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Coenzyme Q10 skin properties

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance that all we have in our Body but with the passage of the years we stopped manufacturing, which makes us lose large quantities of this element. The consequences of this progressive loss with age you can see the wrinkles, lack of elasticity and signs of the passage of the years that mark is in our face and skin.

Use this substance supplementation, is in the way that is, can bring to our body a component that made under our skin to look as it did before again. Would you like to know the properties of Coenzyme Q10 in the skin? Read this article from GreenHealthTips, and in addition, we will explain the rest of benefits for whole body doses and precautions that you should take before using.

Coenzyme Q10 cosmetic properties

Coenzyme Q10 is known among the people mainly for its cosmetic properties and action that produces skin. However, profits do not end here, and as you can see below, the advantages we may notice throughout the body. Not only Q10 is present in the dermis, although it is more abundant, but it is practically on all our body. Eminently noticed the benefits of Coenzyme Q10 in the form in which our body converts energy, which greatly improves. This makes much less general tiredness from your body and muscles work much better.

As well as also happens with other Organics such as collagen or hyaluronic acid, with the passing of the years our organism ceases to manufacture it in so much, so it gradually diminishes. The truth is that 20 years can be seen as the way in which our body regenerates already is not the same, in part, why there is so much Coenzyme Q10. The result is that free radicals roam freely and without antioxidants that sweep them step skin is aging.

Coenzyme Q10 functions are closely associated with the mitochondria of the cells, a few key elements so that cells can create energy and slow the oxidation process. Add Q10 to our agency means to give our body a natural antioxidant that keep cells healthy and strong to overcome the oxidation. So far I have explained the role and function of this Coenzyme in the body, but what are the benefits for the skin?

  • It prevents skin aging
  • It improves the elasticity of the dermis
  • It promotes cell regeneration
  • Prevents and delays the onset of wrinkles
  • It provides a much more youthful appearance
  • It increases the defences of the skin against external agents

Coenzyme Q10: properties and benefits the body

But the benefits and properties of Coenzyme Q10 are not only limited to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of our skin, but that it is a very versatile product that brings benefits for many other parts and organs of the body. Then you leave a list of the properties of the Q10:

  • It serves to improve the heart problems resulting from heart failure.
  • It can also be used in cases of angina pectoris.
  • It can be adjusted too low blood pressures.
  • It serves for diabetes patients.
  • It improves damaged gums and is good for your health.
  • It is used in treatments for cancer of breast, muscular dystrophy or Parkinson's disease.
  • In sportspeople it helps to improve performance.
  • It improves the symptoms of chronic fatigue.
  • It is used as a treatment for Lyme disease.
  • It is used as treatment for poisoning by heavy metals.
  • It offers some protection against radiation.

Coenzyme Q10: properties and contraindications

Despite the incredible advantages and properties that it possesses the Coenzyme Q10 side effects and contraindications that has few really. It is a product which most people tolerate very well, in part why it is an element that we all have in the body. However, in some cases that take more than the recommended dose or in which the person is allergic you can see some adverse effects:

  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Rashes and eczema on your skin

But most of these effects are avoidable following the guidelines recommended by a specialist, with a clear dose and avoiding those cases in which its use can be dangerous. Contraindicated situations that require medical advice before starting any treatment:

  • Young children
  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating women
  • People in chemotherapy treatment
  • People with very low blood pressure

Q10: properties and food

There are different ways to get sufficient levels of Q10, which provide greater quantities and are used for more localized form are creams and supplements that will later explain. There are, however, different foods that you can get something of Q10 and which can serve to your skin and body to ward off the signs of aging. More Q10-containing foods are:

  • Salmon: 3 milligrams
  • Trout: 1 milligram
  • Chicken or beef: 2.5 milligrams per serving

In addition, other products with this Coenzyme are:

  • 9s
  • Vegetable oils
  • Seeds

However, if you look at recommended doses that we explain in the next section you'll realize that, if you take a balanced diet, the Coenzyme Q10 that we absorb from food is not too high. If we really want to have good levels so that our bodies can do against the action of free radicals we need to opt for other complementary as creams or supplements options.

Coenzyme Q10: dosage, supplements and creams

It is impossible to give a unique and universal answer on what is the correct dosage of Coenzyme Q10. As I have explained before, this product is used for many conditions and symptoms, from preventing the aging of the skin up to treat heart problems and diseases like Parkinson's. Taking into account the disparity of diseases that can be treated, it is not surprising that for each required a form of use and a different dose. Apart from the consideration, in cases where there is no disease that deal, the State's experts agree that the daily dose of Coenzyme Q10 should be between 100 and 200 milligrams per day.

Q10 supplements

There are multitude of Coenzyme Q10 supplements, so you can choose which best suits your needs, to clarify it, can contact a doctor or a nutritionist who can guide you on what is the best solution for your case. The different alternatives that you have are:

  • Supplements in powder
  • Tablets or capsules
  • Supplements in tablets

They are especially recommended for those who practise sport, to help in the transformation of energy prevents muscle fatigue and improve the performance of the different muscles involved in the work.

Cream with Coenzyme Q10

Today the most of cosmetic product manufacturers have introduced Coenzyme Q10 in their products, further facilitating their use. Use creams and lotions is that its action is specifically located in the cells of the skin, offering its antioxidant effect that removes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of the signs of aging caused by loses it's elasticity of the skin.

In addition, something very important is that all these products have been tested, so it is very difficult to cause you any adverse effects.

This article is purely informative, in GreenHealthTips we have no faculty for prescribed medical treatment or perform any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a physician in the case to present any kind of condition or malaise.

If you want to read more articles like Coenzyme Q10 skin properties, we recommend that you enter in our wellness category.

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Coenzyme Q10 skin properties


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