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Hemp Protein Health Benefits

Hemp protein - more nutrients is hardly
    Hemp proteins are increasingly popular everyday. For one, because they are gluten - free and lactose-free, and on the other hand, because it is a perfect nutrient bombs. They contain not only essential Omega fatty acids but also numerous minerals and a large proportion of fiber. They are also easy to digest.

    Another plus is the ideal amino acid profile and thus hemp proteins are the healthiest and most nutritious protein powder. The nutrient bombs diet is of great importance, especially for people who are vegan.

    With the help of the hemp proteins, the body is supplied with important nutrients which are secured only through the consumption of animal products. Furthermore, the hemp protein is extremely important for athletes and they're much appreciated.

    You dont need to nurse fear having hemp proteins to make "high" or in any way
have a psychoactive effect. The content of THC is so low that it almost immeasurable. Although, you must not take any medication without consulting your medical doctor as he knows more about your health than you, yourself.

Hemp is not the same as hemp plant
    There are many qualities that distinguish them in respect to cannabis. Firstly there is the Indian hemp (Cannabis indica) which serves as a pure medical and drug plant. On the other hand, there, the variety of hemp cannabis sativa, which serves as a crop.

    While this hemp is mainly used as industrial hemp to produce hemp fibres. The by-product of cannabis sativa, however, is the production of hemp oil and hemp protein. While leaves and flowers are used in the hemp oil, hemp proteins are produced from the meal of cold-pressed hemp seeds.

    Of course yes, only hemp crops are used in the production, which have a THC below 0.2 percent and are therefore not intended for the production of marijuana or hashish. This means that, there's no need for an unnecessary fear taking the hemp protein.

    Hemp proteins have the advantage that, they are easy to digest and to other lactose - free and gluten-free, which in turn will benefit many people with allergies. It is even claimed that hemp protein is so nutritious that a person can take it only for months without causing a nutrient deficiency.

    This hemp protein can be prepared in varieties and mixed in drinks or prepared as a tea. But the hemp protein can also be used for baking. Proteins are important for the body as you know even right from the elementary school days. The human body consists of 20% proteins which are found in all cells of the human body.

    The amino acids that are made from proteins should be recorded with the food regularly, so the body is nourished properly. Proteins are important for muscle building, so also for tissue repair, the human body needs these proteins.

    Even just proteins can be used to build up the muscle mass. They are important for you to have a healthy and strong body. Hemp protein is perfect for the human body particularly due to the excellent composition. The hemp protein is mostly taken by the bodybuilders and athletes to strengthen the body and build muscle.

   While they usually use isolated proteins such as whey protein, which is known also under the name of whey protein. These support the body in muscle building but have its disadvantage since they contain no additives or even fiber. The whey proteins are not very well tolerated in the body and could slow intestinal and digestive activities which can lead to acidosis.

    Hemp protein, however, is highly digestible and contain many nutrients, especially those that are rich in fiber, which in turn will benefit the digestive process. Still, they are rich in essential fatty acids, trace elements, minerals and vitamins and provide the body with all important substances.

    You should ensure that the acid base contents are in balance. This is very important to keep the balance for a healthy body. Every one should be a 'mini dietitian' when it comes to food and health. You should known the contents of your foods.

Hemp protein for vegetarians and vegans
    You might've heard it severally that vegans are likely going to suffer deficiency symptoms because they completely give up animal products, they have also less protein in their body. This has often resulted in malnutrition; because, even proteins found in milk products have animal origin.

    Therefore, they are avoided by vegans and a malnutrition is the consequence. To avoid this, hemp protein is an important aid that supplied with the all-important proteins for vegans and vegetarians and can thus prevent the protein deficiency.

Hemp proteins for allergy sufferers
    Hemp protein is also important for allergy. Because people with a celiac disease or also a lactose intolerance often have problems finding the right foods. To the one that they eat healthy and not suffer from lack of nutrition and on the other hand, it also bring variety in their diet.

    Because this is not always easy, wiith hemp protein, a varied diet is still possible, because it can be easily used for baking, if a part of the usual flour is replaced.

