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How to get rid of a Hangover Quickly?

Drink a large amount of water:

As we know that alcohol causes dehydration and if one desires to avoid the hangover then quickly combat with this dehydration. The simplest method to rehydrate oneself after alcohol abuse is merely by drinking a large quantity of water after it. Drinking also relieves the pressure on the gastrointestinal tract. It will replace the fluid loss due to drinking without damaging your stomach.

The perfect method is to consume a small quantity of water before sleeping. Take one glass of water in the night and after getting up early in the morning, drink water as much as possible.

Drink an isotonic sports drink:

Much like water, an isotonic sports drink can also restore the Body fluids. Isotonic means that the salt concentration present in that drink is the same as it is in the body fluids. These drinks apart from recovering water content of the body, also recover salts and nutrients of the body. Moreover, they also sugar in them, which provides some energy for the important metabolic reactions.

These drinks are much better choice than water when both available. This is because they also contain essential nutrients which are not present in pure water. Hence, they also replenish essential salts and minerals of the body. These salts and minerals were depleted due to alcohol consumption.

However, drinks having caffeine in them tend to cause more dehydration. Hence such drinks are not recommended to be used in cases of the Hangover.

In cases of being extremely dehydrated, oral rehydration solution is the best choice. Their composition is exactly to reverse dehydration. The sports drinks are not that precise in the formulation.

Using fruit juices:

Using fruit juices is also a good option. They have essential vitamins and minerals in them. Moreover, they are also rich in fructose, which provides energy for the important metabolic reactions. They also enhance the working of the liver. These fruit juices contain Vitamin C in them. This vitamin is excreted through kidneys due to changes in their structure caused by alcohol. Some best juices are orange juice, coconut water, and tomato juice, etc.

Drink ginger tea:

Ginger tea is beneficial to prevent vomiting and nausea. This is utilized by pregnant women aiding in treating morning sickness. So, it can also be used against hangover because symptoms of hangover are also the same. For this, boil ten to twelve ginger root pieces in 4 water cups and mix in it extract of one orange, half spoon of honey, and half lemon juice. This mixture gives a rapid response and lessens symptoms of the hangover by managing sugar level in the blood. Simple tea is a lot better option than carbonated ale of ginger. These carbonated drinks are simply a burden on the stomach and thus lead to nausea etc.

Sip drinks throughout the day:

For all of these above-mentioned drinks, there is no fixed amount to be ingested. Take as much of the sips as you can. Moreover, sip water, sports drinks and juices regularly. They will restore the body fluids, electrolytes, and salts of the body.

Avoid caffeinated drinks:

If on the one hand you are drinking water and on the other hand you are taking cups of coffee, you are making no good. This is because coffee contains caffeine which causes dehydration. Moreover, it also elevates blood pressure which can lead to an aggravation of hangover symptoms.

Eat eggs:

The eggs are a perfect means if one wants to neutralize the effects of hangover. Eggs comprise of cysteine (an amino acid) which is quite beneficial for the body after a spell of drinking. The function of cysteine is to break the toxic materials into pieces which make the person feel unwell. Eggs assist by cleansing the body of the person and make him feel better, invigorated and more animated. Eggs might make the person feel nauseated if used with too much grease or fat.

Eat food enriched with potassium:

When the person is drinking alcohol, he might go to the bathroom several times because alcohol is a diuretic. Therefore, when the person is urinating several times, then he may lose potassium more than what is required. Low levels of potassium play a part in nausea, fatigue, and weak limbs and all of them are indications of a hangover. Foods enriched with potassium should be taken to neutralize these symptoms. Leafy green vegetables, baked potatoes, dried apricots, and mushrooms are good sources if one wants to intake potassium. Apart from theses, sports drinks are also good reservoirs of potassium.

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How to get rid of a Hangover Quickly?


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