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7 foods to avoid if you suffer from acid reflux

Acid reflux is a Digestive discomfort characterized by a strong burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen , almost always extended to the esophagus and mouth.

It occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter weakens, facilitating the passage of acidic substances towards the upper body.

The pain that is perceived may be mild or severe and in fact, in some cases is confused with that produced by myocardial infarctions.

Its main cause is the poor combination of foods and copious dishes, although they are also produced by specific anomalies of the esophagus and digestive diseases.

Although it is not usually serious and is of a sporadic nature, it is essential to give it a treatment so that it does not generate other complications.

In addition, to control it completely, some foods whose composition tends to worsen the problem should be avoided.

In this opportunity we want to share in detail the 7 main ones so that you try to exclude them from your diet.

1. Red meat

Red meat is an important source of protein that, in minimal portions, can benefit the body.

In spite of this, they are not recommended for the diet of patients with acid reflux, since many of its components could aggravate the symptom.

  • Its purines and acidic compounds affect the digestive process and increase the production of acidic juices.
  • On the other hand it is a food rich in fats that can cause slow digestion and constipation.

2. Coffee

Because of its delicious flavor and energy power, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

Contains antioxidants and vitamins and minerals that, in moderate amounts, improve health.

However, it is not a food suitable for those who tend to have reflux, since caffeine could trigger this symptom.

  • This substance acts as a relaxant on the valves that regulate the passage of acidic juices, which could facilitate their return to the throat and mouth.

3. Sausages and Canned

Embedded meat products, as well as canned foods, can cause digestive difficulties, especially when they suffer from recurrent episodes of reflux or heartburn.

  • Its high content of sodium and artificial compounds causes irritation in the lining of the stomach and because of this, facilitates the return of acids into the esophagus.
  • On the other hand they contain saturated fats, flours and sugars that, after being assimilated in the organism, produce metabolic disorders and digestive problems.

4. Spicy condiments

The consumption of spicy condiments can cause alterations in the acids of the stomach and sometimes, it is irritating for its gastric mucosa.

Although small portions do not usually cause problems, some people have acid reflux and burning after ingesting them.

  • It is essential to minimize their consumption, especially if they are combined with other irritating foods.

5. Chocolate

A small amount of chocolate a day can provide our body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that benefit health.

However, it is not the best option for those who tend to have these digestive discomforts, since it can be irritating.

  • Eating it when you have heartburn generates greater weakening in the lower esophageal sphincter valves , which worsens the symptom.
  • This is due to its content of fats, caffeine and theobromine, substances associated with excessive production of acids in the stomach.

6. Frying

Frying, especially those of industrial origin, have been cataloged as potential enemies of metabolic and digestive health.

They contain high doses of trans fats, added chemicals and salt that, together, irritate the gastric mucosa and alter the digestive pH.

  • Its consumption raises the production of acids and causes repeated episodes of reflux and gastritis.
  • Among other things, their excessive intake affects the inflammatory processes of the body and with this, increases the stomach pressure.

7. Refined Flours

Processed bread, baked goodsand all recipes containing refined flour can worsen the health of those who have these digestive symptoms.

  • These produce an acidic environment in the stomach and esophagus and in addition, cause inflammation in the tissues.
  • Their carbohydrates are more difficult to assimilate and can raise blood glucose levels.
  • Thus, their consumption should be moderate, since too much is related to the risk of ulcers and gastritis.

Do you usually add these foods in your diet? If soand you suffer from acid reflux, you better start to limit your consumption to be able to control this condition.

Keep in mind that although antacids can help treat it, the best way to avoid it is by maintaining good eating habits.


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7 foods to avoid if you suffer from acid reflux


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