Hemp protein for weight loss
    Hemp protein has yet another advantage because it can help with weight loss. This is because hemp protein is rich in fiber and can saturate so long. Thus, the appetite is reined because the feeling of fullness lasts.

    Combined with regular exercise, it increases the metabolism and help I'm reducing weight. Also, the unsaturated fatty acids continue to support slimming because it can balance a high-calorie diet.

This is so special to the hemp protein
   The herbal hemp protein offers a huge advantage compared to animal protein or products such as tofu and soy. It has numerous substances and is thus very important for the entire body.

    In addition to a unique amino acid profile, hemp protein has to offer the following:
an almost perfect fatty acid patterns especially high biological value
It features micro-nutrients such as minerals, trace elements and vitamins
the fiber is extremely high
No trypsin inhibitors and oligosaccharides
(Verdauungshemmer) are included

    All of these make the hemp protein to be processed into a precious powder and can significantly assist the body.

Amino acids in hemp protein
    Amino acids occur as building blocks for proteins in the body and are organic compounds. Thereby, the amino acid profile in the optimum ratio, as well as in sufficient quantity exists, especially in the hemp protein.

    Since the body can not manufacture the essential amino acids but it had to be absorbed through the diet. Thus, hemp protein is well suitable, particularly to provide the body with essential amino acids. Amino acids are not only for muscle building, but also for the repair of cell, regeneration and tissue repair.

    Advancing in its benefits to the cardiovascular system as well as blood pressure, it has positive effects through the amino acid L-arginine, which is included in the hemp protein. In addition, it's assumed that L-arginine has a potency effect.

Fatty acids in hemp protein
    Hemp protein also has a nearly perfect fatty acid pattern. In the hemp protein, about 10% hemp oil can be found, which are characterized in particular by the important omega-3 and Omege-6 fatty acids.

    Still, polyunsaturated linoleic acid as well as triple-unsaturated linolenic acid are present in the hemp protein and are also considered essential. The outstanding fatty acid pattern is therefore good for the cholesterol and protects the brain from deposits, which in turn can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. For this reason, hemp protein is used also for treating of Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease.

'Biological value' of hemp protein
    Efficiency is meant to be referred to the term "Biological value", with which the body can absorb a food protein, then convert this into an endogenous protein. In particular, the correct composition of the essential amino acids is responsible.

    Because the protein from the body and the protein from food are similar, the processing is the easier. Through the unique amino acids composition, hemp protein has a high biological value. However in two protein types, the distinction - globulin (65 percent and albumin (35 percent):)

    About 40 percent of globulins are contained in the human body. They serve not only as a transport protein but regulate the pH of enzymes and are energy supplier. The main task in the immune system is however to ward off foreign objects of any kind and to prevent an intrusion.

   Having a very high similarity to the protein in the hemp protein, globulin can be exploited very well without precipitation that could in turn burden the kidney or liver.

    Albumin is very similar to the protein of Chicken ice cream. However, it's still nice for vegan and still has the advantage that it is very easy to digest and can continue to have a high sulphur content.

Trace elements, minerals and vitamins in the hemp protein
    Many micronutrients such as trace elements, minerals and vitamins are contained in hemp protein. This referred to the concept of micro-nutrients supply but no energy substances are absorbed by the body.

    Most of these substances are essential substances that must be fed into the body via the food and are important for cell growth, hormone growth and metabolism. In particular, the essential vitamins such as iron, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc in the hemp protein which are supplied to the body.

    While iron is a component of many enzymes and is required for the transport of oxygen, the body needs magnesium for the immune system and is essential in the cell membrane. Vitamin E, however, acts as an antioxidant and protects the body. A vitamin E deficiency can cause fatigue and very dry skin.

    Zinc, however, is necessary for cell growth, metabolism and hormones, as well as for the immune system.

Fibers in hemp protein
    Hemp protein is full of fiber and help with a functioning digestion. It's Act is usually on indigestible food components, especially when the fiber comes from plant foods. Nevertheless, they are important, because they are responsible for the cleaning of the intestine and also for good digestion.

    Therefore, hemp protein is excellently suitable as the fiber is especially high and thus keeps the gastrointestinal tract in balance.

