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Laurel properties

The Laurel is one, belonging to the family of Lauraceae Mediterranean plant, which not only is characterized by offering a unique flavor to which we turn a lot in our cuisine, but also for having very many nutrients beneficial to health. The bay is rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium, and contain vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin C, among others.

The union of all its components give this plant a variety of features most useful for our welfare. If you want to better understand the properties of laurel , you count on this article Green Health Tips .

Laurel for digestion

It is considered that this plant has digestive properties , so its use improves the secretion of gastric juices, helps the movements of the digestive tract and in short, helps both the stomach and the liver to work properly. It also helps to reduce heartburn due to its content of eugenol, a component that helps expel gases and protects the liver.

However, we must moderate their consumption, since this plant may have some side effects such as nausea, vomiting and gastric irritation.

Laurel as an expectorant

The bay is also recommended in the case of suffering from respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, coughs, flu, sore throat or laryngitis. The explanation lies in its content cineol and other substances that give it antibacterial, antiseptic and antitussive properties very beneficial in these cases. An infusion of a pair of bay leaves in a cup of hot water will be most useful for both digestion and an expectorant.

Laurel as a diuretic

Laurel favors the removal of fluids , both through urine and sweat, while the removal of toxins and in particular, uric acid. This is not only beneficial if you want to lose weight and cleanse your body, but also as an adjunct to circulatory problems dealing as arteriosclerosis, liver disease, gout, rheumatism or arthritis, among others.

Laurel anti-inflammatory

Their antiinflammatory properties are particularly recommended for suffer pain and swelling in the joints because of conditions such as rheumatism . In this case, we can choose either to take about 4 drops of essential oil of bay leaves 3 times a day and apply special ointments made from the plant directly on the affected joints, with a gentle massage.

The bay skin

Speaking of their external uses, the bay is also indicated to combat skin problems caused by fungi, bruises, ulcers, burns, abscesses and acne. In this case, not only it has a bacteriostatic effect (which prevents the reproduction of bacteria), but also helps to regenerate skin cells . To do this, try taking a relaxing bath of hot water with a few bay leaves. This effect can also be helpful to take care of the scalp .

Other applications Laurel

In addition to all the Properties discussed above, this plant is also effective for the following occasions:

  • Regulates menstruation , so it is recommended both very heavy periods and others too poor.
  • In cases of fatigue and tiredness, bay leaf acts as a stimulant and reactive muscle tone.
  • Infusion of laurel can be used to relieve mouth infections , as a mouthwash to gargle.

Laurel toxicity

It is not recommended to abuse the consumption of laurel, since its excessive intake could backfire and end up irritating the gastric mucosa in people with greater sensitivity stomach, causing nausea and vomiting by overstimulation of the digestive system.

It added that this plant allergic people should not take it and apply it on the skin, as it may cause skin reactions , especially in contact with the sun. In addition, it is recommended not to take laurel essential oil during pregnancy , lactation, children under 12 and patients with gastric and intestinal problems.

This article is informational in Green Health Tips have no power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to visit a doctor in case of presenting any kind of condition or discomfort.

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Laurel properties


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