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How To Promote Products/Services By Email Marketing Properly

Whether you are an individual or a business promoting an online product or service, the collection of customer Email and a core element needs to be made at the present time.

I will introduce the concept of Email Marketing, how to do Email Marketing; make your customers happy and not to bring trouble to them; popularize brand, product, service; the tools to do effective email marketing as well as many tips to help you reach more customers through email.

My Email Marketing articles will always follow the customer’s willingness to subscribe to the email through you and you will take good care of potential customers who are interested in your service and not spamming.

Many people now view Email Marketing as a type of SPAM promotion, scan or buy e-mails online and use mass mailing software, if done so your service will be very unprofessional and very annoying to your customers.

What Is Email Marketing?                                                                                                                         

Email Marketing is all about marketing, promoting the service through email. Mostly customers now use email as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail. In addition, some other customers use strange e-mail services or e-mail domain names separately.

The purpose of this is to let customers know your product or services (in a clever way), to provide useful information to customers, to gratitude to them, to build your relationship with good customer service that leads they trust your products and services and to conduct surveys and customer feedback to improve the quality of products/services?

The last thing, like I said above, is many people take advantage of email marketing to SPAM search for customers If you have not done this, I advise you not to do, it reduces credibility, brand as well as trust. Just think your service is quite large. But if you have done, then you should stop as soon as possible. Could you see you do it then have no effect, but much harm?

How Did I Do Email Marketing?

Email marketing helps me have a very good income, I never scan or buy email on the network to conduct email promotions, here are three main reasons:

  • Cause unprofessional of your product or service.
  • Disgusting, annoying for email readers. Everyone hates SPAM.
  • Your email is sent to Gmail SPAM only (now people use Gmail and Google classifies email very standard)

And I know very very many people do the same way and do not get any results, so how to use email marketing right?

Step 1: Navigate your visitors to your website/blog/application

You direct visitors to your service website. You can SEO the main keywords on your service to the top Google, people search on Google and see your service. If people are interested, they will click on. Or you can also have service-related articles that your online promotion is promoting.

This type of content will be very effective if you do well, people on your site read the article and will be very interested in your service, and you also make a good impression to the reader.

Or you can run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Banner,… to attract visitors to the website, but be sure that: VISITORS MUST BE POTENTIAL AND ABLE TO USE YOUR SERVICE, BUT NOT BE INCURRED BY HUMAN TRAFFIC, USE OF VARIOUS COMMUNICATIONS OR AUTOMATIC TOOLS.

Some individuals, companies also use email marketing in Apps, Games on the computer, phone.

Step 2: When this POTENTIAL customer reads the content on your website, here you preseed an email input box

For example: Sign up for 30% discount on purchase, Sign up for a free gift, Fill your email and name for free-trial, etc.

Your service can do anything even small for the customer, make them feel excited and sign up for email, they will impress your product more.

Step 3: When customers have trusted and registered email, your next job is keeping promises with them

At the place where you write to the customer to enter the name and email, you promised what the customer will receive after entering the email, then you have to do the same. If discount, you will let the system automatically send the email to customers. If customers subscribe to news, useful articles, you have to send articles, weekly updates for customers. If the trial use, you have to give customers to try,… in general. You have to do what you write IN ORDER TO HAVE CUSTOMER ‘S EMAIL REGISTRATION.

Step 4: Impress your customers

Do not rush to promote your product or service when new customers sign up for email, but give them a good impression of your product or service.

Set your case as a customer and you will know what your customers need. Then you can offer them other offers, news, useful articles, or other quality trial services. If you do well, most of the customers will definitely use your service.

Step 5: Introduce your product or service

Please introduce your product or service as cleverly as possible to the customer, I believe if the customers received the offer or trial before, they will buy your product or service immediately.

Notice that email marketing or content marketing is just the tool, pay special attention to the quality of your products, services as well as customer care.

Step 6: Take care of your customers by email

This is also an important step, do you want the customer to continue to support you or introduce to their friends? The quality of product/service is a factor, but another important factor is the customer care.

Please send email to customers instructions to use the product/service better, provide the bonus for customers, always thank customers who have used your products/services,…

Step 7: Continue to promote your other products/services

Customers who are interested in and use your service/product will definitely be interested in related services/products. If you offer these products or services, be smart with them.

If your previous service is good, with great support, they will not hesitate to continue to support you.

Step 8: Get customer survey, improve product quality

Customers always want your products/services become better and more fully meet their needs, they will not hesitate to give assessment, survey to help your product/service can be improved. Better yet, say, to improve your product /service as best you can, as your new product/service grows.

Above are 8 steps to email marketing according to a standard process. Depending on the characteristics of each field, service products steps can be pulled back or extended.

Is Email Marketing Difficult?

No! It is easy because there are now many tools to help you optimize marketing. You can do it easily without knowingly. Email marketing system is completely automatic, you just need to install.

One again, say NO to the EMAIL SPAM tool. Do Email Marketing in the best way, build the best trust and relationship with customers through Email Marketing.

I wish you a good working day.

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How To Promote Products/Services By Email Marketing Properly


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