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Diatomaceous earth Silica Health Benefits

Diatomaceous earth - effect, application and studies

    Diatomaceous earth is a natural remedy with a high silicon content. The Silica, which is used as a remedy is obtained from fossil diatoms. Diatomaceous earth is called terra in Latin silicea. 

    Silicon is also in some foods such as potatoes and various vegetables. Silicon, even in small amounts can be found in the human body. There are usually about 20 mg per kg of body weight and it is essential for the various functions of the body. 

    Deficiencies of silicon may be in turn leads to unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, Silicon, for example in the silica, as dietary supplements and alternative remedies is offered. Diatoms, i.e. diatoms, from which the silica is then obtained live in sea water, or even occasionally in fresh water. 

    Also, they can be found but rarely in brackish water. There are many types of diatoms, according to some experts, it's approximately 10,000. These diatoms on the Earth have existed since time immemorial and there are fossils that prove it here in US. 

    You can also find deposits of diatoms in the Lüneburg and fossil diatom deposits also in Brandenburg, Germany. Also, these deposits in some other countries can be found. For example, in California, US as well as Australia.

    Diatomaceous earth became discredited not so long because tests showed that some products that were known to contain diatomaceous earth could not heal diseases. These products were made from sand crystals, quartz crystals and the like. These products were of course harmful to humans. 

    The original healing diatomaceous earth is made exclusively from fossil deposits. Therefore, it is important to know the manufacturers and suppliers to make sure it contains the necessary components for healing.

    Diatomaceous earth is available in various forms. In pharmacies, health food stores and also online here, you can buy such as tablets and capsules. But also silica in the form of a powder is offered here online. 

    Diatomaceous earth is also used in some medicines and also in cosmetics. In cosmetics, it can be used to improve the appearance of the skin, for example the powder mixed with water or oil is used as a face mask. For the hair, you can apply this mixture very well.

    There are recipes for the preparation of cosmetics with diatomaceous earth which can be found online and we're working to offer you the best resource on this very soon. 

Experiences and Traditions about the Effects of Silica
    Although the effect of Silica is sometimes criticized in the media, there are some evidences for the effectiveness of this natural remedy. It assumes by tradition from long years of experience with silica. Traditionally, silica has been effective on the following diseases and symptoms:

Promotion of bone formation
Problems with the hair growth
promoting nail growth
for the growth of teeth
Disorders of wound healing
Eczema and rashes
small wounds
Connective tissue weakness

    There are also few other diseases that are combated in the reports of experience with silica from the experiences of real customers that have tried the diatomaceous earth. There are also online publication from doctors and health practitioners who talk about the positive effect of diatomaceous earth. 

    However, sometimes, you are missing the relevant scientific studies since research into the health benefits of diatomaceous earth is only at the beginning stage but you can find some studies on silicon, a compound of silica online and draw
your conclusion on its effectiveness.

    What has been proved so far by science is that, the body requires silicon for the various functions in the human body. It can be serious deficiencies, if no balanced food is ingested and absorbed and Silicon is in insufficient quantity in the food. Typically, this deficiency is quickly noticeable. 

    It comes to cracked nails and dull, dry hair. In addition, the skin may look dry and brittle. But more dangerous symptoms are stunted, and susceptibility to various infections. Also bone loss can occur due to the lack of Silicon. But not only by poor diet of Silicon may reduce content in the body, but also by the increasing age.

   This is particularly dangerous, because as you get older, lack of Silicon can negatively affect the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, it is important that healthy foods containing Silicon are consumed. However, Silicon can be found in various vegetables and fruits. 

    A balanced diet can also be supported with the intake of silica. In this way, you can avoid deficiencies and the associated symptoms. If one suffers from brittle, dry hair, one can nust try out diatomaceous earth, because it has a positive effect on hair growth and hair health with the included Silicon. 

    The effect of diatomaceous earth centre on the silica when combines with water. This is a chemical reaction in the body through which, for example, the hair are supplied with nutrients. 

    Thus, the hair are much shinier and healthier. Also, the hair through the intake of silica grow back faster. The silica has still another effect. Silica can improve problems with dry, itchy scalp.

    Sustainable side effects from taking the silica are not known. However, it is worth mentioning that the diatomaceous earth is taken only as a cure for a certain time. Large quantities of silica is not recommended because it can lead to problems with the lungs and the respiratory tract. 

    As with all foods and food supplements, allergies can occur in some cases. Therefore, you should talk to a doctor if an allergy is suspected. It's also important talking to your doctor if you're already on drugs for certain diseases in order to avoid interaction. So far so good, this has not been documented, but this is recommended for any alternative remedies.

