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REM Dreamer Lucid Dreaming Induction Device

Rem Dreamer Lucid Dreaming Induction Device

The REM Dreamer Lucid Dreaming Induction Device uses infrared sensors to detect when you are in REM (dreaming) sleep. At that point the REM-Dreamer gives you sound and light cues (beeps and flashing lights) to remind you that you are dreaming, unlike the old Novadreamer. Thus, external world stimuli are transferred to the world of your dreams, and it becomes easy to achieve lucidity.

The REM-Dreamer kit comes with a very comfortable sleeping mask with a small printed circuit board tucked inside that detects REM sleep, giving cues in the form of flashes or beeps. The kit also includes an LCD display device, which allows the user to adjust all settings very easily. The user can use any of several simple presets, or can customize the number of sounds and light flashes, their volume and brilliance, frequency per second, and duration. 

In addition, the REM sensor can be set to accurately track your personal REM eyeball movement. The device comes with the 36-page user's manual.

The REM-Dreamer has given many people the opportunity to experience lucid dreaming, and the opportunity to use this natural state of consciousness to program their 
subconscious, influence their behavior, explore the world of the mind, and work with habits of body and mind, depending on their own needs and desires.

The REM-Dreamer consists of a circuit board tucked inside the mask and an LCD display. There are two lines in the LCD. The upper line shows the menu entry (for instance: 1. Delay time), while the lower line shows the value of the parameter of the menu entry (for instance: 00:10:00 of the delay time).

Top Review:

Despite the fact that I seem to take this device off constantly during the night subconsciously (which is something to consider; whether you can wear headphones and other devices through the night, but this has no direct reflection on the quality of the device), when I do end up managing to where it through the night I can say that this device works excellent.
The REM detection is wonderful, and there are many settings that you can customize to get the device to work to your liking as you figure out what settings are best for you and your needs, but overall this is a high quality device that, although I haven't used a NovaDreamer personally, I can't find any features on this device that aren't present on the NovaDreamer, and I can't find any problems or flaws with this device to suggest that it wouldn't work as well as a NovaDreamer.

I guess you've read enough reviews of this device, and many of the other things that people set in the reviews are fairly accurate, so I figured I'd do something different, and post a review with some excerpts from the first dream I had using this device, so you can get a sense of the experience you might have with it ( I've read others'experiences, and the experience I had using the REM Dreamer reflects many of the experiences others have had)
So as not to bore you with details you don't need (I realize you came here for a review, not to read a dream, I'm going to only include the details mainly relevant to the REM Dreamer and how it affected my dream):

"upon arriving at the bathroom door I look at it and can't fully make out what's written on it, but after a couple of seconds of looking at the bathroom door I realize that it's a girl's room, and that I ran past the men's room (there are two bathroom doors side-by-side), and I begin to think about not wanting to go in, even though I need to change, because I don't want to embarrass myself by going into a girl's room, and I might get in trouble.

Suddenly my REM Dreamer begins flashing, and I realize that I'm in a dream. I immediately have a false awakening; this is my first time using the REM Dreamer, I and at first I think I woke up, but I open my eyes and tried to take off the REM Dreamer to check, but I find that the REM Dreamer won't come off, and all I can see his pitch black.

I press the reality check button on the front , because I believe I've woken up, but at the same time I feel like something isn't right, and when I press the button my thoughts are confirmed when the device doesn't light up for blink, and I realize that I'm dreaming.
Not being able to get the REM Dreamer off, I try to close my eyes and will myself to wake up, and I begin having a falling sensation; like I've fallen into a black hole, and this falling sensation feels extremely unpleasant; I sit in this blackness falling for about 10 or 15 seconds, and I feel extremely unpleasant because I'm not sure if or when this falling sensation is going to end (even though I know it will eventually because I will eventually have to wake up from my REM cycle, but my dream logic also slightly makes me doubt that I will, even though I override it and keep telling myself that I will have to eventually wake up because it's scientific).

Each time the REM Dreamer is unable to come off, I feel extremely nervous that I'm never going to be able to get it off, and that I'm never going to wake up, even though I know that I'm dreaming , and that scientifically there's no way that it's possible, I dream logic partially interferes, and makes me doubt, and feel like maybe this is an exception to the rule, but the other part of me knows it isn't, but at the same time I still feel uncomfortable, and hold a slight concern that I'm just going to keep having false awakenings, and never be able to get this REM Dreamer off of my eyes.

Eventually, I do wake up about three more times, and with some persistence I managed to get the REM Dreamer off my head, and I go over to my window which stretches to the floor (in the dream) and attempt to open it.

