to help achieve the exercise.

So this is it for now!

Lots of love,


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Eating more calories and carbs + heavy glutes day


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