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Baobab:Tree Fruit, Powder, Seed Organic Oil, Tea Nutrition & Benefits

    The Baobab Tree in an African Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata) is known as a true tree of life. As for centuries, this tree is used as a natural source for health. The Baobab is a veteran among the trees and it looks not only very impressive with its height of 15 to 20 metres but can live for several thousand years too.

    Also, its canopy with a diameter of 20 meters is hard to beat. In doing so, the
Baobab is used for many diseases and among others can strengthen the immune system and provide relief for a wide variety of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Above all, all parts of the tree are edible and can be prepared differently.

Origin and History of the Baobab
    The Baobab is based in the African savanna and impresses with its amazing size. Its name is derived from the Arabic term "bu hibab" and means "Fruit with many seeds". It's one of the most famous tree species and is useful for humans and animals.

    It can take several years before flowering but it blooms in all its glory and about six months later, it develops the first fruits. Sometime, it looks as if the egg-shaped
fruits were extra hung in the Baobab, they grow on drooping stems.

Properties of the Baobab Tree and Fruit
    The fruits of the tree, which can reach a size of up to 40 centimetres, ripen in about 8 months and depending on the region, they are ovoid, oblong or globose. During this maturation period, they change the color from greenish to a yellow or brown tint.

    By the very high vitamin C content, tastes sour pulp, but it has a solid to brittle consistency and has edible seeds inside, which contain much fat and are kidney-shaped. To make the valuable Baobab powder from the fruits, they hang very long on the tree.

    You discard the liquid at the Baobab Tree and thus dry alone. When dried enough, the ripe fruit are harvested and fibers and pulp are separated from each other. Then, the pulp is processed to the excellent Baobab powder.

    The root of the Baobab, with a diameter of about 10 meters, consists of spongy fiber that can save much water. So the tree can endure longer drying times. There is also the very thick bark, with about 10cm, a protection against smaller Bush fires to make the Baobab Tree survive very well.

    Have you seen this impressive Baobab tree before? The tree, belonging to the
Mallow family has an extraordinary form. The root is relatively short compared to the Crown, making the tree crown appear more extravagant. The tree has
no leaves, the Crown looks like a root system.

Mysteries about its Origin
   There are mysteries about its origin and it's funny to share these stories with you. "Some thought that the devil has pulled the tree out of the ground and first
put it into the ground with the branches.

    According to another legend, he saw a Hyena in the water to see how ugly it
was and tore the Baobab out of the ground before loud rage and threw them into the sky to their creator. Because he missed his target with the tree, it fell back on the Earth and vice versa got stuck in the ground.

    In addition, it also means that the Baobab was going to be the most beautiful tree and after this didn't work, he put its head into the ground and the root system extends upwards."

    The root system of young Baobab trees leads vertically into the ground. First, if the Baobab tree grows older, it can develop a lateral root system that can range up to a depth of 1.80 meters into the Earth.

Requirements and Advantages of Growing Baobab Tree
    Basically, all parts of the tree can be used and it is an important helper for humans and animals. Elephants, for example, use the Baobab as a natural water source, by breaking up the bark with their tusks. With the trunk, they then bring out the fibers soaked with water to absorb the moisture.

    You can get Baobab In many nurseries and garden stores and start growing it in your garden; it thrives almost anywhere but not so much in Africa. However, it can get quite a height of several meters if the ground is nutritious.

    When the Baobab tree is planted in a pot, it should be repotted every two years. In the garden, however, can he magnificently grow and thrive and require no water in the winter. However, it must be protected from Frost.

    The site is particularly important because the Baobab Tree prefers a bright and sunny place. It's entirely possible to put it directly on the window, or in the garden in the direct sun. The Baobab in a room with about 10 to 15 degrees should be overwintered.

   Caution is advised in the irrigation because one of the requirements of Baobab tree is that, it requires not much water. In fact, if it's in the garden and it's raining much, the pot should be provided with sufficient holes so that the water can flow out easily.

    Usually, the Baobab Tree is watered but only in the summer, when it is completely dried out. In winter, only enough nutrients in the soil must be present so a casting can be avoided. Baobab should be fertilized in the summer for about 1 to 2 times per month.

    This should be used on a special fertilizer for Baobab trees. If you pay attention to these things, you can then hold Baobab in the garden or in the winter garden easily. It's an undemanding tree which is very easy to clean and also a beautiful ornamental plant.

Ingredients of the Baobab
    The Baobab Tree is rich in minerals and vitamin C. But the Baobab has also saturated and unsaturated fatty acids which in turn means that the purchase of Baobab health can be very helpful. When the diet is sometimes unhealthy, Baobab powder can help a little to compensate for these deficits.