With some persistence I get the window open, but not in the traditional sense, I sort of full the side of the window and the side of the window bends open like rubber (it's kind of hard to explain in words).

At this point I'm outside, and I notice that it's overcast, but the weather is comfortable, and it feels like early morning (it's about 9 AM in the morning in the real world at this time, so my brain is trying to re-create the sensation of waking up in the morning).

It feels extremely comfortable outside, and I begin attempting to fly in the air. I struggled to get up at first and try to simply float off into the air, but I realize that is not working , because maybe my mind isn't ready for that yet, so I begin flapping my arms and finding myself elevating into the air about 20 feet or so.

As my brain attempts to feel like I shouldn't be flying, I remind myself that this is a dream, and that the only reason I find myself being held back at all by gravity is because my brain holds on to the idea of gravity, and the gravity should exist in a dream." (Note: this is why LaBarge emphasizes that you get training and education in the knowledge of dreaming and how it works, so that when you do become lucid you can make the most of it, which is why I felt it necessary to include this point in the review).
"I also notice that I'm almost at the end of the pond, and have reached an open area where the ground is covered in hard dirt (much like a national park, but without the trees), and I decide to land.
As I land my REM Dreamer begins blinking again, and I have a couple of more false awakenings (I realize this again each time because the reality check button doesn't work) before I finally awaken for real.

When I awaken for real, I already know I'm awake this time, because I can sense the presence of my physical body again, but as I stare into the darkness of the REM Dreamer covering my eyes, I see his silhouette of my face looking at me and moving (it's almost like seeing myself moving in a mirror, and one of those holographic images you see in the movie where someone appears as a spirit, only there partly transparent).

This makes me doubt whether I'm really awake for a moment, and whether my brain is just creating the illusionary sensation of my body(Lucid Dreaming), but after about six or seven seconds, as I become more situated to my body, and aware of it, I watch the image fade, and I open my eyes to see my bedroom, turn on my computer to write down my dream, and see that it's 9:17 in the morning."

I should also note I've never had sleep paralysis (consciously), mystical or psychic experiences that I can recall, and this is the first time something like this has happened to me, and I can only credit it to the REM Dreamer.

I hope that helps anyone thinking about purchasing one of these devices. it's really worth the money if you're serious about lucid dreaming, because it's an investment that you're going to be able to use for the rest of your life, and despite the price, when you consider that fact, it really isn't that much money at all considering what you're going to get out of it, but I also do recommend getting training by reading books like World of Lucid Dreaming by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, and Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self by Robert Waggoner so that you can familiarize yourself of lucid dreaming, how to get results in your dreams, what you're capable of inside of your dreams, and how to make the most of your dreams.

I would strongly encourage anyone looking to lucid dream to purchase this product; don't hesitate, because over time, a small investment like $250 will pay off over the course of having this device for the rest of your life.

I hope this review helps anyone who's on the fence, and to learn more about the features of this device, you can search for "REM Dreamer manual" on Google, and also search for the NovaDreamer manual; both are available in PDF format, and they're worth reading to familiarize yourself with the device and what it can do.

Another Customer Review:

I have been using this device for over a month now and to give a short answer: It works, But it's not a magic pill either.

Comfort wise it took sometime getting used to it but I found no trouble sleeping with it in any position, You can adjust the strap to avoid causing pressure on your forehead and the inside is padded with nice soft material.

As for how to set it up, It can be tricky at first, Even though it comes with 3 preloaded settings to choose from which are Light, Heavy, and Normal Sleeper mode, You most likely will need to 'mess around' with the settings until you find what works best for you (it could take several nights to figure out the right settings for you) once you figure out what's good for you and that could be a challenge and if you are impatient then skip this purchase, you will start to see results within your dreams in form of red lights that will appear in any shape or form and it's your responsibility to train yourself to question these red signals when it happens and to remember that its from the device and that you are..well,dreaming.

Keep in mind that this device is just an aid tool and not a gateway to lucid dreaming, You will still need to do your regular reality checks, keep using whatever techniques you prefer and other aid tools(Hemi-Sync audios?), and train your brain while your awake whenever you see a red light to do a reality check otherwise the signals will go unnoticed in your dreams. and keep in mind you will not always get a signal. and sometimes the whole dream will flash like a red alert in a submarine! and when that happen you will appreciate this purchase.

Finally, if you could get through the first frustrating couple days of adjusting the settings and, well, getting used to it, then you will be in for a good treat.
Only get this if you are patient and serious about lucid dreaming and want to use every aid possible, otherwise it will end up under your bed collecting dust.

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So, if you want to experience Lucid Dream then you can surely go for this REM Dreamer Lucid Dreaming Induction Device.

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REM Dreamer Lucid Dreaming Induction Device


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