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Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement By Dream leaf

Dream Leaf - Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement - 60 Capsules - Experience the Lucid Dreaming Revolution!

Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement By Dream leaf

Dream Leaf Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement was put together by a group of expert lucid dreamers and dream researchers. It combines the latest research into what is considered "the most advanced lucid dreaming formula in existence." Their advanced - two part supplement approach utilizes a blue pill and the red pill to ensure that you get the right nutrients, in the right quantities, at the right time... in order to achieve LUCID DREAMING, vivid DREAM RECALL, and balanced sleep. 

It’s important to keep in mind that there are two parts of sleep - deep sleep and REM sleep and BOTH need to be taken into consideration in your attempts to lucid dream. 

This is why the two parts of Dream Leaf effectively activate each stage of sleep during the proper time in the night. 

Advanced Lucid Dreaming Sleep Cycle

This ensures restful deep sleep, but also promotes a hyper REM stage so that your dreams are like nothing you’ve experienced before. 

It promotes highly controllable lucid dreams, so you can one of those flying dreams we all love. :) Ingredients: 5-HTP, Mugwort, Huperzine-A, Alpha GPC, Choline Bitartrate SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement Pills

Top Reviews of Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement By Dream leaf:

I stumbled across nutrition that helps with lucid dreaming while looking for something to help with my sleeping patterns. The more I read the more interested I became, and I eventually came across Dream Leaf. I was hesitant to buy it because it is a bit expensive, and I looked around to see if I could buy the discreet ingredients such as the 5htp and the huperzine, but by the time I bought everything separately the total price would be about the same. There are places that you can buy 5htp and huperzine in bulk powder, and those places even sell galantamine, which seems like it might be worth a try also.
Anyway, my experience with DL is thus. My wife and I both took the blue pill around 9:15 and went to bed about 9:30. She thought it was funny that we had to set the alarm for 1 am, but she went along with it. The 5htp made me feel like I had taken about 3mg of melatonin and I slept very deeply until 11 pm when my sleep cycle swung upwards and I awoke. I usually have very vivid dreams all night and I remember them fairly well, and in those two hours I did dream, even though most people probably would not. I went back to a deep sleep after getting a drink of water, and I woke up again about a minute before the alarm went off. My wife said that she felt like she too was waking up from a deep sleep, but she hadn't had a dream, which should be typical for most people during the first part of sleep. We both took the red pill and we woke up out of the matrix (just kidding). She went right to sleep again, but I got the pill lodged right above my stomach. I hadn't swallowed enough water to get it down and it was feeling lumpy. I tried to ignore it but eventually had to get up and drink a glass of water. After getting back to bed it took me about 30 minutes to feel sleepy.
I started to feel like I was sinking into my bed, so I just let it happen. I was very conscious when I entered almost immediately into rem sleep, but I was still in my room. I've experienced sleep paralysis many times in the past and I've learned to work my way out of it without becoming petrified, but this paralysis was really strong. I was still in my dark bedroom frozen to my bed. I could feel and hear my wife getting up and leaving the bedroom while a stranger enters in talking loudly. I reminded myself that this was rem and not real, but it was still very difficult not to let the fear wash over me. (Being frozen with weird stuff happening in your dark bedroom can turn any man into a whimpering little girl.)
Anyway, I took control of the dream and I started sliding towards the foot of the bed onto the floor, and on my way I caught site in the mirror a huge bowl of green peas glowing in the darkness. It was really kinda beautiful, and it reminded me that I was in fact dreaming. Well, I was on my way to a really cool lucid dream, but for a split second an overwhelming sense of fear hit me, and I called out. My wife, in real life, knows to wake me if I make that whimpering girl sound, because I'm probably experiencing sleep paralysis, and she did, in fact poke me. Instantly I was back in reality and my wife had never left my side. I was a bit disappointed that I lost my chance for a lucid dream.
We both went back to sleep, and from about 3am to 6am I had the longest dream ever. It made sense and didn't jump around from scene to scene. I never achieved lucidity though. There was one point in my dream when I asked myself, "Am I dreaming?" and the answer was "nope." The dream was too real, and I was tricked.
My wife reported that she had an extremely long dream too, and that she could remember all the details. This is important because she is not a dreamer, and if she has a dream, she can never remember it. She didn't achieve lucidity, although she remembers during the dream that she knew that the things were the way they were because of the supplements that she had taken.
We both think that we got the best sleep in a very long time, and we were very rested. My wife wants to try it again tonight, but I'm a little leery of that sleep paralysis.
I give it a four star because of the price, but I'd give it 5 just based on its merits and that it does what it claims to do.

