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2020-03-26 15:39
IN THE SPOTLIGHTCan We Live in a World Without Crime? Is It Possible?What would or could happen if there was no more crime. How would things pan out if we were all law-abiding honest citizen… Read More
TOWP Health News - Home
2018-12-01 12:04
World Health News, Conversations & Statistics. Science & Medical warnings and Innovations.  Diet. Nutrition. Fitness.2018. A female healthcare worker has been arrested… Read More
2018-04-16 10:36
August 27, 2017. The particles we're interested in is ultra fine particles. These are less than a tenth of a micro meter and less in diameter is because of where they might end up in the bod… Read More
Parkinson's Health - Home Page
2018-04-16 10:35
April 11, 2018. Parkinson's disease symptoms tend to get worse over time, and there are a number of warning signs for the brain condition. These are five symptoms of Parkinson’s, inclu… Read More
Dementia/Alzheimer's - Home Page
2018-04-16 10:15
April 12, 2018. People who suffer brain injuries are at increased risk of dementia later in life, a large study suggests. An analysis of 2.8 million people found those who had one or more tr… Read More
2018-04-16 10:02
October 30, 2017. The Daily Express reports, that being married or in a loving relationship, could reduce the risk of developing dementia by up to 60 percent. RNIB Connect Radio.October 10… Read More
2018-04-16 10:00
January 23, 2018. Music can help people with asthma. Music can jump-start the memory. Playing songs of dementia patients and giving them old biscuit tins and other memorabilia from their you… Read More
Disabilities Health - Home
2018-04-14 15:11
April 14, 2018. Disabled people lose legal aid in 99% of benefits disputes.The total number of disabled people granted legal aid in welfare cases has plummeted from 29,801 in 2011-12 to just… Read More
Alcohol Health - Home Page
2018-04-12 11:31
April 12, 2018. Indonesian police have vowed to crackdown on the distribution of bootleg alcohol, as deaths this month connected to the consumption of illegally produced toxic liquor exceede… Read More
2018-04-11 16:31
July 19, 2017. More than a quarter of babies born in England and Wales last year have foreign-born mothers. The figure announced is the highest level in records. Also, for the second year ru… Read More
2018-04-11 16:31
March 15, 2018. Acne: Hormones are a great part of acne, so your hormonal changes in pregnancy could actually resolve your spots. ITV This Morning.March 14, 2018. Dana Scatton, 18, was… Read More
2018-04-11 16:31
September 22, 2017. More than 600 doctors are in revolt over moves by one of the country's top medical colleges to back abortion on demand. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologi… Read More
Sleep Health - Home Page
2018-04-11 15:54
March 20, 2018. Exercising in a group, and working as a team can make you work twice as hard. Exercising your cardiovascular more, making you younger. + A recent study claimed a bright-white… Read More
AIDS/HIV - Home Page
2018-04-11 15:53
April 10, 2018. A mother from Rochdale who was born with HIV wants more women to get tested. The virus levels are so low in Paida Mutopo that she isn't at risk of passing it on. Her son has… Read More
2018-04-11 13:48
January 12, 2018. The surprising health benefits of staying in bed. Those of us partial to a lie in woke up to good news this week, as a new study showed that a good night's sleep can help w… Read More
2018-04-11 10:53
October 6, 2017. A daily cup of green tea changes the way the body breaks down fat and could help in shedding the pounds. Drinking black tea changes bacteria in the gut. The percentage of ba… Read More
2018-04-11 10:26
March 5, 2018. A ‘one-stop’ service to revolutionise prostate cancer treatment has been launched by the NHS. The programme slashes the time taken for a diagnosis from six weeks t… Read More
2018-04-10 13:43
August 4, 2017.  Scientists are doing research that could revolutionise medical treatment for Britain's third biggest killer, a 'stroke'. Particularly after the 'menopause', woman are m… Read More
Smoking/E-Ciggs Health - Home Page
2018-04-10 12:04
