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Review of Goji Berries Uses, Nutrition, Health Benefits on & Side effects

General information about the Goji Berry
    The Goji Berry shrub, ( Latin Lycium Barbarum), is a nightshade plant which is often serve as a decorative plant in Europe. The original origin of the plant is not really known as far as I'm concerned because the Goji Berry shrub can be found from
south eastern Europe to Asia (China).

    For example, in Ningxia, China; It is a known region where the Goji Berry grow. The Berry is grown there and further processed into various forms. Either you want the dried Goji Berry or Goji Berry juice, you can get these products from China.

    In China, the Goji Berry is among the Group of natural remedies, but also often used in Chinese cuisine. Also In China, the dried Berry in a tincture of alcohol is often
given. It is used as a cure for high blood pressure and blood sugar and the berry is also used  for eye-diseases, against infection by viruses and the prevention of cancer.

    There are different types of Goji Berry plants that are grown in Asia. Here in Europe, it can be seen that this plant is often used as an ornamental plant and the wild growing the Goji Berry shrub mainly found in southern European countries.

    The plant grows up about two to four meters and has juicy, green leaves and pretty purple flowers in summer. This plant's flowering time is from June to September and the berries can be harvested when it's done.

    It is quite possible to plant Goji berries even in the garden because this tree can survive the winter in US without further ado. The plant can tolerate up to -25 ° c ground frost. It is therefore considered winter hardy, but needs lots of light and sunshine and you should plant them in a sunny corner of the garden and not in the shadow.

    Also, the cooking of jams with Goji berries is possible. They are ideal for mixing with other fruits. The interest was big here in Europe since the 20th century  because the Goji Berry has been used for centuries in China as a remedy and the effectiveness is second to none.

    Researchers wanted what it has as the healing power some years ago. These scientists were surprised about the results of these studies. Actually, the Gogi berries has healing effects and till today, it is still used in alternative medicine for various diseases.

    Some people believed that the Goji Berry is poisonous. However, this is not the case because studies have shown that it can be taken on the contrary, for the preservation of health. This Berry is generally well-tolerated and suitable for consumption.

Effects of Goji Berry as a natural remedy
    Today, Naturopaths recommend the Goji Berry in the treatment of various diseases because it is well suited as an alternative remedy. In China, for example, the Berry is applied to counter high blood pressure. But also in other diseases, such as cancer, the Goji berry can be quite effective.

    Here are the many important valuable nutrients of the Goji Berry. So, it was discovered that the Berry contains high levels of vitamin C. Also, vitamin B and E are included in the Goji Berry. Other ingredients are amino acids and trace elements such as iron, copper, magnesium and the like.

    Under the healing effects of Goji berry, especially the antioxidant properties that are worth mentioning. The antioxidants positively affect the cell production. Therefore, you can apply Goji berries today as anti-aging remedies to suit your desire for the fountain of youth.

    Antioxidants are necessary for combating free radicals and therefore, oxidative stress can be reduced. Another amazing effect is the prevention of the calcification in the brain which can cause Alzheimer's diseases. Medical doctors believed that amyloid peptides are responsible for this disorder and they can be fought by just taking Goji berries.

    In Asian countries, the Goji berry is regularly consumed and diseases such as Alzheimer's are dealt with. In General, you can slow the aging process with the regular consumption of Goji berries. But the Berry is particularly also good for the prevention of chronic diseases and infectious diseases.

    The immune system can be strengthened just as with the regular consumption of Goji berries. An effect that has become particularly well known in Europe in recent years is the weight loss achieved with the consumption of Goji berries.

    Some Hollywood stars swear by diets and that they are offset with Goji berries. The Goji Berry favorably affects digestion and metabolism. Fats in the body are 'trimmed' by taking this diet can be a beneficial support. But also for the production of cosmetics, this Berry is useful because the ingredients stimulate cell production.

    In Europe, the Goji berries extracts are traded as anti aging resources. There are some products that contain the Goji berries extracts but if you would like to, you can simply establish your own cosmetics with this Berry.

    It requires no large quantities of Berry. Already, a handful of dried berries per day are sufficient for the healing effects to manifest. Therefore, the Berry is happily recommended by health practitioners and also nutritionists.

    The Goji Berry is ideal for decreasing blood flow and it can really improve blood flow, so also good for the cardiovascular system. However, if you're on blood-thinning agents, you should speak to your physician first taking Goji berry for consumption. Although, small amounts are not harmful bt larger amounts may lead to bleeding if you consume it at the same time with blood-thinning medications. You've to be a little cautious.

