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Laser Home Therapy For Arthritis Helps Fend Off Unwanted Side Effects Of NSAIDs

By Brenda Hall

NSAID stands for non steroidal anti inflammatory drug. These days, it's the most commonly prescribed drug for dealing with Joint Pain and swelling brought about by arthritis. While highly effective, it's known to cause a wide variety of side effects, many of which can be quite unfavorable. It's exactly because of this why so many people are on the hunt for alternative ways to deal with their symptoms, such as Laser home therapy for arthritis.

Scientists confirm that the use of an FDA approved laser can provide much needed relief. Unlike NSAIDs, however, it's something that can get rid of the symptoms with causing additional problems to come into being. Simply put, it won't leave you encountering complications after putting an end to your bout of joint swelling and pain.

While it cannot be denied that NSAIDs are effective, the fact is they cannot be used for a very long time. Doctors suggest for them to be taken for not longer than 10 days. Otherwise, the chance of encountering side effects is increased. There are also health risks that may strike if NSAIDs are used for extended periods of time.

One of the most well known side effects of NSAIDs is heartburn, which is something that can make it seem like your chest is burning. Oftentimes, heartburn is mistaken by many people for heart attack, and they cannot be blamed for such as the two can be quite similar. If you suffer from acid reflux, you should definitely steer clear of NSAIDs as it will surely leave you experiencing terrible heartburn. Taking them with meals, however, may reduce the intensity.

Many of those who are taking NSAIDs usually complain of ringing or whistling in the ears. Doctors refer to such as tinnitus, and it can certainly prevent someone who is experiencing it to have a normal day. Especially when it strikes at bedtime, getting a good night's sleep can be quite difficult. It can actually exacerbate joint pain and swelling the next day as lack of sleep, according to scientists, can make body aches worse.

Constantly taking NSAIDs can eventually damage the kidneys and liver. The said vital organs are the ones in danger because they are primarily tasked at flushing out the byproducts of medications. Eventually, they may fail to function properly, and there are so many serious health complications that may strike as a result.

There various other unfavorable side effects of NSAIDs, and all of them can be dodged with the help of alternative solutions for arthritis. To date, there are so many options available for those who are bugged by joint pain and swelling but refuse to take NSAIDs just to attain much needed relief. One of those that can be carried out safely at home is something that entails the use of laser.

You are not going to have a hard time getting your hands on an at home laser device. Refrain from assuming that all of the ones you can find on the market are alike. The best one to purchase is FDA approved and is preferred by a lot of consumers.

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Laser Home Therapy For Arthritis Helps Fend Off Unwanted Side Effects Of NSAIDs


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