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Top 5 Tips To Fix Chest Fat

If you want to get rid of the chest fat and flabby chest, you need to read this article. The top 5 tips to get rid of the chest fat.

Hey everyone, I am back with another article and I hope you read my previous article and gained information regarding the role of testosterone and how to increase it!

Today’s topic is a very important for us males.

Nowadays the lifestyle of people has changed a lot.

In the 20th century people used to work hard physically and mentally and were totally fit.

However in the 21st century we have jobs that we need to do while sitting and our diet is so offset that we are just gaining fat, losing muscle and bone density.

We are losing testosterone and we are getting more of estrogen through bad food  products and we are ruining our manliness.

This adversely affects our body and it develops man boobs or should I say male breast which is direct attack on our self esteem and confidence.

Man Boobs are result of bad lifestyle choices and it can also occur due to imbalance of the hormones during puberty.

Now many say that man boobs means gynecomastia, however they both are different cases!

Gynecomastia is a situation where you develop male breasts due to hormonal imbalances while man boobs are developed by bad food and physical activity choices.

The ways through which you can know whether you have just man boobs or gynecomastia:

  • See in the mirror to notice whether you have saggy chest or not.
  • Check by touching the nipple area that is it soft or hard.

As I told you in above  para if you have saggy Chest it can be because you are already overweight and you have excess chest fat.

If you touch your nipple area and if you find that area to hard then you have gynecomastia and not man boobs!

To tell you the truth if you have gynecomastia  then you need to remove them just through surgery.

Yes diet and life style cannot reverse that fully.

So you need to get those breast glands removed in order to get rid of that chest issue.

This issue of gynecomastia is developed mainly due to hormonal imbalances or mainly due to steroidal abuse.

However if you just have saggy chest and soft nipple area then you just have excess chest fat and they are just man boobs.

Man boobs as I told you are developed due to bad life style related decisions like drinking alcohol,smoking ciggerate , or eating bad foods daily.

I have a good news for those who have man boobs.

Man boobs can be fixed and you can have a chieseld chest muscles that you would like to show off.

Here are the top 5 ways you can fix man boobs for good:

Lose the excess fat through calorie deficit:

The main reason that people develop chest fat is they sit on their ass for the whole day and don’t lift weights.

There are two ways in which you can lose chest fat :

  • Either you create a calorie deficit through your diet by reducing the amount of calories you eat
  • Or you workout more than you eat everyday to burn the body fat and indeed burn chest fat

See the truth is you cannot spot reduce any specific area like chest, arms or your love handles.

So it takes time and consistency to remove fat from each area.

Build muscle to give the overall aesthetic look to your chest and body:

If you don’t have muscle to show beneath your fat then even if you lose fat through calorie deficit you won’t look good while showing off your chest.

So its important to do weight lifting so that you develop overall musculature and with that comes great chest development.

So even if you have chest fat but if you build muscles by lifting heavy then you will see that your chest starts looking great.

Start doing bench press, weighted dips, dumbbell bench presses in inclined and flat position.

However to gain muscles in each area should be your priority as overall body matters and not just your chest.

Take sufficient rest :

I have seen lot of people workout lie crazy and get good nutrition but screw up their sleep.

Resting is the most important of all.

If you want to lose fat or build muscle you need testosterone and it peaks out when you are in a deep sleep.

If you want to see results you need to take rest or else you will remain same.

The timing of your sleep is also important.

If you disturb your sleeping pattern by even an hour then you won’t get the benefit of growth hormone production while you sleep.

Quit smoking or drinking alcohol:

Smoking or drinking alcohol disturbs your hormone production which in turn get you more fat and causes you to develop chest fat and increase overall body fat.

Alcohol when enters your body binds with your fat cells and it makes it more difficult for you to lose fat or build muscle.

And also it has adverse effect on your insulin sensitivity as alcohol destroys your pancreas and liver from where your body secrets insulin.

Eat good fat to increase testosterone:

Fat is seldom thought as enemy when it comes to reducing fat.

To remove chest fat you need to eat polyunsaturated fats rich in omega 3 which increases HDL cholesterol which in turn helps your body to produce testosterone efficiently.

The western diet contains fats that are high in omega 6 and trans fats and saturated fats are very frequent in this diet.

These are the top 5 ways you can use to lose chest fat and build chest muscles and look great.

However this process takes time depending on your genetic makeup.

Some people eat crazy amounts of foods and don’t exercise that much but they don’t hold fat in their chest area.

While there are people like me that carry chest fat even if I train hard and diet down.

I can only lose that last bit of chest fat if I go below 10 % body fat or else I need to build a big chest to take the shape of the muscles in an asethic way.

Well this is it for this blog post.

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Top 5 Tips To Fix Chest Fat


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