    As always with all foods, regardless of whether fruit or vegetable, you should seek medical attention if you feel an allergic reaction and Goji berries are not exception. We've always been emphasizing the importance of keeping your physician updated on every symptom within or on your body.

    The sensitivity to these berries has been rarely observed. The Goji berries are generally well tolerated and sustainable side effects could not be determined so far in all the studies. Goji berries are safe for consumption and can be used as a dietary supplement without any risk.

    Without any fear, it can be ingested as an alternative medicine and supportive as a remedy to other medications. It was found that people who are sensitive to other drugs, have their body system tolerating these berries without any step being made.

    For example, in treating cancer, the healing process of the patients can be improved chemotherapy and also the Goji Berry and accelerate the healing process a bit.

Application areas for Goji berries and other important notices
    The Goji Berry is very popular and now is used as an aid in weight loss. Here, the berries are used because you can take them in various forms. For example, you can take fresh berries or dried ones in with the morning cereal food or simply drink a glass of Goji berries juice.

    The berries can be used also for cooking and baking. There are some great recipes you would love to test to make your delicacies. It's also Interesting to know that you can make a jam with Goji berries and other fruits.

    By the way, the jams can be ordered online also as already finished food. If you don't like the taste of berries, you can take the pills or capsules, all for the sake of its healthy nutrient contents for your health benefits.

    You should not worry yourself about the right dosage, you can simply follow the leaflet or talk to a dietician or your doctor. It is worth noting that, it is not necessary to consume large amounts of Goji berries. A handful per day is more than enough. If you decide to opt for its juice, then the recommended amount is approximately 120 ml per day.

    You can go on a diet with Goji berries, it is recommended because it can prevent deficiencies. The berries are full of good ingredients that are necessary during a diet. Also, it can assist you in losing weight.

    The Goji berries which stimulate the metabolism and therefore make the body consume more energy. Also, the calories and fats are burned by the energy consumption. Some people resort to chemicals to improve the metabolism which is not 100% safe if I may say since it's not done organically.
    Again, you can see new diet pills you can buy. With Goji berries, you can stimulate metabolism without any chemical product. Goji berries should come  organic, no pesticides should be used. So, you can use a natural product for the diet and change your diet accordingly.

    A good idea is to use dried Goji berries as a snack. This way, you can prevent cravings. No matter what form of Goji berries you choose to use, either fresh, dried, juice,  as a tablet or capsule, what's important is to maintain a balanced diet.

    There are many interesting tips and information about good diets and the use of Goji berries.

    You need to be informed if you're not aware of the fact that, Goji berries are not only used in the kitchen for food preparation and for diet. The Goji berries are used  also for the treatment of various diseases. So, they can be applied for the following reasons:

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Cancer prevention and control
  • Alzheimer's
  • Infection of the pancreas
  • Prostatic disease
  • Strengthening of the immune system

    For more applications of Goji berries, such as eye disease, it is highly recommended in Asia. However, there are still not much information about this in the Western world. Studies on the exact effects of Goji berries are still undertaken and new information are coming.

Scientific studies about Goji berries
    Except for the studies which come from China, there are also interesting studies from the United States here. Scientists free life international, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona investigations should prove whether and what are the effects of goji juice on the general well-being of the people.

    For example, in a case where Subjects were given 120 ml of goji berry juice per day. After a short time, the subjects reported enhanced performance and energy after a few days. An effect that was reported by virtually all subjects was the
improvement and regulation of digestion.

    Also, it has been described that, sleep has been drastically improved and the subjects woke up in the morning easy and refreshed. Stress has been reduced and the subjects felt balanced and happy. The study was only conducted over a period of 15 days.

    The studies from the United States would be controlled with a placebo group. The subjects who received the Goji Berry Juice noted drastic changes in their well-being, while the placebo group reported no difference in health.

    Another one that interest me is the study that has been published in conjunction with Goji Berry extract and cancer diseases. This study had resulted in the finding that, cancer tumors can be countered by the extract.

    A further positive effect in the treatment of cancer was that the improvement in the general well-being of the patients, although they were weakened by chemotherapy and radiation.

    Therefore, the use of Goji berries as an alternative remedy and to support the conventional medicines is recommended.

    Further studies prove the effect of Goji berries in Alzheimer's. Some deposits in the brain are responsible for this disease. Researchers examined the effect of the active ingredients in the Goji Berry and the result was that, Alzheimer's can be slowed down and prevented.

    Mood swings, dementia diseases, depression and the like which are age related can also be improved and avoided entirely. Studies clearly proved that Goji berries are healthy and, taking it regularly, you can prevent various diseases. Organs such as liver and prostate or the pancreas can be protected.

