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Major Curves Butt Enhancement Reviews

major curves review

Genetics and all that!

The first time that I hit the gym floor, I was barely in my teens. I remember telling the personal trainer that I wanted to work out and to have a big booty. Also I remember him gushing back and trying to say that it was only genetics that could help me. I cannot believe I was so naïve to even begin believing that genetics was perhaps the only way to have a great looking bottom! 

The fact is that while Genetics is known to have a definite contribution to strong and attractive glutes, it is not the be all and end all of the perfect butts. There is so much more that you can do and not give up hope of flaunting the best back in town!

I was a regular at the gym. I have not left any exercise that claimed to be able to give me a shapely and a firm bottom. I ate the right food in the right quantity. I even did smaller weights, careful enough not to become bulky but at the same time to tone all that loose muscles. 

I have done tons of research on the subject

What I did additionally was that I read a lot about Butt Enhancement and the advantages that are there to it. I was always looking out for new information and trying to create an online journal which I planned to later convert into my blog. 

It was during those days that I came across a major curves review posted by a fellow blogger. This blogger friend had apparently used the butt enhancement cream; butt enhancement pills and the drops and found it extremely effective. 

She had posted pictures of herself before the treatment and after it; And I found the change so encouraging that I knew at that moment of time itself that I had to try it!

So, is Major Curves the first butt enhancement product that I tried?


I have tried a lot of butt enhancement products including big names but nothing has come close to the awesome experience that I had with Major Curves Butt Enhancement products. 

The treatment is three fold

There is a cream, then supplements and also drops; each of these products can be used individually and they are mutually exclusive in effect. However, a lot of people including me have found out that the result of using all the three products in tandem is mind blowing.  

A cursory glance across the thousands of testimonials on the internet will also prove that Major Curves Butt enhancement products are the kind of stuff that is capable of creating a revolution in the industry.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement pills

major curves pills

At an average of $40 each,  the Major Curves butt enhancement pill is too strong a temptation not try. I began with only two tablets in a day. The ingredients are hundred percent safe. However, it is advisable that a routine consultation with the doctor be made before starting on any medication.

The product contains only herbal ingredients such as fennel seeds, fenugreek, mother’s wort and yam.

Two tablets to be taken after food in the morning and the evening will give such fabulous results that you will keep gushing about it to everyone who will ask you the secret to your perfect back! 

I began seeing results within a week. What was more? My breasts felt firmer and younger looking and the best part of the package was that my stomach looked flatter. Can you imagine how many heads turn around when I walk past?

Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream

I must have miscalculated because I was thinking that I had enough pills and then I procrastinated in placing an order for them. I used the Major Curves butt enhancement cream alternatively.

A small topical application on the sides of the butts is all that is enough. The cream has to be massaged into the skin till a soft texture of the skin is observed. A massage of thirty seconds to one minute on either side until the cream is absorbed is recommended.

I am not even exaggerating but in less than fifteen days I could see my dream of seeing a great bottom turning into a reality and how!

major curves cream

The cream is infused with Vitamin E along with the goodness of herbs and green tea. There is no scare of any synthetic ingredient used at all. 

Major Curves Butt enhancement drops

major curves drops

Encouraged with the results that the pills and the cream gave, I began trying Major Curves drops too. The fabulous concoction comes in a bottle with a gradated dropper. 

A daily dosage of two millilitres only is all that is needed to leave you with firmer butts, breasts and beautiful endearing thighs. The drops can be simply taken or mixed with water and/or any beverage of your choice. 

The ingredients are all natural and this is one of the best reasons that you can place a finger on all the Major Curves products without losing a wink on quality and adverse effects. The drops are infused with Vitamin B12 amidst the goodness of herbs such as thistle, mace, clover and dandelion. 

Not talking through my hat

Major curves butt enhancement products have worked wonders for me. I cannot stop gushing about it to anyone who wants to know the secret of my attractive glutes. I am recommending the product only after I have used it and I am one hundred percent satisfied with its efficacy. 

The costing is so economical

Major Curves is guaranteed two times more effective than other products in the market. The cost is very reasonable and shipping is completely free. 

There is no side effect whatsoever

With numerous major curves reviews across the internet, you can stay assured that there are no side effects at all. Other products have been known to prompt erratic periods, gaining or losing weight. But there has been no single instance of complaint from any Major Curves customer from any part of the world. 

No Questions will be asked

In case you are not satisfied with the product, the company guarantees a full refund of your cash; and without any questions asked! 

If you are looking to spruce up your backside, then it better be now than never. There are various copycat products in the market that will make tall claims but none of them are as effective or as safe as Major Curves. 

Major Curves is completely herbal and hence safe. There is a presence of a few nuts but care has been taken to make sure that the ingredients used in the butt enhancement product is non allergic and gluten free. However, a consultation with your doctor and/or dietician is in order before you start on this product.

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Major Curves Butt Enhancement Reviews


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