April 1, 2018. The NHS is blocking access to free IVF treatment for couples who use e-cigarettes or nicotine patches.The move is being increasingly adopted by health authorities despite ther… Read More
2018-04-10 12:04
June 20, 2017. 'Smoking' is forecast to kill a billion people this century if left unchecked. Cancer of the lung is the leading cause of cancer deaths World wide. More than breast, colon and… Read More
2018-04-09 16:32
March 1, 2018. Storm Emma: Extreme weather. The Irish met office has extended its red weather warning to the whole of the republic of Ireland and UK. Snow and blizzard conditi… Read More
Diabetes Health - Home Page
2018-04-09 13:11
April 9, 2018. University of Queensland researchers have found a way to identify infants who will go on to develop type 1 diabetes. UQ Diamantina Institute researcher Professor Ranjeny Thoma… Read More
Mental Health - Home Page
2018-04-09 13:08
April 9, 2018. People receiving treatment for serious mental health issues should be given a reprieve from being hassled by creditors to stop them becoming trapped by spiralling debts, MPs h… Read More
2018-04-09 13:07
December 1, 2017. The plight of people with autism has been highlighted by MPs in the commons who held a special debate on the issue. The latest figures show that there are around 700.000 au… Read More
2018-04-09 13:07
June 29, 2017. 200 clinical studies along with hundreds of observational studies has shown we can change our 'personality traits'.  With the right therapy we can change how we think, ch… Read More
2018-04-07 17:51
December 13, 2017. New plans have been announced to automatically screen pregnant woman for SCID. (Severe combined immunodeficiency), a rare genetic disorder characterized by the disturbed d… Read More
2018-04-07 17:49
February 27, 2018. Postcode lottery of breast cancer care 'slashes' survival rate. Woman faces a 'stark differences' in breast cancer care across England a report warns. Some are more than t… Read More
2018-04-07 17:04
April 7, 2018. Running during pregnancy is safe: Largest ever study debunks the myth it causes premature birth even if expectant mothers jog for the full nine months. Birth weights are also… Read More
2018-04-06 14:09
March 16, 2018. We grow all this food doing lots of damage to the environment. We then throw away a third of it without actually eating it. We have a huge over-consumption in the west. We ha… Read More
2018-04-06 13:38
April 4, 2018. A new treatment for prostate cancer could be on the cards after experts found a way to starve diseased cells of energy. They used drugs to target the cells power stations call… Read More
2018-04-05 13:53
April 5, 2018. Women launch petitions to ban 'Fortnite' because it’s ‘brainwashing’ and ‘corrupting’ their boyfriends.  It’s the game that’s co… Read More
2018-03-31 17:47
How To Clearly Explain Your Medical Symptoms. Noticing a strange abnormality on any part of the body can be extremely worrying especially when you've no idea what it isHow To Play Fun B… Read More
2018-03-30 11:25
February 21st 2018. NHS trusts in England are reporting a deficit of more than £1.2bn in the current financial year which is £365m worse than the predicted deficit of &pound&hell…Read More
Inspiration To Help You Quit Eating Meat
2018-02-12 21:44
Meat has been getting a lot of bad press lately, and hardly a few days go by without hearing about the dark-sides of the meat industry as a whole.  Firstly, I'd be a hypocrite to t… Read More
2018-02-12 12:49 Read More
2018-02-07 15:25
December 8, 2017. 800 women are taking legal action against the NHS and the makers of vaginal mesh implants which left women in permanent pain and unable to walk. BBC 1 N… Read More
2018-02-01 14:32
February Commemorative Days. International/World Observances in February./Relating to Health & Well-Being. Information / Notifications & Contact Details… Read More
2018-01-12 12:29
November 6, 2017. Care-home abuse in the UK. You cant really know until you put someone in care-home what's going to happen to them. There are good care homes, but not enough of th… Read More
2017-12-31 21:45
January Commemorative Days. International/World Observances in January./Relating to Health & Well-Being. Information / Notifications & Contact Details… Read More
How To Clean Your Home - The TOWP Way.
