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Top 6 Recovery From Workout Issues That You May Be Facing

Recovery from workout is a quite big issue for fitness enthusiates. This articles explains how you can recovery fast from workouts.

Hey, everyone, hope you are creating PR’s in the gym and are on perfect nutrition and Workout plan.

I have been bombarded with a lot of you guys e-mails that has made me create an article on this topic.

The topic is about “recovery from workout”.

Many of you are now facing issues of Recovery as the weight on the bar is getting heavier and the sets are taking longer.

There are many different reasons why you are facing issues of recovery from workout and I know exactly how can you tackle it easily.

I have gone through this phase and have tried all sorts of things that might help me recover from the Workouts.

Now you might be facing issues where you are deadlifting perfectly and squatting deep every rep but you are facing issues while recovery and muscle growth.

Now there are three major issues that are interfering your recovery from the workout.

  1. The time that you are resting between subsequent workouts.
  2. You are sleep deprived.
  3. Your nutrition is whack.

So we tackle the problems right away:

Time that you are resting between subsequent workouts

This is a major issue that many of us are facing and can hinder your recovery from workout.

If you are doing full body workouts thrice a week and you are not giving around 48 hours of rest to your body you will fall back.

The recovery from workout won’t happen at a speedy rate.

This will carry over to next workout and will start accumulating till you will start hitting plateaus.

This factor is also dependent on other factors such as nutrition and sleep.

However, people are so enthusiastic or go to the gym when they feel they don’t have time on that day at that time.

This shortens the rest duration and you fall short on your recovery.

Also, those who have programmed their workouts and nutrition to lose fat they have much more problems to recovery.

For those who want to gain strength continuously if they fall short of recovery from the previous workout will definitely plateau.

One symptom that you might experience is constant soreness even during your workouts.

Now don’t get this wrong.

People that are new to working out will definitely get sore and will remain sore for up to 48-50 hours.

I am talking in context with the people that have already put time in the gym and are facing this challenge.

You are sleep deprived.

Now you went through an awesome workout and you crushed your PR’s in the gym.

Your nutrition is on track but you started your TV and you see your favorite movie and you went on seeing it till 1 in the morning.

This causes you to reduce the amount of recovery that you could have got if you have slept during that period.

Now when you have deprived of sleep your hormones are whack.

Your cortisol levels are very high and your testosterone is low which hinders your body to recover and to build muscle.

The mind and muscle connection won’t happen and you might end up in the hospital.

So take at least 8 hours of sleep to optimally recover from workouts.

If you are too busy in your job then try to take sweet 15-30 minutes of a nap so that you are recovering gradually.

Your nutrition is whack.

You heard me right.

People think that they can train heavy and can eat whatever they want and don’t count calories.

Well, that might work for some people who already know their body and calorie intake and can remember the type and amount of food that they can eat.

Even if you are on right calorie intake but if you have lower carb intake then also it can hinder your recovery.

Lower carb intake is the worst thing you can have in our diet if you don’t have diabetes.

The fuel for your workouts are the carbs which reduce fatigue and cortisol levels.

This helps you recover fast from your workouts.

Another reason that can hinder your recovery from workout is lower fat intake.

Well if you eat very low fat and especially unsaturated fat then you reduce the amount of HDL cholesterol that produces free testosterone and produce muscle.

These are the three main reasons that hinder your recovery from workout.

Other reasons that can be responsible for this cause are:

You drink too much coffee:

I have seen that people shovel a large amount of coffee down the throat as pre-workout to get maximum intensity in the workout.

However, there can be some diminishing returns to that.

Your cortisol levels will increase if you don’t reduce the amount of coffee that you drink.

Also, I forgot about the other times in the day where people go to Starbucks and drink coffee 5 times a day!

This definitely might help you in the gym initially but will hinder your growth in the long run.

You are masturbating too much:

Well, it is definitely true that masturbating more than thrice or four times a week can hinder your performance and recovery.

Your body requires at least 48 hours to produce free testosterone and sperm again.

So at that time you are slowing your recovery down and are killing your muscle gains.

So even if you want to do that shit you better do it twice or maximum thrice a week so that you enjoy your thing and also recover easily from workouts.

These are some of the most important reasons that people are facing if they want recovery from workout.

Please do share your reasons that might be hindering your ability to recover from workout that might help other readers.

Well, this is it for this blog post.

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Top 6 Recovery From Workout Issues That You May Be Facing


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