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How can I stop a hangover?

Everyone has hangovers. You drank too much one night and now you’re paying the price for it, it’s entirely natural. Some people are basically immune to them but this article isn’t targeted at them, you’re here to help prevent a hangover. There is no way to definitively cure one though there are steps you can take to help reduce and prevent one from actually happening whilst still being able to get as drunk as you want!

Whilst drinking


There are steps you can take whilst you’re indulging in your Drink that can aid in preventing the hangover from creeping up on you when you wake up. Simply remember to follow through these steps and you will be on the way to waking up feeling fresh and simply forgetting how you got on your friend’s couch.

Drink a lot of water: Whether you have a glass of water between drinks or simply down a couple litres before you head off to bed, drinking water the night of your heavy drinking can reduce the effects of a hangover by a rather large margin. You’ve likely noticed that when you drink, you tend to use the bathroom a lot more. This is causing you to become more dehydrated and whilst it isn’t the exact cause of a hangover, it enhances the effects. So drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.


Getting enough sleep: Alcohol can very much interfere with your sleep. You may find that you feel a lot more fatigued and irritable whilst you’re hungover and this can be primarily caused to the lack of sleep experienced. Try to ensure you can get as much sleep as possible when you decide to end the night, rest is important and can make you feel like you have more energy than usual.


Avoid drinks with congeners: Congeners are toxic chemicals that are formed during the alcohol making process. They derive from the ethanol within the alcohol and can heavily increase the frequency of hangovers. Drinks that contain a lot of congeners are dark spirits such as Whiskey, Bourbon and Tequila. Though, colourless drinks such as Vodka and Gin are exceptionally low in congeners. In fact, vodka has almost none. Studies have found that methanol, the most common congener, is strongly associated with hangovers.


Moderate your drinks: This one seems like an obvious solution. You won’t get as much of a hangover if you limit your drinking. Everyone has their own individual thresholds, some needing to drink less to get intoxicated and thus cause a hangover. Make sure you know your limit and try to drink responsibly according to that, this is certainly the most effective way to ensure you don’t wake up with a pounding headache. Though, this isn’t the most ideal solution for people who intend on getting drunk no matter what. If this is the case, then you need to look below for ways to counter your mistakes. Keep in mind: The more you drink, the more you’ll feel the consequences.


The morning after


These are the things you need to do once you wake up and find you have a severe hangover. Let’s say you didn’t do any of the above and you find yourself feeling terribly hungover, there are ways to help you get back on your feet and back to normal, even if you don’t feel like doing them.

Breakfast: Hangovers can be heavily associated with Low Blood Sugar and can be much worse in those who keep this low blood sugar. It is not the main cause but will contribute to the feelings of weakness and headaches. Eating a large nutritious breakfast can vastly help with increasing your blood sugar and helping you to feel a little more healthy throughout the day. Even eating a big meal before bed can help, if you can stomach it.


Supplements: There are many kind of pills and supplements you can take in order to help with reducing the effects of hangovers. There’s no inherent cure that’ll make them all disappear but there are methods of reducing the effects. Some anti-inflammatory drugs have been proven to help with hangovers that can be caused by a low case of inflammation. There are also multiple plant based foods and herbs that can reduce the inflammation and help to reduce the hangover. Such things as ginger, prickly pear and red ginseng. Prickly pear is a highlight of the cures, reportedly being able to reduce a hangover by up to 62%.

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How can I stop a hangover?


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