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Shiatsu Foot Massager Reviews

Looking for The perfect Massager that will meet your financial plan and your requirements?

Foot massage is something that relieves a major amount of stress and tension from our body. This is the reason that when we are looking for a Foot massager we consider many aspects. As we have to make sure that, it is not only perfect but also meet the requirements that we are looking for.

The purpose of the foot massage is to not only relax the body but also to replenish its energy is the best possible way. You might be considering having a foot massage device for your home or office. So that you will not have especially go to a salon. So here, we have some of the best foot massagers for you that will make it easy for you to consider the best one.

Foot massagers as a gift

Selecting a gift for the holidays is considered one of the toughest decisions that you might have to make. So if you have to gift something to a busy person or someone that is suffering from swelled feet then the foot massagers will be the best option.

So here, we have a few choices for you to select from:

Vita Activate Japanese Foot Massager

The one of a kind Japanese Foot Massager from Vitactivate encapsulates the profound nature of realism with every pulsating massage. You’re feet will be jelly like once it has been through this treatment. It tackles individual nerve endings which sending shiatsu like kneading waves to the bottom of your feet.

View On Vita Activate

  • Top rated in its class and ergonomically designed to be able to cater to your feet snuggly and efficiently this gadget soothes the aches and pains that you may be experiencing from a day to day basis.
  • Eliminates massive foot discomforts, relieves stress from your sols all the way down to your toes, enhances flow of blood in your system, works towards relief from anxiety.
  • Main function is to loosen the sores and colds of your feet for a more flexible balance when walking, it literally will stretch every nook and cranky to your preferred likeness within your muscles.

Customer positive reviews

Various happy users have rated this as a top foot massager on their list. They are very well pleased with how it works and the fit of the massager to the scales of their feet size are pleasing to lots of customers. It suited the pressure points on their feet to the T.

Customer’s negative reviews

A few people felt that this could have been made lighter so it will be an easy transfer if they ever wanted to take it out of their house from the office. Customers have said that this is a bit tad too heavy for them to have it as a portable foot massager.

uComfy Massager

It is one of the perfectly manufactured devices that will provide you with several modes to select from. You can activate or deactivate it according to your own requirements. This means that you can adjust the device according to the needs of your body. Some of the amazing features that you will come across are:

  • It has been equipped with the infrared light for the heating function that will warn your feet according to your requirements
  • In order to have a deep rub for the bottom of your feet it has been equipped with kneading functions in which the rollers are activated
  • It will improve the circulation of your feet by the air pressure technology that will squeeze your feet similar to the machine utilized to measure the blood pressure. You can select from the 5 different intensities

Customer positive reviews

The customers are happy with the ease of use and the simple to operate functionality it has been manufactured with. The device has been given a high rating because of the level of comfortability it has been providing. The complete range of foot size can easily adjust in the device. Many of the customers also said that they have found the relief to the pains and the aches that they were feeling before using this massager.  Especially in the month of the winter, the function of heating has been appreciated as well.

Customer’s negative reviews

Some of the customers said that the function of kneading was very intense to tolerate at the higher levels. However, some of them did not prefer the small cord. Some of the rare customers said that they have the extra large size of the feet and were unable to relax the heels of their feet.

Brookstone foot massager

The reason that the products by Brookstone have become so famous is that it has been providing the relaxation of the shiatsu massage and the comfort of the heat. The deep pressure is applied on the feet that target the special pressure points of the body resulting in relaxing the entire system of muscles and skeleton. The major purpose of this device is the reduction in stress and improvement in the circulation of blood in the feet.

When the combination of the massage and heat is applied on your feet you will gain the following benefits:

  • It will be easier for your feet to get relaxed and tolerate the massage
  • Circulation will be improved
  • Swelling is alleviated
  • Calluses softens and the joints are relaxed

Positive reviews by customers

The customers loved the fact that it is adjustable as well as very easy to utilize and understand. You can easily change the settings and the intensities according to your requirements. As of the appealing design, it is perfect to keep in the home and even in your workplace.

It is ideal for all sizes and age of individuals. It has been loved by the customers who had long working hours. The best thing is that in case you fall asleep while having the massage the device will automatically turn off within the duration of 15 minutes.

Negative reviews by customers

One of the major negative responses that have been noticed about the device is that it is not long lasting and loses the function of heat. Some of the clients have said that they got the broken item and some said that they did not feel any of the heat.

Massagers to relieve the feet pain and other issues

As of the sedentary lifestyle and long working hours, the feet issues are becoming common. Some of the most common ones are soreness, pain, tiredness, and ache. So some special foot massages have been specially designed to provide relieve from such kinds of conditions. So here, we have listed some of the best ones.

Foot arch massage roller by TheraFlow

It has been specially designed for the perfect deep tissues massage. Here are some of the features that you will come across:

  • The arch of the foot as well as the feet will get the deep and relaxing kneads.
  • Myofascial release will be stimulated within the planter fascia of the feet
  • The feet will roll over the wooden rollers that have been fitted with the help of the metal axle.
  • The natural wood of high-quality has been utilized in the manufacturing

Positive reviews

It perfectly fits the arches of the foot and made the customers feel the relaxation that they have desired. Apart from that, the wood makes the device not only comfortable but only easy to use. It is affordable and you will notice that you are having the services that you have paid for. It will be the perfect treatment that you can give to your feet with something natural.


MMF06 is designed for the therapist and is mostly utilized by the professionals as well. It is one of the most powerful massagers that you will come across. It has been manufactured with the following qualities:

  • There are 11 speeds ranging from 1000 rpm to 3700 rpm
  • Foot pads are oscillating
  • The feet, heels, and the toes are simulated with the help of the arch bars
  • Device targets the pressure points through the special surface
  • In case there is a non-carpeted floor you can also use the gel pads that are included
  • Apart from the feet you can also utilize it on the calves and the shins
  • It has been certified by the FDA as well as the CSA
  • Motor makes no noise

Customers loved

One of the aspects that are attracting the customers towards this device is that it has been utilized and often referred by the professionals.  It has also been noticed that using the device for 15 minutes every day will provide many positive outcomes and most of the feet related issues will be resolved.

Customers hated

The major problem that has been noticed with the device is that it is not reliable. Apart from that, the customers have complained that it is very expensive for them to pay for it after every few months.

For those who have to check the budget first

Many of you might be looking forward to having massager but you also have a limited budget. So here, we have for you some of the affordable massagers that will provide you the relief that you are looking for.

FMS-270H by HOMEDICS Foot Massager

You will be amazed to know that this massager will give you the relief of the expensive shiatsu massage in a very affordable rate. It will be perfect to relieve the foot pain but do not use it in case you are diabetic. Some of the interesting features that you will come across are:

  • The comfortable heat
  • In order to give the deep kneading the 6 rotational heads have been placed
  • There are 8 massaging nodes
  • Manufactured with the toe touch control system

Customers like

The customers loved the fact that with the 10 minutes massage they got the relief from the stressed feet. Apart from that, they like the fact that it very easy to use and have the automatic closing system.

Customers dislike

The clients did not like the position of the device. As it is hard for them to stabilize their feet on it.

The final verdict

So now, you have a wide range of options to select from among the foot massagers. Therefore, it is the time that you select the best one. Make sure that you will get the relaxations and the comfort that you have paid for. So get your feet relaxed and start each new day with a fresh beginning.

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Shiatsu Foot Massager Reviews


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