I was given the Dream Leaf supplement as a gift from a relative, as we had both discussed our interest in dreams—specifically those that are lucid—in the past. I’d experimented with Alpha Brain per Joe Rogan’s recommendation in the past, and I can honestly say that Dream Leaf produces the more consistent results.
Before taking the supplement, I had vivid dreams on occasion, but they very rarely started as or became lucid in nature. I have to admit that this changed after taking Dream Leaf—on the first night, as a matter of fact.
First, the Dream Leaf pills are reasonably sized and easy-to-swallow. This is important to me, as I have a hard time with and just don’t enjoy taking large pills (I even mentioned this as a positive in another supplement review on Amazon). The point is that if this is something which is potentially worrisome to you, there’s no need to delay your purchase; these pills are small and manageable.
Next, the actual results of Dream Leaf were outstanding, from the very first night onward. As I mentioned, I have vivid dreams on occasion, and some sort of dream most nights—but very, very few of these turned lucid prior to taking this supplement. I was very impressed—and surprised—to find that the supplement worked on the very first night that I took it. The dream may have been a bit more vivid than normal, but the overwhelmingly noticeable benefit was that I was aware that I was dreaming. From there, it was easy to control my dream as I pleased!
For clarification, Dream Leaf won’t work (create lucid dreams) all of the time. Some nights, the supplement simply makes dreams more vivid, detailed, and memorable, but not lucid. These instances aren’t frequent (say in ten percent of nights), and nevertheless present an enhanced and more-enjoyable dreaming experience in their own right.
It should also be noted that I am able to remember more of my dreams after taking Dream Leaf. While I said that I did dream most nights, my memories of these dreams were evidently incomplete, as I can remember considerably more—things that I normally would have forgotten—while on Dream Leaf. While my previously remembered dreams may have been pages, my dream-memories while taking Dream Leaf are entire chapters!
Overall, there isn’t a whole lot negative to say about Dream Leaf. It’s effective in creating more lucid dreams, more vivid dreams, and improving one’s ability to remember these dreams after waking. Had my relative not gifted the supplement to me, I admittedly would be hesitant about ever trying it (mainly given my bad experience with Alpha Brain, and the price that I paid!). However, the value here is greater (nearly double, in plain dollars and cents), and the results elevate this value to an entirely different level.
To be clear, Dream Leaf is effective and affordable, and if you’ve ever wanted to improve your dreaming experience—lucid and otherwise—there isn’t a better option around
The lucid dreams I've had with Dream Leaf have been amazing ... I have total control, just desire and the world turns ... I've flown, I've visited many places ... I've created islands of fantasy, I've piloted a plane and this with my first bottle and effortless. I love it!
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      About the Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement By Dream leaf

    Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement Pills By Dream Leaf
  • Dream Leaf is "the most ADVANCED/ EFFECTIVE lucid dreaming supplement on the market." SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
  • Successfully promotes lucid dreaming, dream recall, and balanced sleep.
  • This synergistic blend successfully activates the neurotransmitter ACh, which is known in the scientific community as the "lucid dreaming neurotransmitter” and has been proven to cause conscious/ controlled dreaming when activated.
  • We only use heavily researched ingredients and they are: 5-HTP, mugwort, huperzine-A, choline bitartrate, Alpha GPC. The blue pill and the red pill (taken at different times) work together harmoniously to ensure best results for those seeking to enhance their dreams and have lucid dreams more particularly.
  • Overall, Dream Leaf creates an optimal neuro-environment for you to experience lucid dreaming.

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Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement By Dream leaf


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