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Lucid Dream Induction & Detection Sleep Mask Dreaming Device

REM-Dreamer Pro is a new version of Lucid Dream Induction & Detection Sleep Mask Dreaming Device, REM-Dreamer which can record and play voice messages. The only cues in the REM-Dreamer are flashing lights and beeps. In addition, REM-Dreamer Pro can also play voice cues with recorded message, for instance: "You are dreaming". This type of cues is much more effective than just flashing lights and beeps. REM-Dreamer Pro plays voice cues after generating flashes and beeps in the REM state.

Lucid Dream Induction & Detection Sleep Mask Dreaming Device,REM Dreamer PRO Lucid Dream Induction & Detection Sleep Mask Dreaming Device

  • REM-Dreamer Pro has its own small speaker which is located on the board
  • REM-Dreamer Pro can also be connected to an external speaker for louder volume of audio
  • Connect to a set of headphones or to our special flat headphone designed for sleep
  • you will hear voice message without waking your partner.                 

Top Reviews for this lucid Dreaming induction device 

This device is truly amazing. I am someone who occasionally has a lucid dream, but this REM Dreamer PRO triggered four of them the first night I used it. Yes, it is not a typical polished commercial device, but it is very well made in its unique, geeky way. It is made from comfortable foam with a fleecy layer on it, black soft canvas and an elastic band with velcro adjustment. The canvas forms a pocket carrying the PCB (printed circuit board) with a microprocessor, two button batteries, a couple small speakers, a microphone, eye movement sensors, and bright red LEDs to cue you during a dream. The PRO version has a little speaker you can velcro to the strap by your ear and program any message you want, like "Hey Steve, this is a DREAM!" triggered by your rapid eye movements (REMs), which occur when you are having vivid dreams. It comes with a detailed manual (36 pages, but small ones) that has the good advice to go read Stephen LeBerge's books on Lucid Dreaming. But they do summarize the important points that you will need to get started if you are not familiar with MILD, or mnemonic-induced lucid dreaming. It has 16 menus (and a tiny LCD that scrolls the relevant info) where you can adjust almost anything about how it triggers you to notice you are dreaming, while you are dreaming. The Reality Tester button can be used to check if you are merely dreaming about wearing your REM Dreamer device, or awake and using it for real. It also doubles as a timer that adds 10 minutes per press to the time when it begins looking for REM of your eyes under the lids, via its IR sensor. This will reduce the distracting false triggers that may otherwise happen when you are still trying to fall asleep. The most cool feature ever, though, which I am not worthy of trying out yet, is TWC feature, off by default. It stands for Two-Way Communication, and refers to being able to signal to the device WHILE YOU ARE DREAMING by moving your eyes a certain way, to tell it to stop increasing the intensity of the lucidity-inducing cues. LaBerge himself invented this idea, but he used electromyograms on his arms or eyes to signal to the outside world. You can do it just with a fancy IR sensing blindfold! BTW, you can see out the bottom of the blindfold, so trips to the bathroom at night do not require removing it. If you are wondering, "Why would I want to have more lucid dreams?" you can read LaBerge. You can feel the awesome power and confidence that comes with being able to do pretty much anything you want. That feeling (for me) almost always leaks into my day. Sometimes, I have used lucid dreaming to practice something like hang gliding, or to have a difficult conversation with a loved one or co-worker. Your imagination is the limit. Dreams are free and a relatively safe form of entertainment. Its creators, Pawel Herchel and Steve Tibbetts have really put a lot of thought into this device and its manual. If you don't like gadgets and routinely lose your manuals, this is probably not for you. But if you want to become a Pro oneironaut (explorer of the dream world), this is DEFINITELY for you.

I have had mine for over 4.5 years and it is still working well. I also still have the original Novadreamer. in my personal experience, these devices will not give you a guaranteed lucid dream, I wish it was that easy! What they are useful for is in training the mind to look for specific and consistent cues in your dreams which if recognised, can help you realise that you are dreaming. You still need to use prospective memory training during the day and program your mind to pay attention to bright lights and bright objects in your waking life, and have a strong intention to recognise these also in your dreams. The good thing about this mask is that you can set the light flashes to last up to 30 seconds when they detect REM. When I use the mask and set the right brightness level it will help me to wake up after each dream period during the night and I manage to remember 3-4 dreams fairly easily. This is normally quite difficult to do without waking up during the night as when we sleep through all the way the brain struggles to remember. So this tool is not only useful for training the mind to recognise dream signals (things that typically happen in one's dreams) but also for dream recall. Considering the reliability, build quality, and results, I think it is worth the price. All of my lucid dreams have happened without the REM mask by using well known LD techniques but the mask has definitely helped on this journey and I am still using it.

There is NO device that make you have Lucid dreams. They do not exist. This device, however, is a remarkably clever and well built tool that can aid you in getting there. It's actually quite brilliant.
It's comfortable, well made, and with practice, it works! You just have to fine tune the settings and work on your dream recall and reality checks. Stopping the flashing in your dream (with up and down eye movements) is an unbelievable experience.
If you have never had a lucid dream using standard techniques, I recommend starting there first (google 'lucid dream WBTB'). If you have had a little experience with it, then I highly recommend this mask. I've owned mine for at least 5 years and it still works perfectly. The sensor is still spot on, the programming and LED's still work

This is a great product! I had success the first night using it. I had been in the middle of a dry spell and hadn't had a lucid dream for months but this device, I'm happy to say, helped me break the spell. I had held off buying it because I thought I had heard it wasn't as good as the Nova dreamer I had years ago. I loved the Nova dreamer (not available anymore) and this product is fabulous too. I haven't found any downsides. It's comfortable to wear and I sleep on my side. You can adjust the settings to make it work best for you. I am very satisfied and wish I had bought it soon!

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Lucid Dream Induction & Detection Sleep Mask Dreaming Device


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