2017-11-02 18:00
November 2, 2017.Most people are very house proud. Cleaning their homes on a regular basis, and at face value, sure looks clean. But thing's that are out of sight and mind can often be negle… Read More
2017-10-29 20:08
November Commemorative Days. International/World Observances in November. / Relating to Health & Well-Being. Information / Notifications & Contact Details… Read More
2017-10-29 17:26
List of Commemorative Days. International Observances. World Environment Days.Relating to Health & Well-Being. Information / Notifications & Contact Details. MONTHJanuaryFebru… Read More
2017-10-05 11:12
September 11, 2017. The weekly sessions have now become daily at an old people home which is doubling up as a nursery in the hope it helps the old and very young. The Apple and Hon… Read More
2017-10-04 15:43
List of Commemorative Days. International Observances. International & World Environment Days Relating to Health & Well-Being. Information / Notifications & Contact Details. Octo… Read More
How To Use Public Toilets - Hygienically
2017-10-02 17:47
Simple, don't use them, ever. Unfortunately, it's impossible for us to avoid that dreaded place. After watching a documentary years ago, it confirmed my theory - which was pretty obviousness… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
August 21, 2017. Total Eclipse. A once-in-a-century total solar eclipse will be visible in 14 U.S states, from Oregon in the west, to South Carolina to the east. Plus parts of South Ame… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
August 29, 2017. A high salt intake doubles your risk of heart failure. Heart failure is a condition that comes on very slowly, and gets worse and worse. Its one of the most c… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
September 15, 2017. Staying at a healthy weight slashes the risk of high blood pressure by almost half. Results from  25 years of research confirm that putting on weight poses… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
September 6, 2017. Asbestos. Fly tippers dumping toxic hazardous waste - a threat to human health. Contaminated rubbish can kick up the fibrous dust. If inhaled it can damage lungs and… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
September 19, 2017. Gram for gram Lambs liver probably contains more nutrients than any other food. It's packed with iron, and Retinol, the animal source of vitamin A, which is ver… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
September 26, 2017. Michelin star and TV chef Mark Sergeant had his 5 stars rating stripped down to a two star after a disagreement over the way chicken livers should be cooked. Co… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
September 2, 2017.   The future is to stop Alzheimers before it starts, because research over the last five to ten years is actually a process that's evolved over decades of t… Read More
2017-10-02 12:05
October 1, 2017. The future of Waste. Some scientists envisage the ultimate recycling solution where just about everything we throw away is re-purposed into another material, usefu… Read More
2017-09-30 19:39
Health & NutritionSelf-Help Techniques for Dealing with Stress & The Cause Of Stress How To Cook & Eat Meat Safely & What To Eat Instead If You Think You're Eating Healthily… Read More
The Good, Bad, & Dangers Of Fakes Goods
2017-09-29 16:02
August 1, 2017.  I'm often called a cynic when checking, and double checking everything I buy, but if only they knew what I do. Fake news, fake pranks and fake products are rife. Anythi… Read More
2017-09-20 10:39
July 31, 2017. Could offering routine 'HIV tests' for people when they register with a new GP in high risk areas save lives and be cost effective, Well a study by two London U… Read More
2017-09-11 10:48
June 30, 2017. According to researchers today in University of California, Santiago, U.S. If you want to stay healthy, keep your butt out of the chair. 'Woman' who sit for… Read More
2017-09-11 10:48
May 31, 2017. Humans can start living to the age of 120 years old within the next 60 years. With the advance of drugs that slow our biological clock, people could soon live well be… Read More
2017-09-11 10:43
April 29, 2017. The global percentage of people with diabetes has more than doubled to 9%. Obesity is no longer an issue that effects only wealthy countries. It's a global issue. B… Read More
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No part of any publication including text and images at may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including pho… Read More

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