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What is good for a hangover?

Hangover is a feeling of being sick appearing right after drinking too much alcohol. But there are many we can do to relieve this feeling. In this article, we will discuss what is good for a hangover.

Ingest prickly pear extract few hours before drinking:

No doubt lots of remedies are there for a hangover. Still, they are not as effective as the extract of the prickly pear. If you ingest this some hours before drinking, then it can lessen the hangover extent to almost half. The exact phenomenon of how this extract works in relieving hangover is not known. However, it is hypothesized that this extract contains a protein which impedes the inflammation process. This inflammation process occurs after having too much drink. Therefore, by controlling inflammation, it somehow relieves the symptoms of a hangover.

Eat some Food and drink plenty of Water:

Get up take some food and also drink plenty of water as this will also help in lessening the hangover.

Hangover pills:

Lots of hangover pills are available in the market, but studies have shown that they are not as effective as they expected. They are simply to make money; otherwise research cannot prove them worthy for use in such cases. Joris C. Verster of Utrecht University, Netherlands while studying hangovers said, “Hangover pills that have been studied are not effective, or only help against a few complaints…but not all.” Moreover, in the journal BMJ in 2005, a review article on hangover also concluded about hangover pills at “no compelling evidence exists.”

However, using multivitamin in place of these pills in restoring the body nutrients is a more effective approach. Because, by this, the nutrients which were lost because of excessive drinking are re-gained, and body again tends to come to normal condition.

Water and sports drinks:

Conventionally, it is thought that excessive drinking leads to dehydration which is then the real cause of the hangover. Though, the exact cause of a hangover is yet unknown. However, various hypothesis is there of what causes hangover. Some of these likely causes are irregular biological rhythms, toxic components in the alcohol or congeners, and withdrawal of alcohol, etc.

Still, by using the juices, water, shakes and other sports drinks whose main purpose is to restore the body fluids are effective against hangover. Because by restoring the body fluids lost due to excessive drinking aids the body to return to normal level quickly.


For Regular Coffee Drinkers to skip a cup of coffee because they are in the state of the hangover is not the right decision. Because doing this can add up caffeine-withdrawal symptoms to the hangover symptoms. However, using too much coffee in the state of hangover is also not good. Because blood pressure being raised by caffeine in the coffee can worsen the hangover. So for regular coffee drinkers, the only possible suggestion left is to take a very small amount of coffee. Then look for how it works in the body in next half to one hour.

Pain relievers:

In women with PMS like the tenderness of the breast, cramps, headaches and backaches, use of NSAIDS can relieve the symptoms. These drugs include Aleve, Advil, and other similar drugs, etc. Moreover, they can also use drugs relieving PMS.

Ginger or Peppermint Tea:

It was thought previously that cold drinks are more beneficial against hangover than the herbal teas. But now, it is concluded that ginger and peppermint tea are the best remedies to prevent hangover-related stomach pain and nausea, etc. In American Journal of Physiology in 2003 and Prescrire International in 2008 studies provided proof that using tea can lessen motion sickness and nausea when used in a proper way. Furthermore, Green tea is also beneficial for the liver. EGCG (Epigallocatechin galate) in green tea accelerates the main detoxification processes of the liver.

Bananas and Pretzels

The can seem queer but using bananas and pretzels can relieve the hangover. These being rich in salt and potassium, are very effective against hangover. “[B]oth salt and potassium are electrolytes, that hold onto water to decrease dehydration,” quoted by Alyssa Cellini, who’s a nutritionist in Bridgewater referring bananas and pretzels. Moreover, she also said, “[A]dding in natural electrolytes that ALSO come with carbohydrates (which are depleted during the liver-detoxing) will make for one less step to feeling better.”


Asparagus is also useful in the hangover. Journal of Food Science in 2009 showed that amino acids present in this vegetable accelerate the metabolism of alcohol. Thus, it can also relieve hangover quickly and thus protecting hepatic cells from being affected by alcohol.

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What is good for a hangover?


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