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To you, Douche Bags

Today…I had an experience. It was one I knew could potentially happen, but I didn’t think it would. At least I hoped it wouldn’t.

We all know those people at the gym. You know…the Assholes. Of course assholes are everywhere. Today though…God.

I didn’t let it affect me in a negative way though. I turned it into Motivation for my workout.

So what happened?

I was laughed at.

So here’s my ode to those f*cking jagoffs at the gym.

Dear jagoffs,

I know I’m not as skinny as the other girls here. I’m not the prettiest out of the bunch. My body isn’t the shapeliest and I still breath heavy while I’m running. I can’t lift the heaviest weights and I don’t know how to do all the exercises.

But I’m trying.

I might not have the best form. I know I don’t.

But I’m trying.

I carry around my notebook so I don’t forget to do everything. I may hesitate and I may seem confused.

But I’m trying.

I won’t look at myself in the mirror and if you actually looked at me you would see that I don’t make eye contact with anyone. I stay in my own world and get my workout in, even if it’s not up to your standards.

But I’m trying.

You sat there snickering and laughing as I did my free weights. Why? What was the point? Perhaps you laughed at the way my hair hung in its loose bun. I didn’t care about it. I’m not there for you.

Maybe you didn’t like the way my jacket fit. It helps me sweat. And I’m not there for you.

Perhaps it was the fact I had on a few different layers. I don’t like my stomach being exposed. And I’m not there for you.

I know you saw that I noticed. I know you saw you two laugh at me. Do you feel like big men now?

But I’m not there for you.

Do you want to know what I did do?

I text someone who does care. Someone who I am there for. I text my husband. I told him what happened. He made me feel better.

I turned your cruel laughs and private jokes into motivation. I didn’t run and hide. I didn’t go home. I didn’t cry. I put it toward my workout. I ran faster. I did the elliptical for just a few minutes longer. I got on the stair stepper and I didn’t stop.

So thank you, jagoffs, for giving me the motivation that I needed today. Thank you for being the horrendously awful assholes that you are. Maybe if you hadn’t snickered I wouldn’t have tried harder. Maybe if you hadn’t laughed I wouldn’t have done more weights.

But you did.

And I’m still not there for you.

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To you, Douche Bags


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