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Losing extra weight from the Body is now the motto of almost every other person. And for those who are looking to lose their weight in a healthy way are at the right place. Because in this article, I will guide the beginners that want to know how can they shed fat and lose weight in a healthy manner. Although there are many guides to weight loss I will take you through every aspect that you have to consider while losing some extra weight. There can be things that can intimidate beginners in the process of weight loss and that is why I am here to motivate and guide you to achieve your goal effectively.

Know your body and goals:

Because you are a beginner, you have to start by knowing your body. You are the one who has not been in the gym for years and you might be unaware of the programs that you have to follow. Knowing your body and goal will help you to decide about the Workout Routine and Diet that you have to follow. You may want to add some muscle but it will come after shedding fat layers from the body. That is why your primary goal should be to get rid of these fat layers.

Because you haven’t put this fat on your body overnight, keep in mind that it will not shed overnight as well. You have to make up your mind to give it some time and effort. Although the journey might be a little unpleasant but results will help you to keep motivated. I am not mentioning this to demotivate you but I believe that being realistic will help you to keep on track and will help you to enjoy a healthy life.

To start with the weight loss guide, the main things that you have to consider is your workout routine and diet. Let me guide you to approach your weight loss in a right way.

Exercise and workout routine:

Remember that in weight loss it is all about losing some calories and it depends upon your activity level. This is why you have to follow a workout routine to increase your activity level. But how you work out will be slightly different because you have to focus on losing some weight. It is advised to hire a professional to help you in making a workout routine for you but in case you are planning to do it on your own then there are some points that you have to keep in mind.

Focus on Cardio and weight training:

The reason for focusing on cardio and weight training is that it increases your activity level effectively. Although weight training itself can help you because by lifting weights you are providing an appropriate resistance to your body. And combining cardio with your weight training will boost your weight loss. You can perform swimming, running and sprinting as cardio and can lose weight fast.

Focus on interval training:

What I mean by this is to work your body for shorter intervals. You have to indulge in intense activity exercises because in this way you will provide maximum resistance that will lead to a quick weigh loss comparatively. Give proper rest to your body in between sets and then repeat.

Indulge multiple muscles and joints:

In simple words, you have to focus on compound exercises. Because in compound exercises more than one muscle performs and more muscle means more calories burned. Some of the best compound exercises are squats and dead lifts.


Diet in your weight loss goal is more important than your workout routine. Your workout will be of no effect if it is followed by a poor diet. There are various weight loss programs available but some of them can mislead you. The 2 week diet program created by Brian Flatt is a recommended program for losing weight fast.

There also is a program called: The lean belly breakthrough. This program is developed by Bruce Kahn and is specifically designed for people over fifty. The program helps you to burn belly fat fairly quickly and also burn fat in other areas of your body.

Eating healthy will always be key to your weight loss goal. First thing to do is to know what food is good for you and what you have to avoid. To keep it simple you have to focus on a high protein diet and have to cut carbs from it. Some of the protein rich foods are Fish, eggs, meat and nuts. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a myth of eating less to lose fat. All you need to do is to eat healthy and workout. Your chances of getting success increases when you work smarter so be wise enough to choose appropriate foods for yourself. Also, I am mentioning some of the tips regarding diet that can help beginners to keep on track with their weight loss goal.

Create a calorie deficit:

You may not know what calorie deficit actually is but don’t worry I will guide you. Calorie deficit is basically very effective in weight loss and all you have to do is to eat fewer calories per day than regular. To get along with the calorie deficit, the first thing you have to do is to calculate your daily caloric intake. Calculating this will help you to know that how much calories you are taking every day. Now cut some of the calories from your daily routine. For example, if you are consuming 2000 calories every day then reduce it to 1500 or 1600. The key here is, to be honest with your daily calorie allowance.

Give it proper Time:

You have to be consistent with your diet to see results. There is no overnight way to achieve your weight loss goal so you have to be consistent and patient. With proper diet, you will definitely see results within weeks but hurrying things up and expecting to lose all your weigh in one night will not help.

Another key thing here is to work smarter along with the consistency. There is a hunger hormone in our body that drives our appetite and hunger. You have to be smart enough to fool this hormone. The best way to fool this hormone is to eat small and to go for balanced diet foods. Because eating a balanced diet will calm this hormone and it will also give your body the fuel that it needs.

Track your meal:

Last but not the least is to calculate how much you eat. Although I have mentioned it earlier but because of its importance, it is required to guide you properly. Take a pen and paper and start writing your daily intake. Because this is a very powerful diet tool to keep your weight in balance.

Losing weight is not as hard as it is imagined. All you have to do is to understand what you eat and how to get the fat burning machine to turn on. Although it takes time to achieve the desired goal but this is the only effective and best way to shed some fat from the body. Understand your daily calorie intake and then adapt appropriate activity levels. Remember that if you are equipped with a good diet plan and positive attitude then you will achieve success.

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