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What is in the hangover patch?

Everyone has been looking for a fabled cure to a Hangover for years now. Nobody enjoys waking up after a long night of drinking and feeling the dreaded effects of a hangover. Yet we all have to deal with it because that’s the consequence we have to face for drinking too much. But what if there was a way to cheat fate? If you’ve been paying attention lately, news about a hangover patch has been surfacing that apparently can heavily reduce the effects of a hangover. Whilst it may sound too good to be true, there’s no way to tell if it works until you’ve tried it. How exactly can this patch achieve the impossible?

How does it work?


After a night of heavy drinking, you take a visit to the bathroom a lot more regularly than you would on a regular basis. This means that you’re literally urinating away all the Vitamins and minerals that you’ll need because your body isn’t using them. So you end up losing a lot of vitamins that your body needed and getting dehydrated. A very big reason why you will feel a lot of effects the next morning. So this patch contains all the vital vitamins you need that are being washed away to cause the hangover. It contains a heavy amount of the recommended vitamins and releases them periodically inside your body in order to replenish all the lost vitamins during the night. Therefore, you wake up feeling bright and not hungover.

What’s actually in the patch?


The patch contains Vitamin B12 which is the main vitamin lost upon alcohol consumption. It also contains various other B vitamins to collectively replenish the vitamin B complex. This helps to prevent dehydration and keeps the vitamins in your body without having to resort to drinking a ton of water whilst you drink. Let’s face it, we all know we should but we never do.

How do I use it?


Around an hour before starting to drink, apply the patch directly to your skin and that’s it. After around 45 minutes, grab your favourite alcoholic beverage and drink away, no longer having to worry about feeling the effects the next day. Or so, that’s what they claim. It is supposedly more effective on the forearm due to the skin being thinner but it can be applied almost anywhere. Keep it on throughout the night and it will slowly release the vitamins into your body, allowing you to replenish your body with vitamins without needed to excessively drink water after every drink. Then simply gasp in shock as you wake up and don’t feel the dreaded effects of the hangover you expected.

Does it actually work?


That’s something yet to be given a definitive answer. The answer will understandably vary between people and there’s no real well to tell if you will wake up with a hangover the next day without testing the effects yourself. Reportedly, they can help you to withstand up to twice the amount of alcohol you can normally drink, of which I do not recommend doing, yet a lot of people state that it didn’t help for their normal intake. Whether it’s just a placebo effect or if it just varies, some people have claimed that it works fine for them.

Alternative patches


There is more than one patch that people are able to use but the other is supposedly less effective and advised to just steer clear of. Out of the two main patches that are available, another works essentially the same but with different ingredients. This one contains caffeine and aspirin, both working to apparently eliminate the hangover by counteracting the alcohol within your system. This is the lesser known one and is not recommended as most people report it to not work at all. With no real scientific backing or reason for it to help, there’s no reason to even consider this one and it has since been forgotten.

Is it recommended?


Personally, I think that there is a chance that the patches could help reduce a hangover. Whilst there’s no real way they could completely prevent it, you’re almost sure to wake up feeling less affected by the previous nights alcohol thanks to the vitamins that the patch manages to replenish. It’s certainly worth a try if you’re prone to hangovers, this in conjunction with other methods of prevention could certainly help to massively reduce how you feel when you next wake up after a night of partying.

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What is in the hangover patch?


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