Application of diatomaceous earth
    For the siliceous Earth, there are several reasons to apply them. Most of the time people become aware that there is a deficiency is when symptoms have already occurred; such as brittle nails, brittle or dry hair and the like. 

    Since Silicon is important for the body, you can apply diatomaceous earth for these symptoms very well. Diatomaceous earth should be used as a cure for a certain time. You should know that, dosages vary, depending on the symptom and disease. 

    Also, there are various dosage forms for the application. So there's for example, tablets, capsules, and also the powder which can be taken. To buy the tablets and capsules, you should adhere to the leaflet and take the recommended amount. Who buys the powder, can make the dosage individually, depending on the need. 

    The powder can be added in food. So, you can eat the silica for example in the morning in the yogurt or your muesli. Also, the powder can be dissolved in water or other beverages, such as fruit juices. Well, this silica powder can be purchased online. 

    The gel can be applied externally and helps in wound healing. You can also find its use for insect bites, itching or other skin problems. It's recommended to apply the gel on the corresponding part of the body. You can find relief and the skin can also regenerate and heal faster. 

    Also, the powder is quite useful for external application. Of course, the powder
can be taken orally or you stir in a small amount of water and apply it on the skin or hair. If you're applying it to your hair, you should massage the silica on your hair scalp and then soak for a while before washing.

   The dual use in Acne is interesting. You can take diatomaceous earth orally so also on your skin. Through the applications here, you will notice that, the pores shrink, inflamed skin swell up and reddening of the skin disappear within a short period of time after application.

    The general appearance of the skin is improved dramatically through the application of the silica. But also, the use of silica in the increasing age is important. Because siliceous Earth contains silicon, you can take some health benefits by applying here. It is often said that, diatomaceous earth is designed to help joint pains such as rheumatism and arthritis.

   Without doubt, this siilica is definitely important for the bones and cartilage. At a time when it has to do with severe stress, you should also make a spa with diatomaceous earth. 

    In this way, you can improve the general well-being, stimulate the bodily functions and easily reduce stress. Also, the negative effects of stress can be reduced by taking it. 

    The intake of silica is also good for the immune system as it strengthened it through the application of the natural healing supplement so that, diseases such as colds and the like are more easily intercepted.

    Silica is used in folk medicine for many different purposes and people that have tried the diatomaceous earth felt good after taking it fee. Also, you can find some
helpful tips and instructions dealing with this topic as you continue reading.

Scientific studies on the silica
    There are many scientific studies on the silica that are very interesting. We can not cover all the scientific studies but would like to point out few interesting studies on this topic; for example from Finland, some scientific studies were carried out at the Department of Dermatology in Helsinki.

    Here, the effect of diatomaceous earth on the different symptoms and diseases were examined. Another study deals with the external application of silicon, the main ingredient in silica.

    The diatomaceous earth has been tested on female subjects that suffered brittle hair and nails brittle, aging skin and the like. Here, 50 subjects were tested for a period of 90 days, during which the silica were applied on the skin twice a day.

   Out of the 50 subjects, 3 left the study early because they experienced dry skin with the treatment of silica but the remaining subjects saw a dramatic difference in the appearance of the skin on the other hand. 

    Wrinkles have been smoothed, and pores are reduced in size. Also, it improved the resistance of the skin and the appearance of fingernails and hair.

    Another study which deals with the skin comes from the same source. Here, the dual intake of silica on skin diseases were examined. Also, 10 of the subjects had problems with joint pain in their knees and also examined the effect of silica.

    The subjects put the silica or silica gel on the skin and also the silica were also taken orally. This study lasted over a period of 3 months and the results of this study are amazing. 

    Though, 6 of the subjects in the control group left them during the study because they have reported no improvement in symptoms while the rest of the subjects that applied the diatomaceous earth experienced a sort of magic in the improvement of their skin. 

    It could be
observed that healed eczema and other skin conditions over
a period of 3 months. Also the subjects with the knee pain
reported a decrease in pain by over 50%. This study is very
interesting because you can draw conclusions on the actual
effect of diatomaceous earth.

    The study which deals with the effect of silica on acne comes also from Finland wherr 30 patients with acne were observed in this study. This includes, selected 15 patients that used the diatomaceous earth product during the study. The other 15 patients were treated with a placebo product. 

    The existing pimples, pustules and blackheads were documented and counted and the study lasted for a period of 6 weeks snd some days while the patients were examined continuously. As a result, the appearance of the skin could greatly be improved after 6 weeks for the group with the silica application while the placebo group showed almost no improvement. 

    The same patients with silica application were examined again after another 3 months and it could  be noted again that some of the patients experienced a complete cure of acne while others showed a dramatic improvement of symptoms.

