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9 Symptoms Before Labor Begins

Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing. However, by all means it is also the scariest thing a women can go through. I mean the idea of creating life, being responsible for a living being and everything else involved with it can get a little scary at times.

Yes, you’re very happy about giving birth but as the day gets closer and closer, your anxiety levels begin to rise and you’re constantly looking for signs for your labour. You’re in a situation where nobody else is but you do need all the support you can get.

However, do you know what to look for when your Labor is approaching? There are signs that you need to look for so that you’re prepared for the symptoms before labor begins because it’s better to be prepared instead of having to react at the last moment.

Every woman has a different experience of Pregnancy and delivery. New moms wonder what labor and its symptoms are and how to cope with them. It’s hard to predict if the symptoms are real or just a false alarm. So, here are some of the common symptoms that mostly woman go through. Here’s what will help you track down signs of labor approaching and act accordingly:

1. The Downward Push:

Whoops the baby going down? Do you feel like your baby is pushing downwards?

It’s not something usual. It is actually an early symptoms before labor begins.

If you’re a first-time mom your baby will typically start to drop, or descend into your pelvis, a few weeks before labor begins (usually around two to four weeks before, but it can vary). In subsequent births, this “lightning” doesn’t often happen until you’re truly in labor. Your baby is getting into position to make his exit, ideally with the head down and low. You might feel like you’re waddling even more than you have been up until this point — and you may still be taking frequent bathroom breaks like you’ve probably been doing in the third trimester because baby’s head is now pushing down on your bladder. The good news is that you have a bit more breathing room since your little one is moving away from your lungs.

2. The Dilated Cervix:

Your body is preparing for birth, so is your cervix. It starts to dilate and gets thinner day by day as your delivery time is near. These days you must monitor your cervix and track the dilation through an internal exam. But don’t worry if you are dilating slowly because everyone progresses differently.

3. Feeling cramps?

Symptom, before labor begins include cramps. If it’s your first pregnancy you might suffer from lower back and groin cramps and pain. This happens because your muscles and joints are stretching and preparing for birth.

4. Your joints feel loose

One of the signs of labor approaching is your joints start to lose. This happens because throughout your pregnancy your hormones are fluctuating that loosen your ligaments. This process continues until your delivery time. It is nature’s way to prepare your pelvis to make a way for your baby to come to this world.

5. Frequent diarrhea

You can suffer through diarrhea due to muscle relaxation in your uterus and rectum. This leads to diarrhea. This symptom may appear at other times i9n your pregnancy. Of Course, it is an unpleasant feeling but it’s just normal during these days. Don’t worry and keep yourself hydrated.

6. No more weight gain

Not gaining weight or losing some pounds can be a Symptom, before your labor begins. This is absolutely normal and won’t affect your baby. Change in your weight is due to low level of amniotic fluid and perhaps diarrhea.

7. Urge for rest

During the last days of your pregnancy, you feel an urge to rest. This might be because you are suffering from diarrhea that exhausts you. Moreover, another reason can be frequent urination during the night that can make it tough for you to have a good night’s sleep. So, grab a pillow and try to take naps during the day this can help you relax.
On contrary, some moms might feel an energy burst. In this state, they can’t resist the wish to clean and organize things every time.

8. Vaginal discharge changes

In the last days of your pregnancy, you might lose your mucus plug- the sealing of your uterus. It might come off in one large piece or several small ones that you won’t even get a glimpse of. Near your delivery, your vaginal discharge becomes thick and changes its color to pink. This is a strong indication that your labor is very near.

9. You feel stronger, more frequent contractions

Contractions are most evident sign that you must rush to the hospital. But you need to recognize actual contraction from Braxton hicks contractions.

Real contractions can be like menstrual cramps. You might also go through stomach upset, upper and lower abdominal pressure and pain. This pain can shift from the lower abdomen to lower back or can travel into the legs.

Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience. But surely it is also tough when symptoms before labor begins. Keep yourself encouraged and make the entire journey worth, it is a challenge on its own. If you want to learn more about living with pregnancy, make sure to visit Abduo and take a course on Maternity.

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9 Symptoms Before Labor Begins


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