    The following mineral content was measured in 100 grams of Baobab pulp:
Iron: 9.3 mg (53 percent of the daily requirement (RDA))
Potassium: 1240 mg (35% RDA)
Calcium: 295 mg (30% RDA)
Copper: 1.6 mg (80% RDA)
Magnesium: 90 mg (23% RDA)
Zinc: 1.8 mg (12% RDA)

Health Benefits of Baobab
    Moreover, Baobab contains six times more vitamin C than oranges which can optimally protect the body from free radicals and improves the utilization of iron in the body. The potassium content is also six times higher than in bananas and also the calcium content is twice as high as in milk.

    Furthermore, vitamin B1, which has a positive effect on the nervous system is included in the Baobab and the high fiber content in the Baobab Tree makes for a healthy digestive system and a balance of blood fat values.

    But also in weight reduction, the fiber can be a helper since they also saturate long and can prevent cravings. As antioxidants are contained in the Baobab, which protect the body from free radicals and also make sure that damaged cells can repair themselves better.

    The essential fatty acids as well as the protein in the Baobab Tree are very interesting and also important. The Omega 3, 6 and Omega-9 fatty acids not only has a positive effect on the skin but have a very good effect on the whole body.

    Most importantly, they can be a good helper for eczema and psoriasis. Especially for people who suffer from osteoarthritis, a key helper can be Baobab because in joint complaints, the Baobab oil can work real wonders. It is also useful for large stress to the joints, inflammatory processes or also reduced mobility.

    It does not only have antioxidant's properties but provide a better cell renewal,
also, inflammation and the pain can be relieved.

Application of Baobab
    Baobab has positive affect on the body and mind. So it strengthens not only the immune system, but is suitable also for gastro intestinal disorders. Continue to Baobab antipyretic and is ideal for flu-like infections with fever.

    Therefore, the purchase of Baobab is unavoidable especially if there are children in the House because it can reduce fever naturally without damaging side effects.

Baobab for the Immune System
    The immune system is very complex and even small deficiencies can lead to deterioration. However, Baobab powder or in any form can destroy germs in healthy immune system and protect the body.

    Also, it is important to eat healthy and balanced diet. Baobab in particular helps content, as well as a large amount of vitamin B6 by the high vitamin C that keep the immune system to remain intact. Because the vitamin C helps the iron, which is absorbed through food to be processed by the body better.

    Therefore, Baobab is also ideal to support a stress-ridden body and thus the immune system to help to stay in balance.

Baobab to the Digestive System
    The digestive system is the Foundation for well-being and has a central meaning for health. As also the high calcium content of the fiber in Baobab ensures a very good digestion and even helps you lose weight.

    The Baobab powder can not make a healthy and balanced diet but can be of help because a tablespoon of Baobab fruit powder, so about 10 grams, contains so many dietary fiber as a slice of whole wheat bread.

    For children who often suffer from blockages, Baobab can be a gentle digestive aid. They regulate amongst not only the intestine activity, also bind toxins, waste products, bile acids and cholesterol, make sure that the substances out are discharged faster from the gut.

Baobab and Control of Sugar Level
    Another advantage is that the fiber reduce the rise in blood sugar after a meal, which is an important aspect for people with diabetes. Because they can control sugar better, so the sugar have less problems with large fluctuations. Cravings are also reduced, which in turn facilitate the removing.

Baobab with Diarrhea and Fevers
    At the University of Padua, a study was conducted with African infants, showed that Baobab can be effectively used in diarrhea. In addition, the researchers found that Baobab on diarrhea better acts like drugs that are recommended by the World Health Organization.

    Still, scientists found that the Baobab powder achieved good results also for fever and can reduce the fever. At the same University, it was found that the daily dose of Baobab has the same effect as 500 mg paracetamol and is thus antipyretic found in an animal study.

Baobab for more Energy
    Not infrequently, people are exhausted at the present time due to work, stress, and family. To get it under control is not easy and fast to be achieved. There are sleep disorders, which also provide for the listlessness. Baobab can be of excellent help since it's full of thiamine, vitamin B1 and high content of vitamin C and vitamin B6.

    These are indispensable for the function of the nervous system and help with exhaustion and fatigue. Still, they help for a good mood and balance so that the batteries can be recharged. Summarily, one can say that Baobab is an excellent Assistant in many health complaints.

