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Difference between juice and nectar – discover them all

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In addition to being delicious, juices should be one of the most fundamental elements of the diet as they provide a lot of beneficial elements for the body in a very pleasant way.

However, often, we tend to confuse what is really a juice using this name for other similar preparations that, however, fail to acquire their excellent properties. So, what is the difference between juice and nectar? We get you out of doubt then in this Green Health Tips article , pay attention!

What is healthier: juice or nectar?

As you would recommend any doctor or dietitian, it is best to take the fresh juices in order not to lose their properties. However, the lack of time means that most of us should opt for some of the packaged juices and nectars …, what is the difference between them?

Well, basically, that the 100% natural juice is the resulting liquid that we get by squeezing herbs, flowers, fruits or the like without any addition , while the nectar is the same product but with a good addition of sugar and water to the natural product.

The fault of this confusion is not the consumers, but the companies that place the label that best suits them to describe their product. Precisely, therefore, the issue has been regulated by the European Union, which has modified the rule regarding the labeling of fruit juices and nectars so that the information is clearer to consumers and to prohibit the use of added sugars in the juices of squeezed fruit.

In this way, the definitions of both concepts are:

  • Nectar: ​​they will be the only ones that can carry added sugars. The mention of ‘without added sugars’ will also be vetoed in their packaging if they do carry artificial sweeteners such as saccharin.
  • Fruit juice: will not contain sugar or sweeteners and must specify if they carry mixtures of different juices. Tomato juice is added to the list so that those of this food comply with the same rules as the rest of natural juices.

Differences between the different packaged juices

Now that you know what is the main difference between juice and nectar, let’s see what are the distinctions between the different packaged juices that you can find in supermarkets:

100% fruit juice squeezed

The juice 100% squeezed is that obtained directly from the fruit after a cold pressing process. This is the packaged juice more similar to the natural juice that we can find in the supermarket; In fact, in many of them, we can find traces of fruit pulp when drinking them.

These juices only include the sugars that come from the fruit and do not contain added sugars. They have a nutritional value and a taste of quality, so they are usually of a higher price.

Concentrated juice

Juices based on concentrate are made from a juice concentrate, this means that they are made from a juice that has previously been removed much of its water. These are usually obtained from fruits that come from other countries in which both production and labor is much cheaper. When the concentrated juice reaches the production plant, drinking water is added to get it to have a concentration and consistency similar to the original.

In addition to this, it is common to add pulp and aromas.


On the other hand the nectar is made from 50% of a concentrate of juice and 50% of water and added sugars or sweeteners. You can also add fruit pulp and aromas.

Juice + milk

Beverages that combine fruit juice with milk have become very popular. However, it is important to note that these in their composition have, mainly, water and added sugars, with the percentage of juice and milk being much lower, which even sometimes does not even reach 30% of the total.

This article is purely informative, in Green Health Tips we do not have the faculty to prescribe medical treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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Difference between juice and nectar – discover them all


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