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Marital Differences, Tips to Deal With it Intelligently

In the journey of married life is certainly not free of some Marital differences and conflicts. Whether simple or that require being handled correctly and smart to get the least possible losses.

Therefore, both husband and wife should know how to behave intelligently with any problem or disagreement that affects their marital life without affecting them negatively.

A set of tips that will help you deal with marital disputes successfully.
Heard the second party’s point of view.

It is not a good thing to raise the voice of husband or wife during the discussion of any marital dispute but should be quietly discussed in this matter. And that the problem is presented in all its aspects and then the husband and wife to present his point of view and try to reach a compromise if necessary.

It is not true that raising the voice or quarrel with a loud voice may affect the psyche of both of you and the psyche of the children as well, so it was necessary to calm in resolving any marital dispute

Avoid temporary solutions.

Discuss any marital dispute that veers in your way deeper. Do not build your point of view based on a superficial idea of anything.

It is therefore important that you think deeply about the problem and know the right solution for it and expose it to your partner. And to reach a solution that satisfies all parties and solve the problem permanently.

Do not make use of temporary solutions because it will exacerbate the problem and its development and therefore it was necessary to eliminate the problem completely and find a final solution to it

Stay away from the strategy of victory for your opinion.

Some couples and some wives are not concerned about finding a suitable solution to the problem, but all that concerns them is the victory of their opinion, even if they are sure that this view is not right and therefore the end, in this case, is the master of the situation.

Therefore, both husband and wife should move away from the strategy of victory for the opinion and the preference of the family to the personal interest because the end will lead the future of the family to a dead end.

Accept differing opinions.

Some couples and wives do not bear the existence of a different view of the second Party and this is very wrong because of each person’s opinion and various decisions stemming from the way he thinks.

Therefore, marriage does not mean that each party dissolves in the personality of the other party, but that each person should preserve the features of his personality and his views and his freedom to put forward ideas and opinions. Therefore, each party in the marital relationship must accept the viewpoint of the other party.

Choose the right time to discuss any dispute.

Do not choose the time when the wife is exhausted from her work inside and outside the home and from caring for the children. And do not hesitate when the husband returns from his work and exhausting to discuss any matter or problem. Because this may lead to more nervousness and inability to reach the right solution and correct.

Therefore, you should choose the right time in which the other party is calm until any part discusses the problem quietly and wisely without fanaticism

Accept the second party’s views.

Some couples and some wives are in a big mistake and always interview the other party’s opinions without thinking. This, of course, bothers the husband and bothers the wife.

So you should always think about the opinions of the other party and try to understand whether these solutions are appropriate or not. If you find that it is not really appropriate to solve the problem, you should contact him in a nice and appropriate way. Feel him that he is right but you can not take this view because it will not solve the problem.

You and others interfere in marital differences.

Marriage is a relationship between two individuals. Therefore, no party has the right to intervene in solving the problems. It is, therefore, wrong to interfere with others in resolving your marital problems. But you have to solve your problems together and quietly without allowing others to intervene in them. If you have not already succeeded in solving the problem, you can resort to marital relations counselor. Or use a wise and wise person from the family to help you solve the problem intelligently and wisely

Gain experience from the models surrounding you.

Both husband and wife must read the correct ways in which each successful couple will solve their Marital Differences. You must also learn from the mistakes of others. And that each of you learns how the mother treated the father and vice versa. Whether the father and mother of the husband or the father and the mother of the wife. Select of correct and wise ways and away from ways that failed to solve marital problems. Thus, the exploitation of good experiences in solving marital differences helps to succeed in a great way in solving them

Do not mention the word “divorce“.

Divorce is the quick fix for any problem. Therefore, avoid the idea of divorce every time they encounter a problem. The idea of separation is not one of the ideas at all to solve the problem. Because the idea of divorce builds more bridges and walls isolation between men and women. Each party feels that the other party no longer loves and does not wish to be present in his life

Thus, following the correct way to resolve the marital differences is a major factor in the continuation of married life successfully and happily with our wishes for a peaceful and happy marital life and free of differences and problems.

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Marital Differences, Tips to Deal With it Intelligently


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