    A study on the active substances of the diatomaceous earth and its effect on growth and bone health was conducted at the Rayne Institute of St. Thomas Hospital in London. Some other scientific organizations cooperated here for this study.

    It was the silica which is inhaled as dust, is quite toxic to the body and can cause problems with the lungs. It was also specified in detail that the excessive oral intake of silica can have negative effects; but at the same time, it was found that this product is safe as a time-limited treatment and in small doses. 

    Here, it is applicable to combat bone loss and other ailments of the bones effectively and to improve bone health. In this study, there are also charts that clearly show the improvement in symptoms.

Tips and suggestions for the use of diatomaceous earth
 Experiences about diatomaceous earth
    There are many experiences on the subject of diatomaceous earth. You can see not only scientific studies, but there are many testimonials from people who took a diatomaceous earth over a period of time on the Internet. These testimonies are positive. 

    Some people, after diatomaceous earth medication, experienced relief on their pain, such as in arthritis and improvement in the appearance of their skin. Hairs that are brittle and lackluster become shiny again after a treatment with diatomaceous earth and are very healthy. 

Side effects of silica
    Many people use diatomaceous earth today but you should be careful if you're one of those people because diatomaceous earth can have some side effects. It is therefore important to ensure that you always get good silica. it should be actually silica and not mixtures of different rocks.

   Since then, the effect can turn even on the contrary. Therefore, you should check exactly where you get your silica and the provider. It can be readily seen, whether you have acquired a good product. When taking it, you should make sure you don't breathe fine dust because it can cause lung problems. Therefore, it makes more sense to take capsules or tablets directly.

Silica for hair
    If you have many hair problems, silica product can make you glad since dull and dry hair usually sadden many people but a treatment with diatomaceous earth is ideal. The hair gets fresh again and shines. This is related to the stimulation of metabolism the silica causes. 

    You can take silica internally and can also apply externally in the form of gel. Then it is applied on the hair and the scalp, good to soak and again wash. It helps in hair loss - and without any side effects.

Silica capsule
   Siliceous Earth capsule is easy to take since not everyone loves drugs in powder or tablet form. There, it makes it easier if you take capsules. Also, one also has the correct dosage. Therefore, it is very good that you buy capsules of diatomaceous earth. 

    You have to bear in mind that, in terms of treatment, you need to take it for about 6 weeks up to 3 months as it's not a get-quick-result type of medication. Then you should stop for a while after this period. You can buy the capsules in drug stores, supermarkets with drug departments and of course easily over the Internet. You should make sure that, you get a good product and can rely well on the provider.

Silica tablets, often with biotin and zinc
    Often, when you have problems with the hair, skin and nails, you can buy products with silica, zinc and biotin. These three ingredients are then combined in one tablet and help solve the problems. It's easy here to take them, because there is
always the perfect dosage. 

Where can I buy diatomaceous earth?
    You can get good diatomaceous earth already in drugstores or supermarkets with a drugstore Division. There's the possibility to choose which provider you would like to buy the silica from if you purchase online. There are also many different
dosage forms. 

    For one, you can buy a powder, that's been getting for many people but, then there are capsules and tablets, which are easy to carry and can be found directly in the right dosage. For external use, there's even a gel that can be applied, for example for a hair treatment or skin problems.

    Diatomaceous earth is a good natural remedy that is safe to use, if it is properly metered. There are various dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules. The silica tablets and capsules should be taken according to the package instruction.

    There is also silica powder, which can be individually selected. In addition, this powder can be used for external application. It is good if you mix the powder with a small amount of water or oil and then apply on the area of this skin concerned. This is particularly useful for skin diseases, but also for the improvement and strengthening of the hair growth.

   If you like, you can buy silica gel online which can be applied externally. It is important to know that the silica as a Spa should be applied, not as a permanent remedy. The best scientific results were achieved when the silica was taken over a period of 6 weeks to 3 months.

   If you decide to take the diatomaceous earth over a period of time, you should discuss this with a medical expert, because it could have negative consequences. Also, it is important to respect the dosage instructions strictly.

    The powder can be stirred up naturally in your food and drink. However, it is important to use only small amounts of silica. The diatomaceous earth can be a very important tool for improving the appearance of your skin. 

    Especially people with acne and skin diseases, such as for example eczema, can benefit from the silica in long time application. It can also be taken to improve the aging process, osteoporosis and other bone diseases by ingesting silica. 

    Scientific studies have shown that, with the use of diatomaceous earth, certain diseases and symptoms can be cured. Especially in advanced age, where the body absorbs Silicon only in small quantities, the intake is recommended because the exact substance is contained in the silica. To make an end to the deficiency symptoms, therefore, the silica is a recommended supplement.

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Diatomaceous earth Silica Health Benefits


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