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An Obgyn Centre’s Manager Shares Her Experience of Working with BillingParadise

Ob-Gyn practices across the country are facing atypical administrative and revenue cycle challenges. From being forced to implement cost-prohibitive technology to the pressure of capitated payment plans, utilization controls and payment models, maintaining positive cash flow is becoming increasingly difficult.

 A recent survey by Medscape reveals that less than one-half of Obgyn specialists feel they are being adequately paid. The survey states that only 46% of obgyns feel that they are being fairly compensated.

Obgyn practices are looking for medical Billing companies that’ll help them remain in compliance with new paradigms, improve their financial picture and reduce operational expenses.

Here is an interview with one of our clients who recounts how much money her center lost due to inefficient billing processes and how Billingparadise helped her bounce back from the financial setbacks her ob-gyn practice faced.

The medical billing company they previously worked with was not proficient with their EHR. Their reluctance to work with eClinicalWorks was hindering the operational and revenue performance of the center. The previous biller was also not familiar with the nuances of obgyn billing.  After working with BillingParadise the ob-gyn center saw phenomenal revenue growth. In a freewheeling chat with us the client reveals how BillingParadise quickened her cash flow and why she’d recommend BillingParadise’s services.

1. Do you think BillingParadise understands ob-gyn specific billing guidelines?

They understand the coding, the procedures that the doctor performs at the hospital and in our office they are very familiar with the terminology. So BillingParadise knows the terminologies as far as gynaecologically related. They understand when I am messaging them about upcoming procedures.

2. How much has your obgyn center's revenue increased after working with us?

We’ve definitely seen an increase and money coming in sooner than it would have in previous, with our last company that we were using. So money coming in quicker, everything happening fast, everything is smooth. So BillingParadise has definitely made my job a lot easier to do.  And I commend them on the job that they have done, I am very happy. 

3. How proficient are(is BillingParadise) in working with the eClinicalWorks EHR?

There is a big difference, because the way we were doing it before was outside of the eClinicalWorks which is our electronic charting system. So now that we are billing in the charting system it’s just so much easier even to get payment. So payment is quicker, more thorough, there is just no – there are no hiccups. And if there was before it would just take more time to figure out where with the way that BillingParadise works with us and our eClinical system.  It’s just, its smooth, it’s a smooth process, it’s easier, generates more income that we have noticed and definitely seeing an increase and happy patients as far as when they have to make payments.  Insurance companies, everything communicates really well together.

4. How would you rate BillingParadise among other billing companies in California?

I would rate them, I mean off the chart they are phenomenal billing company to work with. The company we were using before it’s like night and day, compare the two. I love the advanced technology and any interaction that I’ve had with BillingParadise has always been positive and outcomes have always been positive in the past – I don’t know probably six months, eight months that we have been in business with them. 

5. What do you think about TeamBillingBridge - (The Revenue Reporting and Workflow Management app)?

I think they (BillingParadise) are definitely ahead of the curve. I like that they are advanced, they are definitely with the times. The TeamBillingBridge is gonna be a nice way to communicate through their app, so were just kind of softly getting introduced to this new technology and its phenomenal like I am so excited about it.

6. How responsive is BillingParadise's team?

BillingParadise is very responsive and we work well together , everything gets answered in a timely fashion and issues get resolved quickly. There really hasn’t been any issues. They are very attentive and even double triple checking that we are on the same page, they do that a lot, so it’s nice .

7. Would you recommend BillingParadise to your peers?

Absolutely, I would definitely recommend them.  I have recommended them and I think that BillingParadise is the way to go as far as, you know – if, especially with paper – paperless charting that we do, it’s just easier to communicate with companies that know what they are doing and that are up with the times.  So yes If you want advanced technology with Billing, BillingParadise is your go to. 


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An Obgyn Centre’s Manager Shares Her Experience of Working with BillingParadise


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