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Otorrhoea (Release from the Ear) And Homeopthy Treatment Tips

OTORRHOEA (Release from the Ear) 

1. Pulsatilla 30. 
2. Kali Mur 6x
For Otorrhoea.

For interminable otorrhoea.

i. Silicea-200x (Morning). 
ii. Kali Phos-200x (Twelve). 
iii. Calc. Sulph-200x (Night) 
iv. Psorinum-200 – 1M – CM (As intercurrent remedy).
For interminable otorrhoea.

Corrosive Nitric-30 – 200
Offensive, purulent otorrhoea; troublesome hearing; better while riding in a carriage.

Apis Me.- 30 – 200
Redness and swelling of the two ears; after scarlatina; savage torment in left win when biting.

Ars. Alb-30 – 200
Otorrhoea with bountiful, ichorous and foul release; joined by consuming and tingling in trench and creeping sensations in the ear.

Asafoitida-30 – 200
Otorrhoea with hostile release and ailing bones (caries and so on.).

Aurum Ars.- 30 – 200
Chronic, hostile release from ears; syphilitic inception.

Acute Otorrhoea; when intense side effects emerge in constant illness.

Sub-intense otitis with much purulent and hostile release; dread of descending movement because of cerebral frailty.

Cistus Can-30
Watery, terrible noticing, thick release; offensive discharge from ears; inward swelling of ears; swelling starts at the ear and stretches out most of the way up to the cheek.

With catarrhal deafness and agony from throat into center ear; tolerant feels nippy loss of thirst; better by passing pee.

Hep. Sulph.- 30 – 200
With exceptional, shooting torment, stinking discharge; tolerant oversensitive to touch, torment and colds, and so forth.

With thick, mucous release; dropping down of mucous from back nares into the throat; stools blocked up.

Kali Bich-30 – 200
Discharge of thick, yellow, rank discharge, tingling somewhere down in ear, with stinging agony; sharp sewing torment shoot from ear to throat.

Kali Iodide-30 – 200
Irritating, hostile release; joined by exhausting, tearing torment in the fleeting bones.

Merc. Sol.- 30 – 200
With abrasion and ulceration of meatus; touchy to frosty; rich emission; stream of discharge and blood from the ears; tonsillitis or ailing parotids; pulsative thundering in the influenced ear.

Psorinum-200 – 1M
Offensive, purulent otorrhoea; yellow foul release; shaping outsides and horrendous tingling.

Pulsatilla-30 – 200
With agony and greenish discharge, better in open, frosty air.

Silicea-30 – 200
Offensive, watery, curdy otorrhoea; with soreness of internal nose and outside layers on upper lip; tingling in Eustachian tube and in the ear.

Otitis media with crack of tympanum; poring out of discharge which at first might be reasonable, however a while later ends up noticeably hostile, possessing a scent reminiscent of fish salt water.

Thuja-200 – 1M
Watery, purulent otorrhoea; possessing a scent reminiscent of foul meat; inward ear feels swollen with expanded loss of hearing.

Zinc. Met.- 30 – 200
Otorrhoea of offensive discharge; visit, intense lines in right ear, close tympanum.

Calc. Phos-6x + Kali Mur-6x and Silicea-30x
Biochemic solutions for Otorrhoea.

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Otorrhoea (Release from the Ear) And Homeopthy Treatment Tips


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