A few tips and pointers on how you can use the Goji berries
The effect of small red berry
    The Goji berry has high content of vitamin C and B complex, it has a tremendous success in healing medicine. Consuming it regularly will make you tto lower high blood pressure and the immune system in particular will become strengthened. I

    It is also known that, it works very well on the brain and increases the activity there. The Berry is a great natural miracle cure. You can take the Goji Berry capsules if you don't like the tart taste of red berries, since it does not matter whether they are well dried or fresh. Therefore, you can choose to buy the capsules with the active ingredient of Goji berries. These are very easy to take, and above all, you have always the correct dosage.

Where can you buy Goji berries?
    If you have the ability to grow Goji berries in your own home garden, then, you can have it both fresh and dried form for consumption. However, if you don't have enough space to grow it, you can buy any good health or food stores.

Side effects of Goji berries
    I've emphasized on the fact that, if you have to take any drug that serve as a blood-thinning agent or you're having  genetic problems with your blood, you should consult a doctor before taking the capsules and even berries, either to be taken fresh or dried.

    Otherwise, it is not really known that the berries have negative properties. Although, previously, it was believed that they are poisonous, so we now know that this is not the case, but on the contrary, the Goji berries are health beneficial.

 Slimming with the Goji Berry
    You can reduce your weight by taking the Goji berries but this is not going to happen like magic and you're not going to get result in few days. In fact, it must be in combination with other diet and support of workout that are planned towards shedding some pounds.

    Researchers discovered that, diet that includes food substances with rich amounts of antioxidants are a good helper in lowering your weight to improve general health and healthy living and studies have shown that, Goji berry is the most enriched food with antioxidants which in turn, making it an ideal food to lose weight naturally without any side effects. It was said to even have more antioxidants than blueberries.

    Since it's important to maintain your weight in order to live a better life, it's a good business to control your weight especially if you're overweight as obese people are susceptible to many diseases especially the heart related ones. However, Goji berries could be a savior to help you reducing weight with its high level of antioxidants.

    For one, the fiber here give a feeling of satiety and they lower the blood sugar rise. Also, for people with deficiency in vitamins, the Goji Berry helps because it ensures a healthy balance with their high content in vitamins and trace elements.

Result on the Goji Berry
    Goji berry is actually a good alternative remedy and if you want to do good for your health, you should add definitely add Goji Berry to your food plan. No matter whether you would like to make a diet and looking for a natural food supplement, digestion and want to stimulate metabolism or seeking a cure for various chronic diseases, the Goji berry is recommended here.

    There are some other products made from Goji Berry, you can also include them in your diet plan if you can not get a fresh or dried Goji berry probably because it's not grown in your locality, so you can supplement your diet.

    So, there's the juice of the berries and delicious jams, which can be ordered online at any time but if you don't really like the taste of Goji berries, you can get the extract as tablets and capsules in any reputable health store.

    You will have the advantage to know the right dosage for want you want to achieved with using the Goji berries as you can simply follow the package label. The tablets are suitable also for people who work a lot and don't have enough time to prepare food themselves. So, you need not to forgo the valuable ingredients of Goji berry.

    The Goji Berry itself is very versatile. You can eat a handful of berries with cereal or wreak cold dishes with the Berry. For example, yogurt and cottage cheese dishes can be refined very well with Goji berries. You can prepare its own jams also. To do this, you can mix the berries with other fruits.

    If you're thinking of finding an easy way to purchase a Goji berry extracts or its product; Of course, you can buy the jams as finished product online. There are also many online good recipes that show one what you can do with Goji berries.

    The Berry finds its place in sauces, meat and poultry dishes, but also in baked goods. It is important that you pay attention to the quality of the Goji Berry. The Berry should come from the organic source where no pesticides are used.

    The capsules and tablets should have a high degree of purity and processed without additives and fillers. Vegetarians and vegans should read the description well before buying because animal fats are used in some capsules.

    Goji berry products with a high quality often come from the Ningxia region in China. Here, the Berry has the perfect conditions for growth. But even Goji berries from Europe are quite good and available. If you the cost of getting Goji berries and its products, most times it is always cheaper on online health food store and you can save a lot of money with cost effectiveness.

   The Goji Berry is not necessarily a cheap food but when you consider the health benefits, you will find great value in its price. There are often special deals where you can get the dried berries and also the juice online for a cheaper price.

    In any case, it is worth to try out this berry, you will notice the effect of its  healing ingredients after a few days. What's your take on this healthy food?

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Review of Goji Berries Uses, Nutrition, Health Benefits on & Side effects


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