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A Brief Discussion on the Common Preventable Sports Injuries

You would hardly find a professional athlete, who has never experienced the trauma of excruciating pain in his career. Sports injury seems to be an inevitable occurrence in every athlete’s life. No matter how cautiously they play or follow safety measure, they somehow experience pain at some point in their career. Sprains and strains are the most common sports Injuries but do you know both of these can be prevented or at least mitigated immediately applying simple tricks. Here is a brief discussion about sprains and strains to help you have a basic idea about them and discern out the differences between. First of all, though sprain and Strain seem to be synonymous but in actual they are different.

Sprains are injuries to the ligaments; stretching ligaments beyond their limits may tear or deform them. On the other hand, strains are injuries to the tendons or muscle fibers that anchor muscle to the bones. Think of the muscle tendons and ligaments units like springs, the tissue lengthens with stress and can return to its normal length until and unless it is pulled to an extreme point and loss the ability to be back to the normal state.  Here we would talk about some common sprains and strains that are preventable with right measures if you are vulnerable to any of the below-mentioned strains consult with a Sports Injury Specialist to know those precautionary exercises.

  • If, you are prone to an ankle sprain, it’s always advisable to exercise in order to prevent the loss of flexibility and strength and reduce the chances of being injured again. It’s always viable to consult with a medical practitioner with dexterity in this field to know about the exercises, instrumental in preventing ankle sprain.
  • The groin or inner thigh muscles experience strain resulting from an excessive stretch in the side-to-side motion. Ice, compression and proper rest are sometimes enough to assuage the symptoms of groin injuries. However, without taking the required rest if you resume your activity, you would end up aggravating the condition as a repetitive groin pull can cause a long-term problem.
  • Three muscles positioned in the back of our thigh form hamstring; movements like hurdling, shoving the leg out while running may injure it, besides falling forward during waterskiing may also result in hamstring strains. Unfortunately, hamstring injuries take nearly six to twelve months to be healed completely owing to the constant stress applied to the tissue from walking.

Besides these, shin splints, knee injury, patellofemoral syndrome, tennis elbow are some of the sports injuries that you can prevent by abiding by the exercise tips recommended by experienced sports injury specialist.

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A Brief Discussion on the Common Preventable Sports Injuries


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