Baobab powder can help on the following

  • Antiviral and antibacterial infections
  • Arthrosis and arthritis
  • Blutfett-, blood sugar and cholesterol levels keep in balance
  • Ulcerative
  • Disturbed intestinal flora (Darmdysbiosen)
  • Diabetes
  • Diverticulosis
  • General Disease of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Detoxification/deacidification
  • Fever
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Skin diseases
  • Cough
  • Liver weakness
  • Malaria
  • Osteoporosis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Overweight
  • Virus infections

Baobab and folk Medicine
Almost every part of the Baobab is used in African folk medicine. Because not only the fruit but also the leaves and seeds can help in various diseases. So fruits, fruit powder, seeds and leaves are used in Africa in following illnesses:

  • Asthma
  • Fever
  • Gastric intestinal inflammation
  • Malaria
  • Smallpox
  • Tooth pain

    The seeds, however, are valuable helpers to strengthen liver and heart. Pieces of bark, roots and flowers are used in particular for arthrosis and arthritis and relieve the symptoms.

Side Effects of Baobab
    So far, no side effects are known for using baobab but yet, long-term studies are lacking. Therefore, pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid on Baobab. Baobab is an excellent remedy for children to get diarrhea or even fever grips as shown by the studies.

Dosage of Baobab
    The Baobab powder can be mixed with water or fruit juice and has a sweet and sour taste that is fruity Tart. With a tablespoon of Baobab powder dissolved in water and a fast energy supplier, mixed with lemon can increase concentration and performance.

    A tablespoon, so about 10 to 15 grams Baobab powder is recommended as daily portion. While the powder with the high content of vitamin C can cover even 20 percent of the recommended daily allowance.

Baobab in the Kitchen
    Baobab can be used very well in the kitchen. Whether it is used as an additive for smoothies or whether desserts to be produced, Baobab will give this great taste and is still healthy to do so. Who pays attention to a good diet should not abandon the purchase of Baobab.

    In the preparation of Baobab, one can be very creative and try out the possibilities. However, it should be noted that, the Baobab powder is added only after cooling down the food. So the important ingredients are not lost and body and spirit are supplied with a variety of vital nutrients.

    Still, Baobab by its sweet tart flavor has the advantage of salad dressings and can be made without vinegar. For the following recipes, we want to give a food for thought for the preparation of Baobab.

Mango Smoothie with Baobab Powder
2 medium bananas
1 mango
300 grams of pineapple
200 ml almond, rice or coconut milk
1 to 2 TBSP Baobab powder
On-demand ginger or cinnamon

    All ingredients in the blender and blend well. If necessary and according to your taste, add some cinnamon or ginger and enjoy ice cold.

Ginger Soup with Baobab
1 liter of water
1 to 2 TSP vegetable stock
50 g ginger
Soup 1 bunch Greens
1 to 2 handfuls of vegetables
1 small onion
1 to 2 TBSP Baobab powder
Need 1 small garlic clove

    All in a saucepan and cook so long until the vegetables are soft. Anyone can now mash soup, if a smooth consistency is preferred. Great, this soup tastes even cold and makes it an ideal summer drink.

Salad dressing with Baobab
3 Tablespoons cold pressed olive oil
3 TBSP water
2 to 3 Tablespoons Baobab powder
1 small onion
Salt and pepper
Herbs as needed

    Mix all ingredients and season to taste with salt and pepper. As needed, even herbs can be added to discretion.

Cassobama porridge for breakfast - an original recipe from West Africa
per 50 grams:
Sorghum flour
Corn flour
Cassava flour
100 grams of millet flour
2 to 3 Tablespoons Baobab powder
Depending on the taste of sugar, Agave syrup or honey

1. All types of flour in a bowl, about 5 cups to pour water and mix well.
2. 2 litres of water in a large pot, bring to a boil and give the mixture in the saucepan It is sure that the adding of the mixture, stirring must be done.
3. Now, everything should simmer for 20 to 25 minutes until it can be refined with honey, sugar or Agave syrup.
4. hot serve. But even when cold, the porridge tastes very good

To Purchase Baobab
    If you want to buy Baobab, will receive generally the powder or fruit powder. Occasionally there are also capsules which are enriched with the Baobab powder. Also Baobab oil is commercially available and is equipped with exceptional ingredients as well as the powder.

    The Baobab powder can be used easily and can either simply over yogurt, ice cream or even desserts are scattered or but it is mixed with smoothies and juices, to take advantage of the great ingredients.

    Baobab powder is a taste enrichment and by the sweet tart taste, it can be used excellently as a vinegar substitute for salad dressings. The Baobab powder is available in pharmacies, health food stores and on the Internet.

    Here, comparison with the purchase of Baobab worth it because prices can vary greatly. However, you should not only go for the cheapest products, but rather the highest quality product.

    Therefore, it is also important that the Baobab powder from a trustworthy dealer should be purchased. So that the body can be continuously supplied with the major
nutrients of the Baobab. It is advisable to take baobab products in the morning and evening.

    This can be mixed in water or juice or sprinkled over the cereal. For just
regular consumption is extremely important for natural products.

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Baobab:Tree Fruit, Powder, Seed Organic Oil, Tea Nutrition & Benefits


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