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Benefit run in the morning

When we wake up in the Morning and go out of the House, of course we will feel the cool morning air. Where the air is still fresh and has not been heavily polluted by smoke in motor vehicles. At this time it is suitable for doing sports. Sports are very cheap that is run in the morning. Simply looking for a spot that is conducive and preparation equipment clothes is enough to do this activity.
The activity of flee this morning should have become one of our routine. A variety of benefits for the health of the morning run was already not a secret anymore, the following reviews ran in the morning more benefits:

1. Age is longer
Although the morning run many moving away doesn't mean the effect onlyon the short term only. In fact with a run in the morning, we will have benefits for the long term.
A recent study found that by running 56 Km in a week, will suppress the risk of death by up to 54%. Wow, wait Let's start getting a run in the morning.Despite the inevitability of death is for humans, however our efforts as long as we live presents to determine the age of our death.

2. Heart Health
Other studies mention that by running as far as 16 Km in a week will reduce the risk of disorders of blood pressure of up to 39%. In addition, impairedcholesterol deposits can reduce up to 34%. Running in the morning helps reduce the risk of vascular problems caused due to large deposits of cholesterol such as heart disease. In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease,by controlling the amount of cholesterol in the body also lowers the risk ofobesity.

3. Prevent impotence
Specifically for men, with a run in the morning helps the function of reproductive organs of fitness. Based on research that found that 3000 calories per week in fuel from a morning run activity could make erectile dysfunction can be corrected up to 83%.
Thus, one of the most unwanted reproduction men this can be overcome by getting used to running in the morning.

4. Strengthen bones
The University of Missouri research by comparing the bone density of runners and cyclists. The result was 63% of the cyclists had a bone density that is less good than the runner who is only 19%. This means that even thoughthe benefits of cycling is also good for bones, but kept the runners have better bone density than the cyclists.
The figure shows that the regular runners ran, turned out to have more bone cells. Hence, why we do not mimic their habits? With our increasingly dense bone ran and we become more bulletproof.
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5. Prevent dimensia
The journal made by the American Geriatrics Society reveals that women who have routine morning run since his teens would reduce the risk of Alzheimer in the current age of twilight. Another study conducted in the year 2012 found that the benifits run morning able to improve brain function and concentration ability related, such as the benefits gained from playing chess.

6. Improve the quality of sleep
Research conducted by insomniacs who engage in training to do routine run morning managed to make them overcome sleep time 17 minutes faster.In addition they profess to feel sleep better than usual after a routine jog in the morning. The benefits of jogging it can be a reference for you insomniacs to fix your sleep time in order for the return of more normal.

7. Burn Calories
A lot of people who do morning run because of reasons like to burn calories in the body. It is true, that run in the morning can reduce body weight up to 2 times more effective than the benefits gained from running away. Morning run activity will burn calories until they reach 2 times more effective.
Therefore, if you want to reduce your weight and is currently undergoing diet program, it is necessary for you to compensate by running the morning routine.

8. Not easy pain
Expert studies conducted in Sweden, found that regular runners who ran will avoid pain flu up to 18% compared to those who rarely ran in the morning. Let alone the season pancaroba are there in Indonesia, particularly vulnerable to make our bodies are susceptible to the disease. We should join in mebiasakan myself to run in the morning so that our physical health is maintained.

9. Good for respiratory
Many sports that can optimize the respiratory system, for example on the benefits of swimming. Benefits of running in the morning for those who have asthma feel the impact pain is good for the legs. Especially for those of uswho are healthy, will surely feel the respiratory system feels better.
A study involving the sufferers of asthma, and then to run a routine every week for 3 months. The result is they feel asmanya rarely relapse after a routine morning run. Even they felt breathing becoming more relief.

10. Increasing body endurance
When we ran then the body metabolism will increase, so will trigger the growth of protective cells of the body faster. The formation of these immunecells are excellent for helping our 
bodies ward off virus attacks that try to
invade our bodies. Therefore, with a habit of fleeing this morning, your body's immune is getting stronger and is not susceptible to the disease.
Regardless of factors such as benefits of intake of fruits and vegetables is also essential to build up the immunity immunity of the body. Some Foods Can Increase Your Endurance.

 11. Muscle Strengthening
In addition beneficial for weight menurutkan, activities run in the morningwas also able to add muscle mass. So our muscles will get stronger. Strongmuscles will make us fitter. It is because of that by running we will experience a fast metabolism process, including in the process of production of muscle cells to replace the muscle cells become old.

12. Avoid stress
Running in the morning is also a fun activity. We can do it with others whilechatting or while listening to music. These conditions greatly help our minds become more fresh, as obtained from the benefits of playing guitar. The impact of our thoughts will be calmer and make it fresh again for the exhausting activities throughout the day. Good news again, when our mind is more calm then our work productivity will be increased.

13. Healthy lungs
When the ran performed especially in the morning makes the levels of oxygen in the lungs more. In addition to environmental factors when the morning is known very rich benefits of oxygen, also because of the activity of our body that trigger to breathe more powerful when moving more actively. The influx of oxygen in great numbers into the body is good for the health of the lungs.

14. Maintain body stamina
Sprint indeed took out energy, but ran anyway we will produce energy. New energy that is made when the metabolic processes of the body, make itbalanced. However ran too long thus is not good and even make our bodysecretes too much energy. This morning running routine should be done with relaxed about 30 to 60 minutes every day. As long as it is done on a regular basis then the result will be we can get.

15. To prevent muscle soreness
Run in the morning to make our bodies move on. It Besides good for metabolic processes of the body is also good for making joints and bone fine. Therefore, the blood circulation will be more smoothly, and make our escape from pain. If we feel Achy, it doesn't hurt us to prepare to run in the morning. Thus making our soreness will disappear in a more natural.

16. To prevent diabetes
The process of burning on the morning run not just on calories but also cholesterol in the body. The fall in body weight when running routine morning prove that calories and cholesterol that builds up slowly so reduced. It isdirectly proportional to the fall in the risk of diabetes. The study found that by running in the morning can reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 5%.

17. Overcome hypertension
A number of vegetables benefit indeed can relieve hypertension, but cardioexercise such as running in the morning is also good for waging a blood circulation. This mild cardio movement, is quite disproportionate to keep heart rate pattern. This condition makes the blood pressure becomes more normal. For patients with hypertension, experts recommend that start getting used the run early. Because with a run in the morning helps to lower bloodpressure.

18. Prevent colon cancer
Recent studies conducted in the British journal of cancer found thatactively run morning during 5-6 hours a week will make risk kaker reduced to 24%. Especially the risk of cancer in the colon. Because at the time ran in the morning, the movement we do provides on our gut. The resulting contraction will be more natural, and it is good for the health of our great intestinal organs.

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Benefit run in the morning


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