No Trypsin inhibitors and Oligosaccharides in hemp protein
    Trypsin inhibitors are often used to disrupt the digestive system of plant pests. The problem, however, is that it can interfere with the human digestive system. Especially on soybeans, these are used often and can cause problems with digestion.

    Trypsin inhibitors are contraindicated in hemp plants, however, it's a big advantage. Also, oligosaccharides are not present in the hemp protein, which can cause even an incompatibility in the human body. Oligosaccharides is a multiple sugar that certain enzymes needed for digestion and to decompose carbohydrates.

    Especially, to the people lacking this enzyme, it can come as the oligosaccharides are then deposited in the gut and may cause abdominal pain, bloating, or even diarrhea. Oligosaccharides can be found in soy beans and legumes but not in hemp protein.

Studies on hemp protein
    Unfortunately, there's no meaningful study on hemp protein. However, the researchers have overall deal with hemp seed and hemp oil since hemp protein is made from hemp seeds.

Dosage of hemp protein
    The dosing of the hemp protein depends mainly on how much protein from other sources is involved. Also, it's still on the activity. Here, a nutritional database can help to calculate the protein content per day. It is important to start with small amounts because the fiber content is very high. This can cause side effects in the gastrointestinal tract.

Side effects of hemp protein
    Hemp protein is almost devoid of side effects. However, when Dosage too high, especially at the outset, flatulence or diarrhea may occur. The reason for this side effect is especially as a result of the very high proportion of dietary fibre which many people are not accustomed with.

     Otherwise, there is usually no side effect to be expected. The advantage is that, the hemp protein can be eaten by people with lactose or gluten intolerance because
the proteins is plant-based.

Recipes with hemp protein
   Hemp protein is popular; most especially in smoothies. Here it can be added easily. So also it can used in juices, as well as in tea. If however you want to add snacks to your meal, hemp protein bars could be good alternative to other foods.

China hemp protein bars
Ingredients 1:
1 cup hemp protein
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup ground hazelnuts
1 cup soaked sunflower seeds (the seeds should be soaked in water for 5 hours)
1 cup of Goji berries
1 cup raisins - if necessary
½ of Cup dried cranberries
½ of Cup shelled hemp seeds
½ Cup sesame seeds peeled or unpeeled
5 cups of Amaranthpops or Quinoapops

Ingredients 2:
Use 1 cup of soaked dates - soaking water
½ of cup almond paste
½ Cup Chia seeds
some honey or maple syrup
1 pinch of salt
some vanilla, if necessary

Preparation of the hemp protein bar:
1. all ingredients 1 in a bowl, mix well
2. ingredients 2 together in the blender and puree to a sauce.
3. the sauce of the ingredients 2 and the ingredients 1 in the bowl and mix everything well. If the mass is too dry, some almond milk can be added.
4. the mass now on parchment paper and mark the bars with a knife.
5. Preheat with oven to 160 degrees and bake the bars for about 15 to 20 minutes.
6. Allow the bars to cool and break through at the marked points.
The Chia hemp protein bars are durable for a few days but you can keep them in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks or in a dry box.

Buying hemp protein
    If you would like to buy hemp protein, you must keep in mind some things. There are many dealers who sell powder or even tablet but you should have confidence in the dealers before you patronize them. On the other hand, the origin and the contents especially in terms of additives, especially for tablets, also matter a lot.

    Care should be taken when buying hemp protein. Always go for high organic quality, so that you get only the best to do good for your health.

    Hemp protein is a great supplement to the body with important mineral substances, trace elements to provide vitamins and fiber. While it is suitable also for people with a gluten or lactose intolerance, it's an exceptional protein and energy supplier for people suffering from allergy.

    Hemp protein is blessed with an optimal pattern of fatty acid and amino acid profile and can be utilized by the body very well.

    Hemp protein is not only a unique and healthy supplement for bodybuilders and athletes but can prevent deficiency symptoms substantially in vegans. Also, hemp protein can help reducing weight since it is full of dietary fiber which can saturate for a longer period of time.

    If you want to keep your body healthy with good protein and important nutrients, you should not undervalue hemp protein.

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Hemp Protein Health Benefits


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