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How to never have a hangover ever again

So, what does one mean by hangover exactly?

Well, many people have different notions about a Hangover .As few people feel super drowsy, few feel disappointed or depressed and other few have aches all over body and trust me head ache is a chartbuster, for other few it may be vomiting, nausea, sweating. It differs from person to person as on how they feel it or how they tackle it. For few hangovers never exists.

How does it happen actually?

There are few reasons due to which u may feel the symptoms of hangover which actually may not be the one, it may just trick you as you can take it as depression where you don’t really booze but you have symptoms of loss of appetite, etc. But when we speak about the actual reason “over drinking” is the mainly said reason for hangover. People usually drink without knowing their limits often and that leads to hangover and many other problems on long run which will affect them badly

This can surely be overcome, wonder how?

Let’s see how we can we never have a hangover ever again by following few simple steps.

  1. Know your limit: yes, people kindly know your limit. Please do limit yourself till a peg where you can handle yourself not anything more or less can surely save you from a typical hangover. Don’t force on yourself for much. People may force you but it’s them not you, it’s you who know better. so, strictly no is a no there shouldn’t be a change
  2. Drink frequently: yes people what you have seen is right drink frequently and when you see the word frequently that doesn’t mean you have to booze much as you lose your control. Hats a strict NO and this point is strictly for people for who have a habit of drinking only. You can surely consume a peg or two with frequent gaps between to overcome sudden hangovers where your body can prepare you for a future one.


Avoid shots or any quick drinking processes: This helps a lot in overcoming hangovers as there is a strong reason for it i.e. when you fast pegs you can’t analysis what is going around and that kick gets to your brain so soon that you won’t be in a position to enjoy many drinks you feel done for few shots or pegs and having a long sips or slow pegs would even make you look more official and can surely can enjoy your drink.


  1. Say no to very sweet cocktails or drinks: many people may be unaware of it but you should know this scientific fact when you are going to have a drink that a drink already contains alcohol which makes feel you drowsy and sweet drinks contains esters which can make you feel drowsy for a very very long time you can observe this tendency when you have a lot of sweets too you feel, avoid fizzy drinks and go for a clear drink which isn’t so sweet.


  1. Never drink in an air conditioned room : yes people I am sure that many people are not aware of this fact that when you sit in an very cool surrounding you will not notice how much you have been boozing as that coolness will never let you understand what is alcohol doing to your body. In fact, that is a business trick used by many big bars and pubs where they put you under air conditioned rooms make you booze you stomach out and never feel done but once when you step out of that place how many of u you head heavy felt? Yes I know you people are trying to relate it right?
  2. Drink a lot of water and buttermilk: yes, drinking a lot of water and butter milk will wash out the excess alcohol in your body or you can even drink lemonade, there are many ways through which you can cut off the alcohol content by making you urinate frequently and let the toxins outside and instantly make you feel better and fresh after you consume it.
  3. Sleep well and a lot: sleeping is the best medicine that one can try out. What you have to do is just come home safe or just stay at a safe place no matter where just have a proper enough sleep let your body rest let it let go all the unwanted things happening inside you due to the consumption, a proper rest or sleep will always make you feel better trust me it works.
  4. Last but a precious one which may not be liked by many but trust me it hits the shot people

         “Never ever booze again in life”

Avoid drinking for avoiding hangovers stick yourself to mock tails never think that what people will think as I said you they are people and you are yourself you should take care of yourself.


I hope these above tips will fetch a change and help “you never have a hangover ever again”


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How to never have a hangover ever again


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